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Michael - The Wayfaring Son - Mar 26, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, Michael just came through with this beautiful illustration. A Wayfarer is a person that goes on a long journey, especially a journey traveled by foot.  In this life we are all like wayfarer sons and daughters.  We take this journey not knowing where we will end up.  But Michael informs us that we have more power than we realize.]

Christ Michael
The Wayfaring Son

My dear child it is a pleasure that I can speak with you on a regular basis.  You know that our connection is never severed.  We are always together.    You are unable to visualize spirit yet.  As a result you are in the darkness, so to speak.  As you progress inwards towards the Father your spiritual vision shall be enhanced.  Your spiritual vision shall be upgraded.

I would like to speak with you tonight about the wayfaring son.  It seems that once there was a wayfaring son.  This wayfaring son wanted to choose his own way in this life.  He was tired of all the restrictions that constantly tied him down and prevented him from moving forward.  Every day that he looked out of his window he saw mountains in the distance.  How he longed to be there.  How he longed for something better.  How he longed for the freedom to journey to those mountains.  He envisioned how he would get there and what he would do once he arrived.  He wanted so badly to be there and to experience the joys that would be commensurate with such a journey.

One day the time came for that journey to embark, but he was sidetracked.  He was sidetracked by his own failures and by his own misfortunes.  He felt that he was a failure and that he would always be a failure.  He felt that he would never amount to anything in this life.   He was miserable because he wanted so much to be in a world of beauty such that he saw out of his window each day.  He felt that all was useless and meaningless.  Why bother, he thought?  There was no use in trying to get ahead.  There was no use in trying to advance.  He might as well give up.

One day while looking out of his window as was his custom he saw a little boy waving to him from across the street.  He seemed so joyful and so happy.  He was being pushed by his mother in a wheelchair.  He was born with cerebral palsy.  His muscles were gnarled and he had limited use of his body, but his spirit and mind were sharp.  The little boy seemed to invite this wayfaring son to come outside.  At first the wayfaring son was tentative and fearful.  But seeing the joy that the little boy was displaying moved him to venture out to the street.

When the wayfaring son arrived outside he made his way to the little boy in the wheelchair.  He said good morning to the little boy and to the little boy’s mother.  The wayfaring son asked a question.  "I hope that you don’t mind me asking your little one a question?"  The mother had no problem with that.  “How come you are so energetic and so filled with joy”, he asked the boy?   “Sir”, he said, “every morning that I awake my mother dresses me and brings me outside for a walk in my wheelchair. “  “When I am outside I can connect with all those that are around me.”   “Do you see those mountains in the distance,” the boy asked?  “Yes,” the wayfaring son replied.  “You think that you can never attain those mountains.”  You think that you can never journey there.”  “I say bring the mountain to you.”  “Open your mind and let the mountains travel to your door.”  “When you open your mind anything is possible.” “ You think that these useless legs and arms of my mine limits me and that I cannot attain joy unless I have the use of my limbs.  “I tell you that the power resides in your mind.”  “Inside your mind is where you can put all of these conflicts to rest.”  “Joy will never be attained through the acquiring of the external world, but only through the acquiring of the internal world.”  “For there in the internal world is where you will find the mountain that you seek.”

The wayfaring son  looked at the little boy and said:  “You are wiser than your years.”  “Thank you child.”
The little boy looked into the face of the wayfaring son and told him,  “I love you.”  He extended his deformed hand and offered it in a handshake.  The wayfaring son accepted the boy’s handshake and thanked the mother for raising such a precious child.  

That night when the wayfaring son looked out of his window he saw the full moon appear before him.  Its light was stronger than usual this night.  It seemed as if the wayfaring son could reach out and touch it.  Its light entered his heart and a change was effected.  When the light arrived the wayfaring son saw things in a totally different light.  He went to sleep and slept like a little child.

When the wayfaring son awoke he looked out of the window of his home and he saw the mountains in the distance.  For the first time he recognized that the real mountains that got in his way were the mountains of his own creation.  He vowed that on this day he would look at things from a vastly different perspective.  From here on in he would bring the mountains to him.  The mountains that he longed for would be the mountains that developed in his own heart because that was the place of their origin.

My dear children every day that you arise you look out of the windows of your hearts and what do you see?  You see mountains in the distance blocking your path.  You feel that you cannot ever reach that distant plateau.  You feel that there are too many mountains of your own in the way.  But I tell you this my dear children, these are illusions of your own making.  For the mountains that you seek can be yours if you simply open your minds.  Your minds are more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Doesn’t that make sense my children?  You are receiving a mind, so to speak, that existed long before you received your present mind configurations.  This mind is deep, infinitely deep.  Is there anything that can block the operations of this infinite mind?  I tell you that nothing can block the workings of this infinite mind.  My children, my children, you have total and complete access to this infinite mind every day of your lives.  Is there anything that could be impossible to such a mind?

Together, you and your Father fragment are working.  You work in tandem.  He experiences this life that you are living.  He becomes you and you become Him.  Why not take advantage of such a partnership?  Why would the Eternal One send you such a gift if He did not want you to use it?  My children, my children, use this precious gift.  This precious gift is the gift of eternity.  This precious gift is the gift of infinity.  This mind is a mind of the infinite.  Will you access it?  Will you use it?

Those mountainous problems that are afflicting you will melt away like the winter snow on a summer’s day.  Like that little boy you will learn to find joy in any circumstance.  Let your spirits soar.  Let your joy be infectious.  Let your love be legendary.  For this I tell you my children, this is what you are creating every day.  With that infinite mind you are creating a unique mind, a unique partnership.  For what if that little boy is none other than the Eternal One in the guise of disability?  What if this is the way that the Father chooses to teach you?  For what you think is that these persons are helpless.  But I tell you that true freedom comes from the mind.  Will you discover this freedom my children?  Will you remove those mountains that block your path?  Will you bring the mountains in the distance right to your doorstep?  I say this to you my children.  You have that power.  For living in your mind, your heart and your soul is the infinite mind of the One, of the One that exists at the center of all things.  Will you open your hearts and except the help of that One?  Will you remove those mountains together?  Will you bring those mountains of beauty into the depths of your heart, your mind and your soul?  It is all up to you my children.  I leave you as always with my love and my peace.