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Ophelius; Unknown; Michael; Planetary Supreme - May 29 thru  Jun 03, 2011 - Four Transcripts Progress Group, AU

Michigan, US of A, May 29, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Prepare for the Coming Age.

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today I will speak about how to prepare for the arrival of the Magisterial Son soon to arrive on your world.  The hour of divine visitation is nearly at your door, my friends, and for those who are not familiar with His mission, please let me explain.  In the course of planetary evolution on most worlds, a being of high order from Paradise will appear on the worlds of time and space to adjudicate an age or dispensation and to usher in and put the affairs of that world in order to begin the age of Light and Life.  He will represent the living presence of God on that world -- a personage of Christ-like status that will be known and recognized as such.  Together with his staff of Melchizedeks and others, they will work with the world leaders, and men and women of vision, to guide and direct planetary affairs in a way that is sustainable and on track for all future generations to live and work in harmony and with a clear understanding of the Will of the Universal Father.

“You my friends, are the last generation of Agondontors -- those who believe without seeing.  From this time forward, all will see and feel the presence of a Paradise Son on their world and the world as you know it will be a very different place.  Many, at present, will have doubts about how such a being can bring these things about on a world that is now full of war and disparity.  I tell you that very soon this world will be shaken to its foundations and the old guard and the old ways of thinking will have been swept away.  Those that come out on the other side will be looking for answers and willing to compromise to move humanity into its next phase of evolution.

“Blessed are you to be alive in the most exciting time in Urantia's history my friends!  Not only will you see the physical transformation of a planet, but you will feel the actual presence of the Magisterial Son when he appears and lives on this world.  Imagine the astonishing developments that will occur on a world where God and man work together to bring about societies that live and work on the order of a mansion world-like existence!  All peoples and all children will know the true path to eternity where war, hunger, disease, crime, and delinquency will be no more.  You all have dreamed this dream, now you will experience it first hand.

“Let us prepare my friends for the arrival of the Magisterial Son by going into the stillness and asking Monjoronson to make Himself known to you.  You will feel his great love for you, even now, when you open up your heart and let him come in.  He has great love, mercy, and compassion for all the peoples of the earth and it is his desire that all would know him and welcome him.  By the authority of the Creator Son, he comes to set things in order according to the will of the Universal Father.  Prepare now, children of the earth, to enter into the golden age of light and life!

“Peace and great blessings to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

 Alabama, US of A, September 22, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Mind Control.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “The mastering of your mortal mind does not depend on a theory that you must at some time begin to apply.  There is no set of steps that you can follow to achieve this.  It is a dynamic and practical process.

“When a human being finally achieves total mind control, and when his or her will is a spotless reflection of God's will – represented by the Adjuster within – it is then that the requisites for fusion have been satisfied and this great event takes place.

“However, achieving mind control is possible only through constant practice and patience.  It is an achievement based on the decisions made each day that build a balanced personality, each time better accustomed to choose as the Father would choose in the same situation.

“As you can see, the idea of the concept of self mastery is not really complicated.  The difficulty lies in the consistency required for a mortal aspiring to be similar to God.  You have already decided to take the road that will take you to perfection.  This does not mean that you are perfect.  Before achieving the intellectual, emotional and spiritual certainty that you are following the will of God with every decision, you must learn to recognize this will, and you must develop the strength to always make the decisions that will bring you closer to being the best you can be.

“The path has been laid out and the goal has been set.  You just have to walk and faithfully follow the guidance of your Thought Adjuster to reach your destination.  You will need patience to get up each time you fall, strength to retrace your steps when by mistake you have taken a wrong turn, and finally find love for the realities of spirit, which is the motivation that will help you to overcome all obstacles that may arise.

“The task of becoming one with the Father is a labor of love.  It needs the supreme dedication of a creature to reach the Creator and express his or her love by striving to be like Him.”

© 11:11 Progress Group.


Urantia, June 3, 2011.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “Inner Peace.”

Received by Lytske.

Michael: “It is with great pleasure that I find your mind open to receive a few words from me.  I am your elder Father-Brother, but also one of your most intimate Friends.  You and I go back a long way, whilst you had no idea that it would be me, speaking with you and giving you inspiration.

“Due to the fact that so many changes are going to come about on our beloved Urantia, it is a joy for me to clarify a few things for you as you are in a quandary as to what might happen to each individual on this precious planet.

“You know some of what is transpiring in the earthly corridors of power, and you are not impressed with what you are finding, so you’ve begun to believe that some people are scheming to enslave the world.  Might I respond to this that God, the ultimate Creator of everything, is still in charge of His creation and His arm is not so short that He cannot intervene in human affairs if need be.

“Such a time has now arrived, due to plans in some hearts filled with negativity, and that have lost sight of the unconditional love, which God has for all his children, created and evolving.

“It is my desire that you pray for these 'lost' ones, who need to have their spiritual eyes opened so they may see and learn, that God is not mocked by puny mortals.

“The most important prayer is to be for peace in each human heart, especially, and firstly, for yourself and then for all others, for inner peace in each heart will reap untold benefits for the planet, as it will have repercussions in relationships towards one another.

“Work on this peace child, so you may become more tranquil in your comings and goings.  It is by osmosis that this inner peace will have a beneficial influence on those around you, who may themselves be inspired to seek for this inner peace, and so this benign virus of inner peace will end all wars as they spread around the planet.

“Inner peace is to be had when the most important connection to God is established.  God is waiting for all his mortal children, so gifted with free will, to open their link to this precious connection, so they can experience the riches of inner peace, whilst feeling God’s unconditional love washing over them and cleansing them from the inside out.

“Do not doubt that it is I, Michael, who speaks to you now.  Be in my peace.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Teacher: Urantia (Gaia, Mother Earth).
Subject: “Calling for Love.

Chicago, US of A, May 11, 2011.

Received by Valdir Soares.

Urantia: “You are right.  I, Urantia, Gaia, your Mother Earth, am the one who keeps the life-energy in this planet pulsing.  As a local deity of supremacy, I am able to receive, process, and return all bona-fide experiences of all creatures, especially of you, humans, into the evolutionary stream which brings overall progress to the planet.  All advancement attained by you in your life is registered and absorbed by me, and passed on as an improved life-energy to future generations.  I am the soul of evolution on this planet.

“Without me, all evolutionary progress of one generation would be lost at death, and no progress would be possible.  I myself, being an evolutionary deity, have evolved with life itself on this planet since the first life-spark was ignited here long, long ago.  I am the one who nurtures life on this planet and I will be connected to it as long as life is present here.

“I continually look forward to supporting life on this planet, even after that glorious day when the human race no longer will be a threat to itself through self-extermination.  Today, with so many nuclear weapons available to people filled with hatred in their hearts, with so many wars, and with so much destruction and devastation in the environment, the human race on this planet is indeed at risk of self-extermination, or becoming victim to such destruction that may bring terrible regression to the evolutionary process of human civilization.

“And so, my child, I look forward to the day when every human being on this planet will be aware, as you are, that love is the only answer to the troubles this world now faces.  Only abundant and genuine love for one another and for the life which I have grown on this planet can assure the entrance of my planet into the ages of Light and Life.

“Carry on with life, my children, but with love.  Through many pains, I have brought you to this point – do not put all to waste.  My love for you is shown everywhere.  Pass it on, my children.  I am Urantia, Gaia, your Mother Earth, as I have been known by many; and, again, I am calling on your love.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.