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Monjoronson - Spiritual Warriorship - Nov 27, 2011 - CCC Donna D-Ingillo
Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
Topic:  Spiritual Warriorship; Changing War Constructs; Building Mercy into Planetary Consciousness
T/R Donna D'Ingillo
November 27, 2011
PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we thank you for this time of gathering in your love, and in your compassion for our world.  Thank you for weaving us together in a unity mind of consciousness to focus our heart energy, our mind energy in those areas we are directed by our Magisterial Son.  We open ourselves to you now, that we may increasingly assist in the efforts where we are directed for planetary transformation, and may Your will be done.

MONJORONSON:  Greetings, my brethren.  This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to this forum of spiritual warriorship that you are conducting on behalf of the planet.  I use this term, “warriorship,” as you are very much conditioned by your war culture and mentality to fight, to do battle against those forces that harass your well-being and keep you in a state of fear.

Today, as we re-define those codes that have long perpetuated these mentalities, these conditions in your mind, I would ask you to consider a new definition of this term, “warriorship.”  Instead of doing battle against those forces of rebellion that are still entrenched on your planet, I ask you to align yourselves in the energies of LOVE.  Envision this word in your mind’s eye.  Simply invite the will of LOVE into your being.  As you do this, we will be making adjustments in those areas of your being that have been constrained by this war mentality and help you in various dimension of your being to see a greater truth about what it means to be a Bearer of Light and to come against the forces of darkness on your world.  Receive what we have to share with you now as you focus on the word LOVE in your mind’s eye.  [pause]

Now focus in your heart and allow the desire for the energies of war to be more dismantled upon your world--the patterns of war, the thirst or hunger for warfare.  Feel your desire for this to be completely eradicated from the planetary consciousness of Urantia.  As you focus on this, allow your heart to feel more of the desire for Michael’s PEACE to come into your being.  Focus on His PEACE to rest on the ideas of war, the desires for warfare, and you will add more spiritual energy into this circuitry.  [pause]

This is a time of growing MERCY consciousness upon Urantia, and the focus that you hold in calls such as these allows the stream of LIGHT and LOVE to penetrate more deeply into Urantian consciousness.  We ask you to hold these energies deeply in your heart, your desires for the spiritual attributers to change the thought constructs of your world.  You are setting into motion thought forms that are able to be perceived by other hearts and minds.  Even though your numbers are small, the energies that you generate through your desires, as you focus on your heart, are combined with others who hold these same energies of the heart and are translated into various forms around the globe.  Continue to focus on Michael’s PEACE as we take these energies where they will construct the most good in the places of greatest need.  [pause]

Spiritual warriorship then becomes an act of great love.  It is simply turning the idea of doing battle against that which is evil to a growing awareness of focusing PEACE, MERCY, COMPASSION, and FORGIVENESS into those places where the consciousness of war has long held sway.  It as if the energies of war, in and of themselves, will defeat more in itself.  It is the desire to be the illumination of this mentality and consciousness that will impose its very own destruction.  [pause]

Now, I encourage you to focus on the MERCY circuits that are being constructed on Urantia that you have access to that connect you to my very being.  Allow me to imprint more of myself into you and to help you hold that resonance of my energy signature, so that when I am with you in human form, you will know who I am.  Allow this to deepen into your being, while it is going to the very core of who you are as a child of the Father.  [pause]

Feel your desire for MERCY to weave itself tightly around the planetary consciousness of Urantia, for these energies to shine brightly upon the world.  There is a breath of MERCY that must be in place upon the planet, and this breath also can go very deep into the fabric of planetary consciousness when you are holding that intention for it to go deep, for as it deepens within you, it is also able to be deepened within the fabric of planetary consciousness.  The more MERCY you ask to receive, the more of my presence will you imprint upon and embody in your interactions with your brothers and sisters.  This is another way in which that type of spiritual warriorship will help to diminish the ideologies and acts of war this planet has long endured.  It will diminish in scope and nature, and more of Michael’s PEACE will begin to dominate.  [pause]

So let your hearts be light as your world opens to more MERCY, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, and LOVE.  The outworkings of these will seem to create some chaos for a time, but truly there is a Divine order that is stretching the fabric of planetary consciousness to bring things into alignment with the Divine Will.  Continue to focus on your desires for PEACE and MERCY to deepen into your being, and you will receive before we send this outward into the world.  Let it reach new depths and expansion of your being.  [pause]

Now in your mind’s eye, focus on your world as a globe in front of you.  Where do you wish to see more of these energies applied?  Each one of you has particular areas of desire for certain changes in certain parts of the globe, in certain planetary institutions holding the rebellion consciousness.  Wherever you feel guided to focus, do so now, and the multitude of helpers attending this call will feed this in areas that you desire to see changed, wherever your heart energies take you.  [pause]

Allow the MERCY circuit to tighten its tethers into the Urantian consciousness.  This is the salvation of the world.  The world has long sought and desired, and in the coming days we ask you to continue to focus on MERCY, COMPASSION, LOVE, and FORGIVENESS to imprint more deeply into Urantian consciousness, for it is in your honing your focus on these spiritual energies, shining them onto the world, that you will see those energies of the rebellion diminish in scope.  Here you are truly accomplishing great feats, rising up through the power that lives within you, engaging a type of that spiritual warriorship that diminishes the rebellion energies, bringing an end to war and ushering in a new era of peace.  [pause]

I encourage you to revisit this call to listen and to again experience what it is we are helping you to build, and when you read the transcript to truly feel the energies from the power in the words that is conveyed through your mind and heart.  We will again visit this place on our next call, dismantling that which no longer serves the new consciousness that is growing and gaining strength on Urantia.

As we take our leave of you in this manner, we ask you to hold that focus in your awareness for more of Michael’s MERCY, PEACE, and LOVE, my MERCY, and your Mother’s will to prevail upon the planet.  Let this be a singular focus you hold in your heart as you go about the day, and increasingly give thanks for our participation in the affairs of Urantia.  This will help you not only change your own perspective and deepen your reception to your indwelling Father Fragment, but provide the mighty energy of change that is necessary for your brothers and sisters to begin to feed upon and transform their lives.  And on behalf of those who have participated on our side of the veil intra-dimensionally with you, we thank you, and we exhort you to be the LOVE that you were created in.  Good afternoon.