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Monjoronson - Mission Status - May 13, 2011 - Michael Xavier, Bel Air, MD

[Preface from the Transmitter,  Michael Xavier:   I wish to be lead in the spirit of truth always Father. I will not allow any untruth to come through me. My intention is to receive this message humbly and with love as I go about your business. I love you Father and let your will be done.]

Urantia’s Magisterial Son, Monjoronson
Great Times of Change – Mission Status Update

Beloved this is Monjoronson. I would like to state to you Michael, peace be upon you. You are loved ever so tenderly. In accordance with your request I am bringing this forth as an update to the happenings around you, even those things that involve my bestowal on this greatly respected sphere of Urantia.

With the final dispensation and judgment of the Lucifer rebellion now complete, I am eagerly awaiting the time when I get the go ahead to be about the business of the Father on Urantia. I know that your heart is open and receptive to me, beloved, and I long and look forward to seeing you when I reach Urantia. My heart is receptive to your love and to that in which you send out to the universe, as it is fully felt beyond your mortal comprehension. I tell all those on your sphere now, that great times of change are here. The time has come to be about the Father’s business fully and without hesitation. Not only my staff and I but all the ones that want to do the Father’s will.

There are so many happenings going on behind the scenes that if you were to even get a glimpse of them all you would be perplexed. So many celestials and beings from all over the universe are descending upon Urantia to commence the undertaking of Light and Life on Urantia. The time is come, the time that so many have spoke of and preached about of old. This is wonderful news, and yet so many of Fathers children have taken no note. Children, I urge you to pray for these ones that are confused and lost in the tides and current of the world. Let your prayers sing out to the universe, as you ask for Mercy and Love to be bestowed on each and every one of these little ones that have been flushed away by the tides of the world and have forgotten the nature of the Father on Paradise.

The times of change are not only affecting your sphere beloved, but the universe is silently and patiently watching all the happenings in eager anticipation. So many of the Fathers children await the broadcasts to flash in regards of the latest news of Urantia. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you all in person if it is the Fathers will. I can feel the love in your heart that radiates the joy of hearing these things, but know you must be patient for this great and glorious undertaking.

All is well, and everything is going according to schedule, and when I know, you shall also know in regards to when my mission will begin on your sphere. I send you all the peace and love that goes beyond all understanding. I look forward beloved, and I am eager to be with you all. I leave you in love, and send you the blessings of Paradise.