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Michael; Monjoronson - The Energies of Resurrection - Apr 24 & 25, 2011 - Paul Conklin & Donna D-Ingillo

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends,  Our Creator Son came through with a powerful message about the energies of resurrection that he is making available to those of us that want to see a change on this world. If we become a conduit for these energies and give them out freely we will see our brethren arise.  We will see them awaken from the dead in a figurative sense.  We will also know that all those that are dead will rise and learn about our Master Son.  Praise be to the Father of us all and to our beloved Master Son.]

The Creator Son, Christ Michael
The Energies Of Resurrection

My dear son I know that you can feel it now in your heart and in your soul.  You feel different now.  There is no way to explain it logically.  It is like love has entered your heart this day and there is no turning back.   You feel a pressure on your heart centers.  You can’t describe how or why, but you know that these feelings are there.

You remember my child that great energies were released during the resurrection process.  I always had the power to lay my life down and to rise again.  There was no power upon heaven or upon earth that could thwart my ability to rise again.  I know that puzzles you child.  You will not understand at this time, but I tell you that this is so.  There really is a lot of metaphor when you think about it.  Surely, there was my literal resurrection from the dead.  But do you think that there was only the resurrection of this one person?  For look what my death and resurrection accomplished.

The energies of the resurrection went through the entire earth in a process of reclamation.  This process of reclamation continues on until this day.  And this process of reclamation grows stronger and stronger.  It was like this world was dead as to the supernal love of the Father.  They were asleep, in their graves.  Would someone rescue them from their fate?  Would someone save them?

These energies need a conduit of sorts.  You are the conduits of these energies.  For it is so that on every sphere you are being taught to make a difference.  You don’t think that you can just sit and wait do you?  So many of my children feel so helpless.  So many of my children feel so powerless.  But I tell you child, that all of you are powerful beyond measure.  Why don’t you all believe that?  The Father believes that.  I believe that.  Now, it is time for all of you to believe it.

As you walk the walk of love and connect with your Father fragments, the energies of the resurrection builds up inside of you.  You become a vessel for these energies.  This is a way that you help yourselves.  This is how you all become powerful.  For when you send out these energies you are giving from your heart and soul.  You give out without expectation of reward and notoriety.  In your interior rooms where the Father sees you quietly and without fanfare is where you give out these energies.  The energies that we have given you.  We are all so proud of you my children.  Who would ever have thought that on such a world as this love would be given out so freely without a thought of reward?  For it is the love in your hearts that you are giving out.  You love your brethren with a love unimaginable.  You love your brethren to the highest heights.  They need to have what you have.  Will you give it away?  Will you give it all away?  This truth I want you all to know children, the more that you give it away the more that you receive.  Keep giving it away and you will be rich beyond your wildest imaginations.  Oh, you will never be rich in a material sense perhaps, but you will acquire the true riches, the true glory of the cosmos.

Not only did I arise on that day children.  You all arose with me.  You all arose to a new life.  You all arose to a new dispensation.  A dispensation of untiring love and mercy.  A dispensation of resurrection.  For no longer will you ever have to languish in the darkness.  When I arose you all came to life, never to die again.  In me there is life.  In me there is light.  In me there is love.  In me are the energies of the resurrection.  The energies of the resurrection that call the deceased to life again.

Can you feel it in your heart centers children?  The dead cannot feel it.  Only the living can feel it.  You are alive in me.  You are not powerless.  You are not helpless.  You have the power of the resurrection at your fingertips.  Fill yourselves up.  Let these energies pour through you and in you.  Become a conduit for your brethren, for your brethren sleep in death, yet they live and they breathe.   They sleep in death because they do not know what you know.  They do not know that life courses through them.  They do not know that you have the power to raise them to life.  When you use these energies they will experience a resurrection of sorts.  A resurrection to a new way of life.  A resurrection from a living death.  They will begin to feel me moving though them just as you all can feel me moving through you.          

I see a new dawn arising, a new dawn arising in your hearts.  Let the sun dawn in your hearts.  For inside of your hearts the glory of the Father awaits.  The glory of the Father awaits for you to discover Him.  Will you all be the rising sun for your brethren?  Will you be the first rays of the new day?  Will those new rays, will that new dawn that arises within their hearts expose them to the beauty, the beauty that resides within?  For while they lived in the darkness they could not see the beauty that surrounded them.  They are the beauties that are being enlightened.

