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Michael - A Silhouette In Time - Apr 16, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, I just received a beautiful message from our Creator Son.  We sometimes wonder if we are making a difference.  Does what we do here on our beloved planet make a difference?  We are leaving behind a legacy that shall ever live in the heart of our planetary supreme.  We are leaving behind a silhouette in time that shall never die.]

The Creator Son, Christ Michael
A Silhouette In Time

My dear child this is your Father Michael.  The true measure of one’s progress is whether or not that one loves more this day than the previous day.  As you traverse the trails of this sphere do you leave behind your love as a marker?   You are all trailblazers of sorts.  It is like you are in a jungle and you have to cut down all the overgrowth in your path.  You take out your machetes and you begin to hack away at that overgrowth.  Then at some distant time a lone traveler will see that trail, will see that path blazed in the overgrowth of the jungle.  When you look back, when you look back my children you will see that you left love behind.  You left love behind so that your brethren living now and your brethren living in a future time will see that love.

They will see your love paved on the road with good intentions.  They will not see you, but they will be eternally grateful.  They will be eternally grateful because there were persons willing to blaze that trail.  They will know that the love left behind was meant for them.   They will know that the ghosts of love are like a silhouette left in time.  These silhouettes seem fleeting and unattainable, but they are very real.  They are real because the shadows that you leave behind will form into an image, into reality.

Don’t you see my child, you are a silhouette in time.  Your silhouette will ever live even though you are far ahead in the ascension journey.  It is like every generation that comes alive will discover you and the love that you left behind.  You shall ever live in their hearts.  When you live in their hearts a silhouette comes to life.  For who knows the effects of our life on this sphere?  When we earnestly endeavor to become the love that we seek, that love stays forever imprinted on the planetary consciousness of the Planetary Supreme.  All of those things that you have contributed will forever stay within her to use for future generations.

Just as we are all contributing to the growth of God The Supreme in this universe age we are also contributing to the growth of His children.  Urantia will keep a record of all the spiritual goodness that she has recorded for untold centuries.  The records that she keeps are not unreal or ghostly images.  Those records are real and true.  Your silhouette in time will come to life again.  Your silhouette in time will enliven your brethren yet unborn.

What a legacy we are leaving behind my child.  A legacy of unconditional love, forgiveness, mercy and compassion.  A legacy of truth, beauty and goodness.  For on the shores of this planet far removed from the Eternal One a silhouette in time ventures forth.  A shadow of your life remains behind as a gift to your world.  And so it goes with every one of your brethren.  They too can leave that shadow behind as a gift to the up and coming generations.

My dear child you are the seed that is being planted so that future generations will enjoy the era of light and life.  When you plant a seed that seed is nourished.  That seed is watered.  That seed is given sun.  That seed is given the nutrients that it needs to thrive.  So too the seeds that you are planting are being nourished,  are being watered, are thriving in the sun.  When that seed germinates and breaks through the soil, the era of light and life will be here.  It will be here my child because so many persons like yourself have given of themselves.  They have given of themselves in a large way.

But as you know dear one the seed must die so that development can take place.  Even if you and all of your brethren die before you see the seed germinate rest assured that you were the cultivators and that you were the gardeners.  I see your beauty before me and I am taken aback as I am taken aback by the beauty of all of my children.  First there was the idea implanted by spirit.  Then there was the response of a mortal of the realm.  That mortal then planted a seed in the ground.  That seed began to grow and shoot out tendrils.  The planter of the seed died, but all was not lost.  For one day a lone traveler looked down and saw the results of your work.  The seed that you had planted had come to full fruition.

For your intent was to change your beloved world.  Your intent was to lay a gift before the very altar of the Eternal One.  You planted a seed.  And embedded in that seed were words buried deep.  When that seed cracked open the words read light and life.  Deep in your hearts and in your souls you planted this seed with the expectation that when this seed developed light and life would finally arrive on your beloved sphere.

In the energetic matrix that surrounds your earth there is one that is recording your life and all those that live hereon.  You are leaving behind a beautiful legacy.  That beautiful legacy will never be erased.  Forever and ever your legacy shall live on.  You are becoming a silhouette in time that shall ever live in the mind of Urantia.  She will see to it that your desire for unconditional love on this sphere shall live on.  It shall live on in the hearts of Urantians that are here now and those that are yet to come.

The seed that you have planted and that your brethren have planted will grow into a lush forest that will provide life for so many.  They will follow the paths of love that you have lain down.  They will see the results of the seed that you had planted.  Your silhouette left behind down the corridors of time shall come to life again.  Your life and your love shall ever stand as a monument, as a legacy for this world.  I see your shadow, your silhouette, imprinted on mother Urantia .   As you say farewell she bids you fond adieu and praises you for a job well done.  Forever and ever you shall be imprinted as a silhouette in time as a legacy, as your gift to this world.  Forever and ever dear children of Urantia you shall always be emblazoned on my heart of hearts.  A silhouette in time was planted beneath the ground and became the era of light and life.  May your shadows that you leave behind on this world of time and space forever remain in my heart.