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Aaron; Miriam  - Use Father Reliance and Not Teacher Reliance - Dec 05, 1993 - Spokane, WA


Father Reliance Not Teacher Reliance

December 05, 1993

Aaron: Expectation is a divider in relationships because this brings you to desiring more than you have the potential for attaining in a certain time frame. Realize that you can each present your views and understanding as you relate to each other. If you hold a higher view than what occurs, then disappointment can set in.


As your teacher I do not do tarot cards or Ouija. I play no games and I am not a fortune teller. Simply my calling in this mission brings me to set forth a certain level of understanding that has been authorized by Christ Michael.


Take into account your level of trust and realize that you must establish this faith with the Presence that resides within you. If you have faith undying in myself or any personage other than God, then you will have the opportunity for disappointment.


We can love each other. We can trust each other and I even have faith in you all that you are capable of much, but this faith is in relation to how I feel for your progress and not in relation to status. Simply we are friends engaging on the trials of discovery, the universal relationship. This is our goal.


When I say to you that you should spend time with your Father inside of you, I do this not for my benefit of communication with you, but because this will facilitate your relationship with the Father of all. Can you comprehend this? The Father of all things requires your presence to communicate with Him. What a joyous requirement indeed.


There is no established pattern as to how you must go about communing with your Father. This can be done in quiet, while you are on the edge of sleep, early in the morning, and even while on the run during your day. It is the touch, the keeping in touch with a Presence within you that can make your living much more enjoyable than just taking a few moments at the end of the day to remember your Father.


It should be with your mind increasingly to communicate with the Thought Adjuster, even in dealing with children or friends or family. This Adjuster is the kev to a better relationship ' between you and all those surrounding and even as you understand yourself ana those around you, you become somewhat more aware of this Presence within you


It is reciprocal, the love of the Father. It is an energy, truly a force to be reckoned with. As you use this force you will gain its presence more and more in your life. It is capacity enlarging. It is unselfish. It is truly good.


Hello I am Aaron. Hi friends. What's on your mind?


Sh: Aaron, when we're having a difficult time handling a spouse or someone that's being selfish, is there a way that we can communicate directly through our Thought Adjuster to their Thought Adjuster so that we can communicate somehow to the good person inside?


Aaron: In your acknowledgment of your Adjuster friend you create that opening for yourself. As you sincerely reach out to understand and to share with another, the potential is there for this communication. Sometimes you can feel that connection briefly when you see a simple little spark of understanding which may not be vocalized by them to you, but still the awareness can be had.


Any time you wholeheartedly attempt to utilize the Divine presence, then the Divine presence will not disappoint you in attempting to follow through. Does this help you?


Sh: Yes, so if we're trying to do the Father's will and we're trying to deal with opposing factors, then if we just try to connect with the spiritual side, then that would be clearer communication. Is that right?


Aaron: Yes this is true as you have described it. Your spiritual attitude is your sincere attitude. Even when enjoying the company of another you are utilizing your spiritual side as well. It does not have to be a rehearsed event. Truly when your heart, your Spirit, reaches out to you through your willingness, it is because you have that sincerity to use this.


I cannot over express this word sincerity, and you will grasp this, all of you, on a more complete level when you move to the mansions.


There are physical mechanisms, traits, which create a blockage to your sincere levels of reaching. One is your fear to be exposed or vulnerable to others, another is your simple animal drives which create secondary motives, but as you look beyond fear,--realize this emotion is the root of several; anger, hate, envy, jealousy,—and as you understand and transcend your animal mechanism and the sincerity reaches a level which is truly desirous of your Father's will, that is the point in which you become the vehicle for expressing the Divine love. Does this help?


Sh: Yes it does, thank you. How have you been?

* Aaron: I have been good. I take much time to offer to you all during my studies, for I am a student too. I see your growing on the level of hope and your growth of the passion for utilizing your new discoveries. If I see this sincerity in my class, then there is no choice but to be excited and joyful in my endeavors.


Generally I am feeling balanced, which is a good thing.

A: Aaron, because our sisters here have partners that aren't as supportive of the Urantia book and Teaching Mission as they could be, how could we, meaning myself and B., be helpful in this endeavor to them so that they would receive support from us in the difficulties they are encountering?


* Aaron: It is good that you are so willing to help your friends. I look with admiration on your attempts to bring understanding. Sometimes more than information and knowledge being given, one who is hurt might just be looking for your support and acceptance and love. Realize how you can be of service in both of these manners and understand that your sincerity is in the right spot.


S: I have a question. All through my life I've had a recurring dream that usually comes to me when I have a high fever. In it I'm reading a book with blank pages on it.