Do you believe it?  Do you believe it my children?  For all that you need is the faith of a little child.  Put your hand in the hand of your Father.  Look into His face.  For in that face is beauty.  In that face is glory. In that face is love.  Trust your Father with the trust of a little child.  Be the new dawn, the new dawn that arises on Urantia.  I see that new dawn arising and I am blinded by the glory thereof. I am mesmerized by the beauty thereof.  A new dawn arises in your hearts.  For the Father has been born within your hearts and the sun is blazing.  The sun shines brightly now.  Let the energies of the resurrection live in your heart and give it away.  Give it away my children.  When you give it away you will never run out.  Watch as your brethren come to life.  Watch as they rise from the dead.  For I am the resurrection and the life, those that come to me shall have everlasting life.  Even those that have died will come to life again.  And even those that are living and are dead shall rise.  They shall rise.  They shall rise to a new life of glory and joy and thanksgiving.  For in their heart of hearts they live again.  They are dead no longer.  My children will you make it so?  Will you give it all away?  Will you give away these energies?  Your brethren thirst for this.  Your brethren hunger for this.  Your brethren long for this.  Take the hand of your Father and watch, watch as the dead arise.  Watch as the dead arise to a new life.  Watch as that new dawn arises in their hearts.  And be filled with the new glow that your brethren will give out.  For I am the resurrection and the life.  Everyone that comes to me will never die, but they shall live forever and ever.  When I arose on that day you all arose with me.  You all arose with me to a new life, to a new dawn.  A new dawn of freedom and everlasting joy.  Rise up, rise up from the dead and be born anew.  For a new dawn arises in your hearts, a new dawn like no other.  A new dawn that shall never set.  From this day forward the sun shall never set for the Father has arisen in your hearts and forever more the sun shall never set.

My dear children, be a conduit for these energies of the resurrection and watch as your brethren come to life.  Forever and always be in my peace.  


[Editor's Note: A similar message about the power of the resurrection energy was delivered Easter Sunday, 2011,  by Christ Michael and amplified by Monjoronson in a teleconference call conducted by the T/R Donna D’Ingillo.  It is helpful in the Editor’s view to combine and archive the two messages together to provide the reader a heightened sense of relationship to God and its promise of eternal life.  Here is the Teleconference message itself given a day earlier:]

Conference Call with Michael and Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
April 24, 2011
Topic:  Michael’s Resurrection Power
Transmitter: Donna D’Ingillo
PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re so happy to be here with you and our Magisterial Son on this special day of Easter Sunday. Our hearts are full of gratitude for what you are doing for us in this planetary transformation and we eagerly look forward to this time with Monjoronson this day to share our love, share our intentions as you weave us together in one heart and one mind to send this energy out into the world in whatever way you find lovely and aligned in your will.  Thank you.

MICHAEL: My children, PEACE be upon you. This is Michael. Today I reach out to you to send this message of hope and renewal into your hearts that you may carry my presence more deeply entwined into your beings. My RESURRECTION in morontia form on Urantia was designed to show my children, especially of this world, the power of life over that which you perceive as death. The RESURRECTION powers of transformational energies that build you into more morontial material is something I wish to share with you today. Open your hearts and receive the energies of RESURRECTION. This is my gift to you on this joyous occasion. Receive this now, for Monjoronson will be asking you to send this out into the world for others to use in their transformation. Focus on the word RESURRECTION and let this enter into your hearts as I move in you now, my beloved children. (Pause)

 You may not fully understand in your minds all of the ramifications of what receiving this energy means, but it will reveal itself to you in time. I encourage you to absorb this, let it go deep into the cells of your physical body. Let it energize your entire being. Carry this signal. Hold this charge, you might say, of the power of RESURRECTION. It will serve you well in the coming days, especially as you interact with your brothers and sisters. I wish for them to receive this but it will be through you, through your expanded capacities to feel me minister in and through you.  Invite Mother to expand you in this living energy language. Drink deeply of my presence stirring in you now. (Pause)

 The Great Awakening of the Heart is upon you, my children. Your brothers and sisters are being primed to awaken now. More and more, you will see the Spirit of Truth resounding more vibrantly within their hearts. Be bold in proclaiming the truth that you feel compelled to speak, and know that it is me reaching out to my children in love and understanding. Before I turn the call over to my brother, Monjoronson, feel me one more time. Feel my love.  Feel my validation of each one of you as my son and daughter.  (Pause)

Now I am with you all the days of your life,  and one day when you are face to face with me on Salvington, you will recall these times on Urantia with great pride and joy for what you helped to bring into this world through your efforts. Continue to serve me well, my children. Receive all the blessings and grace that your Mother and I wish to bestow upon you.  Be in my peace.


