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Monjoronson - Authoritarian Power Structure - Dec 11, 2011 - CCC Teleconference
Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
Topic: Diminishment of the Authoritarian Power Structure
TR:  Donna D’Ingillo
December 11, 2011

PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this opportunity to gather to receive the presence of our Magisterial Son to increasingly open ourselves to the awareness of his presence in our lives. Thank you for helping us embody more of those ideals of mercy that are his personality attributes. We open ourselves and are ready to focus where we are directed in your service, under his direction and guidance. Thank you. May your will be done.

MONJORONSON: Greetings one and all, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. It is very heartening for us on our side of the veil to witness what is transpiring upon Urantia. There is so much goodness and love now abounding in many, many hearts around the world. It is very unfortunate that your broadcast media has not yet developed the understanding to televise this awakening of the human heart to depict where love is now spreading its seeds in places of misery and despair. Even though you have access to immediate information on the Internet and through individuals capturing the pictures of what they see in and around their lives, it is truly very small in comparison to the broad vision that we see now transpiring on your world.

There is a growing groundswell of momentum that is shaking the foundations of a planetary authority structure and it is very close to being dismantled. How long and how wide this dismantling will be is a matter of time. Today I invite your assistance in the provision of energies that will further align to help in the dismantling of this authoritarian model of rule and governance that has long been fed by a rebellion mindset. Let us call this the diminishment of the authoritarian model or institution that has influenced many individuals in a power structure that does not function in alignment with the will of the Father.

As we conjoin together with you, as your heart energies are directed toward this prevailing mindal construct, I invite you to allow us to come into your being as a preliminary measure that we may help you individually untether your attachment to the way this authoritarian model has influenced and conditioned your own thinking and had a major influence in your own decision making. So if this is something you are ready to repattern and relinquish, simply invite us in now. Feel your desire to be untethered from this authoritarian model and we will make those adjustments necessary prior to us focusing with you in areas in the collective consciousness for the continued dismantling of this authoritarian power structure. Let us begin. (Pause)

Focus in your hearts, feel your desire to be more connected to Michael’s power and his authority, which is vastly different from what you currently experience as a model of authority upon Urantia. His authority is safe, loving, non-judgmental. When you are aligned in his authority, you start to develop your own sense of inner confidence and power. If it is in alignment with the will of the Father, you will organically learn how to use this power in service, in loving and helping your brothers and sisters. There is nothing to fear in opening yourself up to this. It is only in the letting go if you feel any resistance. Breathe deeply and slowly, mindfully into this resistance, and ask us to help you as you untether yourself from the authority of the past that has brought Urantia to the brink of destruction. (Pause)

Now invite your Father Michael to share with you his authority. Simply breathe and relax and let his and Mother’s ministers come into your energy systems and feed you with what you need. Let your hearts truly feel the primal desire—this is one of your basic needs, my brethren—it is important that your use of power be totally aligned within the Father’s will. We ask that you ensure that your heart is pure, that you do not seek self-aggrandizement, self-interest, self-glorification in any way. The degree to which you will be able to wield this power will demonstrate how well you have outworked many of these self-centered attitudes in favor of the divine. All things will be added into you as you let go of what no longer serves you. That which was distorted in your evolutionary nature is now ready to be transformed into the glorious ideals of the Father’s will and the power He shares with you when you are ready to use it wisely, appropriately and always in accordance with the divine plan in the Father’s mind. Ask to relieve all attachments, that part of yourself that you connote as ego, so more of your soul can imprint upon the authority that Michael shares with you, his beloved children.

It is safe for you to desire that the planetary authority structure be dismantled. As you turn your focus for your world, trust that what is unfolding through this exchange process for a new authority model upon Urantia will bring in the attitudes of FAIRNESS, GENTLENESS, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, PEACE and a restorative sense of JUSTICE and FAIR PLAY. Are these not the spiritual attributes upon which your planetary culture should evolve? Are these not the longings your heart has perceived over the long generations of time? If so, let us now conjoin our energies. Feel your desire for Michael’s authority to be more fully implanted upon this earth-plane, for the minds and hearts of those who are operating in an erroneous form of authority and power to receive this imprinting, for it is of a higher (what you might call) energetic frequency, and it has the ability to overwrite and recode what those individuals are attached to in their own system of consciousness.

So as you envision the world in your mind’s eye in front of you, draw that line of energy from your heart, let it circle the world, and envision Michael’s authority embracing, enveloping, and pulsating into the fabric of planetary consciousness, and we will add our energies into what you are generating from your heart.  (Pause)

The current authority power structure is particularly strong in certain regions of the globe. It is as if there is a concentrated configuration of darkness in various places. Feel your desires for these places of darkness to receive the light of Michael’s authority and power. We will focus what your heart energies are generating, we will focus them where they will do the most good, create the most transformation.  Feel your deepest, most powerful desire for these energies to receive correction in Michael’s grace; we will apply it where it is needed. (Pause)

Focus on Michael’s love, especially to perceive or acknowledge his great love for Urantia. While you cannot possibly comprehend or truly perceive his great love for this world, simply imagine in your heart what that must be like. Your own heart swells with love for this world that his love may be amplified in your heart. As you receive this, again hold this focus for his love to reign supreme as the dominant power and authority for this world.  (Pause)

As many minds move in the direction of celebrating the birth of Jesus during this season of Advent, we ask you to focus on that which was his mission to reveal the loving approachable nature of the Father to humans, and for humans to reveal to the Father the glory of humanity. For are you not all glorious works of artistry and faith being revealed to the Father by your own efforts? Are you not precious and of inestimable value to your immediate universe parents? And was this world not selected because of Michael’s great compassion for the plight of his children? Let your hearts swell with these remembrances that his PEACE, AUTHORITY and LOVE imprint more deeply upon the collective fabric of the Urantian mind.

Your world is so ready for this, my brethren. What an opportune moment here in this season of Advent, where more focus is placed on his life. Let not the commercialism of your culture deter you from remembering the significance of his birth and his coming here to Urantia. But rejoice in the awareness that there was one among you who understands the conditions and plight of this world and is pledged to accompany you through this journey of humanity, especially now, as his plan of correction moves more deeply into the heart and soul of the inhabitants and the world itself.  Simply reflect upon this for the next few moments as we take your heart energies and apply them that more of this erroneous power structure and authority model may be dismantled. (Pause)

We thank you, my brethren, for joining with us as we continue to heal and repattern the fabric of planetary consciousness. Never underestimate your efforts. Yes, you are more powerful when you gather in groups such as this, but even when you focus during your own times of stillness and prayer, it has an effect. You are adding more light and life into this fabric that the old ways may continue to simply echo into the past as you welcome the first glimmers of a new era which will one day shine gloriously in the hearts and minds of all Urantians.

We will meet again next week and continue the furtherance of building a new authority and power structure on your world. Continue your efforts; continue to seek for Michael’s power and authority to gain strength here to increasingly release your own minds and hearts from the tethers of the past. We leave you in our Father’s love. Good day.