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Michael - Love Is Like the First Snow of Winter - Mar 03, 2011 - Paul Conklin
Teacher: Christ Michael
Subject: Love Is Like the First Snow of Winter
T/R: Paul Conklin
March 03, 2011

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends,  Michael just came through with a beautiful message about love, comparing that to the first winter's snow.  We live in such an exciting time when all things are new.  I am thankful and grateful that we are here to witness these things.

Christ Michael
Love Is Like the First Snow of Winter

My dear child this is your father Michael.   As the Creator Son of Nebadon  I have many responsibilities as you can imagine.  But there is never anything more important to me than my children struggling, trying to move forward.  What is it that you are trying to perform my children?  What is it that you can bring to your world?  What is it that you can bring to your Father?

I envisioned this day.  I envisioned a time when a new paradigm would be introduced by my children living in a unique time.  Will you come on this adventure with me my children?  Will you bring Urantia to its next chapter in a continuing saga?  For this is what I tell you my children.  You can transform this world.  You can inspire your brethren just as you have been inspired.

When you discovered, for the first time, that living in your mind was a fragment of the Eternal Father, how did you feel?  If you were one whose life was filled with so many struggles and so much darkness it was like being born again.  It was like you could see for the first time.  It was like you now had a unique perspective on life.  It was like you were on the shores of a new world and you watched as the sun arose for the first time.  What were your emotions as you witnessed this spectacle.  Were you able to speak?  Were you able to move?  You simply stood your ground speechless.  For there was nothing, no expressions adequate enough to express how you felt.

The Spirit of Truth now moves within all of you.  This Spirit of Truth is moving you to consider a new approach, a new way of looking at things.  The Spirit of Truth is helping you to adapt your world view to the time and the place that you now find yourselves living in.  But what is the Spirit of Truth moving you to do my children?  The Spirit of Truth is moving you to show the world a new way, a new way of loving.  Gone are all the old ways.  The new way of loving is now upon all of you.  Will you lead the way?  Will you put aside all of your beliefs and prejudices and simply love as the Father loves?

I know that what I am asking you may seem to be a daunting task.  There are so many on this world that make it very difficult to love.  But have you ever considered this my children?  Have you ever considered that these persons were never shown how to love?  Perhaps they were never shown the way to express the love that exists inside each one of us.

By way of illustration I use a freshly falling winter snow.  When the first snow of the season hits you are filled with excitement.  You watch as the flakes fall at a prodigious rate.  Everything is so refreshingly silent.  Everything seems so new.  It is like all the dirt and debris that have littered the ground have disappeared as the first snow of the season continues to fall.  You listen as the world has grown so silent.  It is like you are hearing the world for the first time.

Love is like a winter’s snow.  The first snow of winter.  For so long there has been a dearth of moisture whether frozen or liquid.  All of the children have longed for this first snow.  Now it is here.  The children run outside to play in the snow.  They go sledding on their favorite hill.  Some will build a snowman.  Some will eagerly take on the chore of shoveling the snow from the sidewalk so as to save the backs of their parents.  Some of these children fall in the snow and flap their arms back and forth in the snow to create the season’s first snow angel.

My dear children, the winter’s first snow is a pertinent metaphor for the new season’s love that is now falling upon all of you.  You go outside and you let the snow fall upon your tongue.  You are new again.  You are a child again.  You remember what it felt like that first time, when as a child, you witnessed the first snow of the season.  You had forgotten about that excitement.  You had forgotten about that joy.  Adult worries and responsibilities pushed all of these important memories out of the way.

Do you feel the Spirit of Truth moving within you like the first snow of a new season.  Are you catching all the snowflakes upon your tongue as you run and laugh with glee?  It is now time to share this joy with all of your brethren.  Shouldn’t they be able to play in the first snow of the new season?  For your love is like the first snow of the season that falls upon all of your fellows.  Your love is like a refreshing tonic that rejuvenates all of your fellows.

My dear children I watch as you play in the snow.  I watch as you build your snow forts.  I watch as you let the first winter snows that you carry deep within your hearts fall to the ground.  Let the Spirit of Truth move within you to release the storehouses of snow that you have saved for this day.  Now that you have learned to love don’t hold back.  Show the way my children.  For love is joy and playfulness.  Love is sweetness.  Love is dear.  Love looks for others to connect with.

Be the freshly falling snow that all of your fellows witness for the first time.  Let them watch as your flakes fall gently to the earth.  Let them run and skip and jump.  Let them watch in silence as the first snow of winter falls.  Let them remember a time when they used to be children so filled with life and excitement.  Let your love be like the first winter snows that falls tenderly moving through your brethren.

You can do this my children.  You can transform this world.  I am so confident in all of you.  Of what benefit would it be if the celestial armies were to come here in person to show you the way?  You are the ones that make a difference.  You are the ones that will show all of your brethren a new way.  You will show them the way of love.  Love without hypocrisy.  Love that is pure.  Love that is like the first snow so pure and so white.

Let the Spirit of Truth continue to move within all of you.  Let it speak to your hearts as you release the love that has been stored for this day.  Go forth and make it so.  Be in my peace children.  I am with you always.