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Michael - The Dream of Certainty - Magisterial Mission Go Ahead Approved - May 22, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

(Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends,  Our dreams are soon to become a reality.  We had a dream that this world would one day reflect the glory and the love of the Eternal Father.  With Monjoronson's incarnation imminent we can be sure that our dreams will become a reality.  Children of the dust working with a Paradise Son to effect a change on our precious home world.  Let us all dream a dream that will come true.]

Excerpt from the transcript:
This is a day of all days my children because the Magisterial Mission has been given the go ahead from our Father.  The dreams that you have all had will become a reality.

The Creator Son, Christ Michael
The Dream Of Certainty

My son, my son, I am so proud of you.  You have reached out and as a result of that you have received so many blessings.  On this day you have every reason to be proud of yourself.  For you had a dream.  A dream that you shared with but a few.  In that dream you envisioned something.  You envisioned this world as a garden spot of beauty.  You could see in your mind’s eye a world unlike any other world.  You could see this world filled with men and women reflecting the love of the Eternal One.  How you longed for this dream to become a reality.

When you looked at this world you felt such anguish and pain.  You knew that this world was so much better than the outer reality of that world.  So, in your dreams you envisioned that day.  You envisioned that day when the weapons of war would be no more.  You envisioned that day when no child would be abused, abandoned, neglected or lost.  You envisioned that day when the temple of the living and dynamic God would come to your humble sphere.  Why, O Why Father?  Why are things the way that they are on my little world?  Is there anything better out there?  Is there a world where beauty and peace reigns?  Is there a world where love reigns supreme?  It seemed that only in your dreams where your fantasies lived is where this dream had become a reality.  How pathetic and how sad that the dream which you had dreamed seemed to be nothing more than a dead fantasy.  You would just live your life and muddle through that life.  And when you died, you died.  No remembrance of life that was greater than your dreams.  For if this life was all that there was then the only relief came when you rested your head on a pillow and went gently to sleep.

Then, in your dreams you lived a life that you had always dreamed about.  Everyone was happy and joyful.   No one was sick.  Everyone was deeply and dearly loved.  Everyone developed their God given talents to the full.  This was a true utopia, a true paradise.  But alas, when you arose this dream that you had was just that.  On your world you were greeted with the noise of pollution.  The hatred for one’s fellow man.   A dog-eat-dog existence where the strongest survive and the weak are cast to the ground like so much garbage to be forgotten about and destroyed.

But then you one day had an epiphany.  The dreams that you were dreaming were the real world.  The world in the way that it should be.  For that dream of certainty was not really a dream.  It was the voice of the One crying out in your heart and in your mind.  This One was telling you that your dreams were the way that things really should be.  But like any dream they are fraught with uncertainties and the vicissitudes of life.  However, any dream becomes a reality when you actively pursue that dream and make your dream real.

Your dreams are no longer unreal.  Your dreams have come true.  For the Prince of Forgiveness is here.  My Paradise Brother comes here to continue in the work that I started almost two thousand years ago.  This has been in the works for centuries.  You are all seeing the culmination of that work.  All of us here on ‘the other side’ have been working for a long time to awaken you from sleep and to arouse you from your dreams.  These dreams that you are dreaming  in your heart are becoming real now.  They are no longer uncertainties. 

Monjoronson will be a great light on this sphere just as I was,  and continue to be a great light.  But that one is a great light because he reflects the glory of the Infinite One.  All of us are mere reflections of the infinite glory of that One.  His dream was to have an entire universe populated with beings uncountable and reflecting His perfect glory and His perfect love.  The thing is, when the Eternal One dreams, His dreams are real.  They are not mere fleeting images that come into one’s conscious mind and disappear quickly.  Whenever that One dreams a dream the only delays are the potentialities of eternity.  For inside the mind of that One are the potentialities for an eternity.  Can you dream that big my children?  Can your dreams be the stuff that continue on throughout eternity?  For if you live within that One all of your dreams will become a reality.  When you dream a dream your dreams will engulf and surround you.  They will be like the comforting breezes on a hot summer’s day.

This is a day of all days my children because the Magisterial Mission has been given the go ahead from our Father.  The dreams that you have all had will become a reality.  You will no longer go to sleep in one reality and awaken to an entirely different reality.  For now your dreams will be real.  There will be no separation from the dream world.  For when you arise you will make your dreams become true.  You are the dream weavers.  And such dream weavers make that which is unreal become quite real.  My brother is here, my brother is here to help all of you my children.  This is a time for great rejoicing.  For the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated and the sun arises.   You awaken and stretch.  You look out of your windows and you see the bright light of the morning sun shining brightly on the horizon.

Thanks be to the Father that has made our dreams turn into a reality.  Because the master dream weaver can make dreams come true.  Let us praise the one he has brought here to lift all of you up.  Let us all welcome my dear brother and friend.  For he shall become your dear brother and friend.  Let the Magisterial Mission begin on planet 606 of Satania, constellation 70 of Noraltiadek, of the local universe of Nebadon.  Let us all rejoice for all of our dreams will become a reality.  Let us all be about the business of our Father.  Let us work together to make our dreams a reality.  Dear Urantian children as you embark upon this mission dream dreams.  Dream big.  For your dreams will become a reality.  For you were a dream of the Universal Sovereign and that dream became real.  May your dreams become real on this beautiful day when we praise the Father anew for His copious goodness and love.  Dear, dear children always remain in my peace.