My first thought when I have this dream is how can I possibly read this book when there is no words. The pages are blank. A thought comes to me that says "Just try", and my eyes go to where the words should be and a word appears. Then my eyes move to the right and the next word appears and the word before it disappears, and so on.


Now that I am studying the Urantia book I quite often think of that recurring dream and wonder if that was a preparation of sorts for my learning, my studies of these revelations.

* Aaron: It is not acceptable for myself to define your dreams, although I would say that you have brought yourself to the conclusions which have led you to where you are at.


From an outward observance of what you have described, it seems two things are of note, realize not scripture, just observance. The first is that you had to see beyond your sight to find the appearance of your understanding on the page, and second is that you had to manifest in your knowledge that there was the capability within yourself to understand. So simply in observance you had to believe you could see when you couldn't see, and by doing so you understood that there is a leading telling you that you could see.


S: Thank you.


Sh: Aaron, can you see us?


* Aaron: I do not see your nose per say, but I can see your energy.


A: Aaron what is the purpose we have been given in this opportunity to have this ongoing mission of teachers coming to us, as opposed to others who don't have this knowledge at all? Are we expected to do something with this in the three dimensional world?


* Aaron: Your expectations are always looking for the manifestation of a specifically defined outreach. This can occur for you as individuals, or as a group, or a combination of both. You all have such wondrous dreams and aspirations within you.


To understand . what you would want to do, it might be a good exercise to sit down and using a writing utensil, manifest your inner dreams and describe what you would like to see come about.


If you compare these with each other it may be a step in seeing where you can combine your goals to make use of each other's potential.


I can see ahead only the shape that is forming of this outreach, and this will manifest on the individual, the group, and the mission levels. You can include yourself to whichever level will come about if you are willing.


This (national) gathering can be important for connections and understanding. I would encourage you all to try to foresee the ways to be capable of attending no matter the location, and it may not be very far. Has this answered you?


A: Thank you very much Aaron.


Sh: Aaron I'd very much like to be involved in A's project and I'm not sure what or how I can help, or what my part is. Do you have a direction that can help me find my way?


Aaron: You know the way. It's right in front of you and you step the path every day. You only need trust that you are special in your Father's eyes as you would desire to do His will and you can discuss this amongst yourselves.


I still encourage you to write down your goals and aspirations and share this. This is, I guess, what can be construed as an assignment for this week. Take the time to write down your ideas no matter how simple to how complex, from feeding a homeless person to saving a life. Understand it does not need be a completely attainable goal that you would communicate. It is just your perspective on what you would like to accomplish. Can you do this?


Sh: Yes I can.


S: Yes.


A: Yes I will.


Sh: Aaron can you fly?


* Aaron: I have not yet earned my wings. No I cannot. I still utilize seraphic transport. But they fly fast. (Laughs)


B: That felt good. Sometimes you get a little feeling. He felt like he was humorous.


Sh: I'd like to say hello to Miriam and thank her for speaking to me, although I hardly remember anything we say, I am trying to listen.


* Aaron: She is here and... well, she's pushing me aside.


Miriam: Hello friend. I see you are growing in understanding. Feel that you can deliver and my only want for you is to expand. Would you try now?


Sh: I'll try. (Pause) You're going to have to speak loud Miriam. (Laughs)


* Miriam: You are trying so very hard to accomplish what many
may think of as craziness. You are so willing and yet sometimes not willing to share all the good stuff. You just keep trying. Don't be afraid.


B: Miriam, I was wondering about your name and Aaron's name, and in studying the bible I realized that Miriam was the name of Jesus' sister, but I also found out that Miriam was the name of Aaron's and Moses’ sister. I was wondering if the reason your names are designated as such is because you are brother and sister in this effort, or if you were actually brother and sisters as mortals too. No pressure upon you Sh.


Sh: Thanks a lot, it was a long enough question.


* Miriam: We are all brothers and sisters on different realms. The names give us identity for the work we are doing, but we are not bible people.


Sh.'s nervous. She wanted this, but was afraid.


B: I enjoy your presence here.


* Miriam: We enjoy you and truly want to help in any way that we can. We answer many questions when you least expect it.


Sh. was wondering if we were there to help her with her flat tire. We would say yes. It was the jack. (Laughs)


S. has been answered many times and when she clears her mind and accepts these words, they will be clearer to her. She is loved by many and is heard by many. A. is a true friend as well as B., and will be there when you need them.


Would there be any other questions? . ..Okay.


Sh: Miriam thank you. That was pretty good. You made me shake, but that's okay.


* The Father is with you. Talk to Him always. We just help out. Thank you. Drive safe.