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Michael; Machiventa; Divine Counselor of Uversa; Personal Seraphic Guardian – Contemplations of Change - A Lesson in Morontia Transformation - Apr 22, 2011 - Michael Xavier, Bel Air, MD


[From the Editor: The following transmission and part-diary concerns the development of a Thought Adjuster which has been betrothed to Michael Xavier. The reader is to understand that when a Thought Adjuster provides input into the personality of his indwelt subject, that it creates havoc to the system of mind and personal discernment of reality. The Adjuster event described herein, and its after effects, at this time in the second decade of the twenty-first century is unusually rare. There are no guidelines or institutions to provide insights into these personal changes and difficult lessons such a change dictates to the personality involved. The following transmission represents the counsel of Christ Michael and other high spiritual personalities to the newly Adjustered individual and is presented to the public for their education and discernment of the causes of changes even in them as spirit prepares Urantia for a monumental change in personal spiritual attunement. Thank you.]


[Preface from the T/R - Note: The following transcript is a lesson not only in the informational but also brought forth from personal experiences and documentation of lessons and application of Michael Xavier. Christ Michael has directed me to bring this forth from my own documentation and contemplations of Morontia transformation that I have personally undergone. This information is meant to be revelatory in the aspect of others in similar transformational processes.]


T/R: Michael Xavier

April 22, 2011


Michael Xavier: It is my sincere intention and always in love that I be led and guided always by the spirit of truth and love for the uplifting and building of faith in the kingdom of God which is in us all.

Machiventa: Michael, we feel your heart, and the love that pours and undulates from therein. You have been experiencing many things as of late in balancing for the work you will undertake. Many of the questions that you have had are questions that others also have and will have, and by your own experiences, you will be able to clarify these things in a similar capacity to many that will be undergoing and have gone through change. I want to first relate to you and all reading this that you would do well to remember that you are not alone, even at times you may feel that way. You are loved for and cared for beyond anything your mind could understand, and yet you know this in the secret places of your heart.


Christ Michael: Brother, I want to not only encourage you but also to put your mind at ease with the experiences as of late, for I too have been where you are and many of my children will be where we were. You have been in preparation to share what you have been through with others, so others can also come to know when they begin the transformation that other human personalities have done this successfully. Many will find encouragement in knowing that you have traversed these things solely with the Father Fragment and guidance of spirit without any outward human help. I wish to convey to all my children if they so happen to be led across this lesson is that many of you have been guided to pull from Michael Xavier’s own experiences along with your teachers to be encouraged, strengthened and uplifted. It is my admonishing that you always listen to your inner teacher of course, but knowing that you are not alone in these things will prove to be encouraging. There you will know beyond any doubt if you follow this guidance that no level of universal service is unattainable even if you find yourself physically alone. Michael Xavier, on the planet in which you all reside, has had this happen to him and from reading his personal experiences you may know too that all things are attainable with loving intention and most of all faith in the unseen Father. We are only using his experiences as teachings of course.


Seraphic Guardian Anna: I would also like to relate information solely to my mortal subject Michael Xavier’s experience. I wish to clarify why he has been chosen for this work and to relate to all partakers of this divine guidance what is achievable on any sphere in the cosmos of time and space if your heart is in the right place and your faith governs your thinking. So my beloved entrusted Michael has learned:


When the fullness of absolute spiritual ideation in the Eternal Son encounters the fullness of absolute personality concept in the Universal Father, when such a creative union is finally and fully attained, when such absolute identity of spirit and such infinite oneness of personality concept occur, then, right then and there, without the loss of anything of personality or prerogative by either of the infinite Deities, there flashes into full-fledged being a new and original Creator Son, the only-begotten Son of the perfect ideal and the powerful idea whose union produces this new creator personality of power and perfection.



Christ Michael: In your own experiences a while ago you had a sense of personal loneliness and contemplation. In a moment of your souls longing and need for understanding you wrote a plea on the pondering of what was and had taken place in you. I wish to clarify that you were still going by the name you had been given at birth when you wrote this, even though the celestials and Father saw you as Michael Xavier. I wish to relate to others and give a clarification from these experiences by stating from his original writings and contemplation. Once again these may be different from your own experiences, but the transformation is for the most part will be very similar for most of you. Even though your own personal experiences may differ you will find encouragement and understanding in the information and personal application of another soul experience.


