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Beloved One - Remarkable - Dec 24, 2011 - Progress Group, AU

Urantia, December 24, 2011.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Remarkable.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “After some hesitation on your part as to what ‘remarkable’ may entail as a subject, allow Me to enlighten you.  It is important for anyone reading this little treatise, to know that it is simply remarkable that such dedication as listening to, and acting upon prompts from within, is found on a disordered planet such as Urantia.

“This means that there are mortals dedicated to prioritizing their lives, and finally putting God first in their lives.  Oh yes, carefully at first, as if on slippery ground, not knowing what to expect when sincerely trying to listen within to discern what it is that is being conveyed, and determining if this is the will of God for the self in this moment.

“Believe Me, child, when I tell you that life will flow so much easier and more abundantly in the spiritual sense, and later in the material sense, when the human personality ever so slowly makes the attempt to starts listening and moves in the right direction according to God’s blueprint of perfection, which I hold for you in My being.

“It is simply remarkable to find developing souls here who show themselves willing to be led by their inner Still Small Voice from God.  The sensing of this Guide within shall become stronger over time according to the perseverance, dedication and the quality of time spent in the proverbial Stillness of the heart.  It is ever so that what you cause to happen with your decisions, rightly or wrongly, always carries the consequences, and so you are in the process of fulfilling your destiny.

“This in itself is a remarkable gift from the eternal Creator, having first gifted you with life itself, then the free will to make your own choices and decisions.  Think about how free you truly are in your inner life, which you share with a Spark from the living Creator God.

“It is truly a marvel, and again, remarkable that God is hoping and totally willing for you to forge a friendship with the Creator and Giver of life.  A friendship so loving, so acceptable, that eventually this friendship will not be remarkable anymore but the most sought after connection a human can ever make in this temporary mortal life.

“Even though your mortal life is temporary, it is up to you to make this life a solid foundation for the next immortal life in eternity.  This is the most remarkable chance a mortal has: The choice of mortality or immortality.  It is up to you to make the right decision.  Ponder this, and act accordingly.  Lay your foundation carefully by intent, choice, decision, and action.

“It matters not what race, creed or color you are, as you all are created by the same Source in His likeness and given the chance to decide for yourself to choose eternal life.  Is that not the most loving and remarkable?”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.