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Michael - The Resurrection Energies To Be Shared -Apr 08, 2012 - CCC
Magisterial Son Conference Call with Michael
Center for Christ Consciousness
Topic:  Michael’s Easter Message, focusing and building Resurrection, Mercy and Truth energies on the planet
T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo Monjoronson
April 8, 2012
PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this time together. We are especially happy to be here as we celebrate Easter Sunday and remember Michael and what he accomplished during this earth career as Jesus. We open ourselves now to receive what you have planned for us today in this forum. Thank for all the celestial presences who attend us to help us not only receive the spiritual energies that you provide, but that you send out to the planet in whatever ways you direct us in your will. Thank you for connecting us heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster that our energies may form this matrix of love and light to be used today according to your plans of correction. May your will be done.

Happy Easter, my precious children! This is Michael. I come to you today as your Creator-Father Sovereign to share with you the energies of the power of the RESURRECTION that I created in human form on this day of remembrance. I invite you to receive these energies—the power of the RESURRECTION. While your human minds may not totally comprehend the significance of this, your heart energies are being stimulated to receive this now that you may carry this signature with you more readily and fully to share with your brothers and sisters.

What this world needs now is LIVING TRUTH: living in the sense that your brethren can see the reality of spirit alive in you, active in your hearts, creating that wave of LOVE to be shared with others, to activate their own Spirits of Truth wherein I may minister to my children in a way that delights me. So open your hearts now to me. Envision in your mind’s eye, this word RESURRECTION forming over your energy field. Ask your Mother to expand and create new circuits in you which may conjoin your entire being and move mightily in you. Receive me now, my precious children. Receive my gift to you on this day. (Pause)

My brother, the Magisterial Son whom you know as Monjoronson now steps into the circuit to convey more of his MERCY into what you are now receiving. Again, you may envision this word MERCY forming over your energy field as you stand within its living information, and receive this in your beings. Let these two words conjoin and bring new energies into your beings. MERCY and RESURRECTION. Please focus in your hearts and feel your desire to receive more of what we desire to share with you. (Pause)

The world is beginning to perceive the heart of spirit , and at this particular juncture wherein a window of opportunity is available for the world to continue to change direction, I invite you to receive more of my TRUTH into your hearts. Again, allow this word to form as a living energy matrix over your field to stand in my TRUTH and let it commingle with the energies of MERCY and RESURRECTION. Try to disengage your intellect from the analysis of what this means. Rather, be in that state of childlike faith, trusting in what we are providing you today to use as spiritual resources to minister to your brethren. Allow my TRUTH to resonate deeply within your beings. (Pause)

There are mighty legions of angels and other wonderful personalities attending you. They are here to respond to my desires for these desires to now be disseminated upon the planet. You have been trained in these calls with the Magisterial Son to focus outwardly upon the world. I invite you to envision the world in your mind’s eye in front of you, draw a line of energy from your heart center to the globe and ask for the energy forms of RESURRECTON, MERCY and TRUTH to hold the world in a web. We will do the rest. Focus as mightily, as powerfully, as you can from the heart. Feel your love for this world. Feel your desire for healing and transformation. Let that radiate outwardly from your heart into the globe that these energies may form a tighter web of light in the fabric of planetary consciousness. We will do the rest. (Pause)

Feel your desire for the environment to be purified. Feel your desire for your brothers and sisters who live in poverty to be supported by new economic programs that will sustain and maintain their material lives. Feel your desire for those who suffer a systemic illness to receive healing. Feel your desire for those areas where greed and corruption exist to receive forgiveness that they may open their hearts and change their ways. Use the spiritual current you have access to, my children. Send these powerful energies from your heart to what we are all co creating together. RESURRECTION, MERCY, TRUTH.  RESURRECTION, MERCY, TRUTH.  RESURRECTION, MERCY, TRUTH. (Pause)

There is one more visualization to add. Simply see my presence holding this world. You may envision the word MICHAEL pouring over the planet. My presence continues to radiate, which is a living language of RESURRECTION, MERCY and TRUTH. Hold this focus now, my children. Let my presence embrace Urantia. Let me fill it with my presence. (Pause)

Now let us lift our hearts in praise to the Father in the center of Paradise; our Creator, in whose being we live and breathe. Open your hearts, give your appreciation for life, the creative plan, everything good you have been given. Thank Him for creating you as evolutionary children. Be grateful for the experience you have of living on Urantia. One day you will be more fully aware of the cosmic implications of living on a rebellion world; one of the first steps in understanding is an appreciation for the experience. Open your heart and sing your praises to the Father now, that our energies may conjoin in worship and be delightful to the Father’s ear. (Pause)

Let us now descend back to the present in the room where you are residing. My children, I am grateful for your participation today for what we have co-created in my will, my desire. My love for Urantia, for all life, is conferring upon this planet in a mighty power. In the coming days I ask you to focus on the power of my RESURRECTION. Let it deepen within your hearts, and become a mighty tool for you to use in sending this out to the world in the ways you wish to see transformation occur.

I leave you in my PEACE and LOVE. May you walk in grace and beauty every day, draw closer to your indwelling Father Fragment, and remember to call on me, not only as your Father, but as your elder brother Jesus, to accompany you through the situations of your life where you need help.  Happy Easter, my children.  Good day.