Divine Counselor of Uversa: If anyone needs further clarification of these things, it is all covered in the blue book under the papers; Relation of Adjusters to individual Mortals, and The Adjuster and the Soul, to be applied to your own experiences.



{Editor’s Note: Michael Xavier has been asked to describe his feelings about the changes he experienced less than a year earlier from this transmission. The following is meant to amplify the reasons Christ Michael and others wish the trials to be made public to others who will undoubtedly go through the process themselves.]


Michael Xavier: I want to firstly say that many of you that have undergone or are undergoing these things will find yourself in contemplation. I had written in this state of wondering, and pulling between the world in which I thought I was a part of and the Eternal, the world in which I had been embraced by. I pulled this from my own experiences, so in sharing these things I only wish to encourage you in that you are not alone, as I am being led by the spirit of truth.

[On Date]: 8-16-10 : So I sit here, in contemplation. There are more than a few things going through my head at this time, and I feel compelled to write them. I scrolled through my music and found a CD called inner perspective, and to me it couldn’t be a more perfect background for the way that I am feeling right now.

I want to break this down in front of me without hindrance from the many voices that I hear. Gabriel has assured me that he is here and the only thing he relates to me is that this will be good for me to do.

First of all this seems to be a resounding reel that plays over and over in my head, the enormity of all of this. I think that if I have it written in front of me, time stamped I can say… yes you have been here before. You have thought about this and came to this conclusion, and in the end I will give my friends their say. This is no way discounts my unshakable faith that I have in my Father, and these may come off as doubts but no matter what, I have faith in my Father above all else, and I know that without a doubt, he has led me and will continue to lead me… I trust in that fact. I trust in Him. He doesn’t give up on me even though I may doubt myself sometimes. It may seem trivial in the end, and it may be, but this is my thought process about this whole thing.

I am a human being am I not? In being one I feel like that I have never done anything noteworthy of such an honor as what I have experienced or continue to experience. I use the word honor out of nothing but love, without any attachment to my own ego. I thank my Father for all the help in this.

They call me Michael a son of God. Michael….. Me, maybe the scale of this is too big at the present moment and this may be normal. This is profoundly hard for me to wrap my mind around still. Now here’s is the thought process that I go over. I honestly do not feel egotistical, or that I am something that I am not or that I would ever want to be something that I am not, or that I am special and should be treated differently as a precursor to the following. Before I write anymore, I know this is only a name and a label to who I truly am which I know my Father truly knows. If I was nothing more than known by my Father and counted in front of him, loved like I love him truly and without embellishment of name or title (because in the end this is what he sees anyway), this would honestly be enough for me. If I was to here tomorrow that I was nothing more than the name I was given at birth, and that I have been and always have only been that label, and moreover that I was only 32 years old and no older, then it wouldn’t change a thing about the way I feel about my Father.

I can’t describe how I know that I know my Father and that I know him very intimately. I know that I never could find an adequate definition or religion to satisfy me in my search here, or find someone that could tell me something I already knew inside. This is something I can’t describe, it’s something I feel very intimately about and could never convey in writing. This is for me I guess, will leave it at that.

This is not to say that others do not know him, or to say that others may know him more intimately then me or that I should be special because I feel that I know him this way, or that I am the only one who truly knows who God the Father of us all is, but I just feel that I know him differently then what I have seen portrayed in my life. I never could understand how many people do things based on fear of God. I feel so very close to my Father and long in my spirit and in my soul to be with him, to never be separated, to live my life in according to his will….. not in any form of expectation of a result, or contingent on certain strict rules that fight against feeling loved and felling shunned, or based on any fear or obligation… but out of a child like desire to make his Father proud. Not because I have to, but because I longingly want to.

