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Manotia - Love - Apr 24, 2012 - Felix Caro
Teacher, the Completion Seraphim, Manotia
Delivered to the T/R through Midwayer DEF5
Subject: Love
April 24, 2012
"Love has been defined in many ways on this sphere by many, and their particular definitions have been typically dependent on what they perceived as “elevating” or subliminal as far as psyche and senses are concerned. The essence of what we call Love comes directly from the Paradise Father, and can be found in any material and spiritual aspect of the grand universe.

"Here on Urantia, love has been associated with that which stimulates the senses in a psychological positive way, with that which gives you a feeling of well being, of appreciation and understanding by others. As far as the physical aspects are concerned, it makes you feel “warm” inside, in the heart, as many people seem to perceive; this feeling causes excitement, accelerates your heart rate in some instances, and makes looking forward to more experiences in life desirable.

"Even when a mortal creature does not have a way to define or understand this Divine concept, (for it is Divine indeed), they are able to profess it instinctively, by caring for others in their families and providing for them. This pretty much is the only available way of demonstrating this concept to mortal creatures of a primitive order, even far in advance of the appearance of the Thought Adjusters in their minds. So you see, even from the beginning of the evolutionary times of the ascending mortals, this is one of the ways in which Father is already present in the mortal realms. The creation in general is predestined to operate in and around the concept of Love.

"Now, think of in how many other ways these concepts can be expressed by mortals that are already indwelt by the Thought Adjuster and sincerely seek to become like the Paradise Father. Knowing this, imagine now how this Divine concept can be experienced and professed by those who have been created perfect, like us angels, who have a far more clear understanding of what it means to sincerely care and look after mortals like you, for we were made that way and do not have to evolve, like you, in order to even begin to comprehend it.

"You can say that the Paradise Father is transported everywhere by His Love, in order to care and look after all of His creation. As you continue your existence in this life, and especially after you have left to start your ascension career, you will continue to develop this concept, by sincere and total commitment to serve others, much like your Sovereign Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, did while He lived His life in the flesh on Urantia.  Michael continues to do so at a level far beyond your understanding. Knowing all of this, and even greatly developing this concept as you ascend, such understanding will be nothing when compared to the way you will comprehend and experience it once you have achieved Paradise."