MONJORONSON:  Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson, wishing you the most joyous of Easters as you celebrate this day in your hearts.  The power of RESURRECTION–  RESURRECTION of the Christ energy within the human heart—is stirring mightily on Urantia this day. In keeping with our practice of sending MERCY into the world, today we will focus on the word RESURRECTION.  As you feel this resonate within your heart, continue to focus on this word and we will add more of our presence into this. In a few moments, we will be sending this to areas which are most in need of renewal and rebirth in the power of RESURRECTION. Receive us now and let your hearts be filled. (Pause)

Many new adjustments are being made in you today to receive more morontia substance into your beings. This will serve you well in times to come, as more light and love reforms the way Urantians live. As you continue to receive this energy, allow more of my energy presence--my energy signature—to imprint upon you, helping you prepare for the time of my physical incarnation on this world. This is a time of great expansion for morontia mind to intersect within planetary consciousness. Receive this for the next few moments and then we will move on to sharing this with the world.  (Pause)

The power of Michael’s truth is uncontainable now in the sense that his presence is bathing Urantia, in an awakening which appeals to the human heart of justice, mercy, fairness, equality, tolerance, peace. Let us now shift focus to envisioning the world before you. Michael’s hands are holding Urantia with such loving compassion and mercy. As you see Michael holding this world, envelop it in the world RESURRECTION. My staff and I and the myriad celestial hosts attending this call will direct these energies to where they will do the most good, and evoke the most efficacious transformation. Simply focus on the visualization I have shared with you and we will move within you.  (Pause)

As many millions of individuals celebrate Easter, their hearts are wide open to a new revelation of the presence of Michael. The human heart longs to experience God’s love, to feel the depth and breadth of love that God has for them as an individual. This is what we are resurrecting today: the capacity to receive, feel, experience deeply this life-altering substance we call LOVE.

Our efforts at sharing this love with your brothers and sisters will become easier, more filled with the sense of optimism, carefree-ness, lightheartedness, helping you return to the innocence you felt as a child before the ways of the world exposed you to fear, greed and corruption. See yourselves return to that state of childlike innocence now, that you may ignite the flame within your brothers and sisters who are ready to receive it. But do not share this with words. Share it with feelings; feeling your own innocence and the depth of love the Father has for you. Once this has been felt deeply, it cannot be contained, it must be shared. And your brothers and sisters are ready to feel it. They are being primed.

Continue your visualization on the world. We continue to seed this, help it stay in view, in the brighter light of LOVE on this world.  (Pause)

In your mind’s eye, where would you wish to focus this word? What individuals? What circumstances? What geographic locations? What institutions do you wish to see resurrected in the Father’s Will? Take a few moments and send this wherever you feel you are being guided by your indwelling Adjuster’s focus. We will enjoin our energies to yours and amplify language in those areas.  (Pause)

There are large fissures cracking open the institutions that have been perpetuated by the ways of rebellion. More and more will you see these fissures deepen as Michael’s Truth cuts through the darkness and the light begins to emerge. As you witness this through your observations in the news media and other information, direct these RESURRECTION energies to those places. They are so needful now of transformative change. Assert your heart energies over the mental conditions of these institutions and circumstances that they may yield to the power of LOVE to dissolve all darkness. Never before has there been such a spiritual energy upon Urantia, and every day it increases. Make use of your time, where you spend your mental energy. Participate with us in the RESURRECTION of this world from the forces of destruction and death.

Take a few moments to engage in worship of our Paradise Father on this happy day. We all join together in oneness in praising the source of all life and creation.  (Pause)

Thank you, dear brethren, for our efforts, your time, your faith, your trust, your hope, your courage, and your perseverance as Urantia opens her heart and receives the RESURRECTION, turning this world back to its rightful place  in this beautiful universe of Nebadon.

I will leave you now, and encourage you to remember to focus these energies this week. Make good use of your mental efforts and heartfelt desires for this world to change more profoundly in Michael’s love.  Happy Easter one and all! Good day.