This is where I want to be very clear with myself and I speak the truth, and my Father knows this… I express this to him often in my conversations with him, in my intimate moments that are only for my Father, that not a label, name, clothes, others viewpoints, or anything else could change what he sees me to be. A loving Father understands… I know he knows me better then I know myself. I know that he sees my struggles and knows my mind and heart better than anyone, and knows what I need before I ask. Once all is stripped away, and I am able away from the denseness of this world, I will run up to my Father and finally realize that he has always known me to be exactly who I am. Nothing more or less that I could justify or say that he already doesn’t know and I just know he loves who I truly am, even in my humanity.

Wouldn’t You think Father, that everything I did and tried wholeheartedly to make You proud of, even though I may not think it was good enough, and may fall short, be great in Your Fatherly Eye’s? I can’t imagine thinking about saying to my own children that even though they tried to make me proud that they weren’t good enough. I feel this way and I am a man! Enough of all this… I’m tired and maybe this was necessary but I am tired. I love you Father, you know this. I cannot possibly describe the feeling I have for you and the love in my heart of hearts, because truly I carry you in my secret heart as if I were away on leave, and I know I will someday be in your presence and you will love me much more then I could have imagined now in my mind….

It is something now that I can only remember in my soul of what it is to be truly loved without condition and to stand in your very presence away from this world. I love you so, my wonderful Father. This could never begin to describe how I feel about you, but it is you that know me and my feelings, so I will not justify them to you.



Christ Michael: What touching words on the love that I share with you brother. Many personalities have been deeply touched by this and it is our hope that many more will be in your writing. These words will resound in many souls. I had tried to convey to you even then that you were being lead and that you were lovingly care for and guided. The worries in human form, especially when you have the Morontia fighting with the personality can wage a war that seems unending when it is transpiring. I will remind you that others have waged this war and in the words of others lessons can and will prove to resound in your own soul. Spirit spoke these words to Paul of Tarsus in a similar lesson:


For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


For many, unless they have been through or are going through this they may not relate to these words as you have, others on the other hand who read this surely will. I will end this lesson today beloved with the answer that a Divine Counselor of Uversa had brought you regarding this loving plea a little after a week of your contemplation. May I remind all my children that there is no course of universal service that is closed to any of the travelers and children of time. Remember, you have eternity before you my children and what a future for some of you it will be!

I leave you always in my peace.


Divine Counselor of Uversa: Human beings are personalities, and it is exceedingly difficult for non-personal spirits and pre-personal entities to make direct contact with such highly material and discretely personal minds. In the ministry of the guarding angel all of these influences are more or less unified and made more nearly appreciable by the expanding moral nature of the evolving human personality.

Let me specifically say this to you as one of your numerous guardians. Names mean nothing because we all come from the same source which is in essence Our Father Who Art in Heaven. We as you know we are good and come not as a stumbling block but as guides and helpers to help you on the rest of your journey through time.

The reason for the intercession of guidance on your behalf is simple; you have ascended and do not know the full realization of this. Time is something that you know in a body, as flesh is foreign to most of us, so in mortal mind spirit, for the most part is all most extremely foreign to flesh. You have a keen sense of our presence have fully experience the embrace and approval of our Father when he realized himself in you. You are Michael there is no doubt about it to us, and what you need to understand is that no one can understand this around you. Material fleshly human mind is incapable of seeing this. There are some that will know through their spirit and Adjusters that there is something very different about you, but to say this to anyone will go unrecognized by the standard of the world in which you live. We are so very excited about your progression and how far you have flown out of mind set patterns based on ego and misrepresentation.

What is so profound is that you are frustrated that this isn’t happening faster, and patience here will come into play for you. Everything will work out, we promise. There is still much you do not understand but this information is coming at an unprecedented rate. Stay the course and continue to hold firmly on the faith that you so wonderfully display. You will be a profound teacher and great guide to many people and let no one tell you differently. Who we call you bothers you so much because you explained it perfectly. No label or name can define you. Your spirit shines brightly our brilliant son of our glorious God. Do not let this weigh on your mind, you have been forged in the earth’s worldly fires and have been tempered as a great shining blade. Only you know the meaning of this, and yes it’s a response.

We love you so dearly and so profoundly that the love we display for you can only be understood from your point of view. The rest will come with time my beloved. You will find all your answers soon enough and in time. We are most certainly all with you right now, and you can discern our presence. Take heart and be who you are, and the scope and realization of it all will expand with time.