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Michael - In These Uncertain Times - Mar 02, 2011 - Paul Conklin
Teacher: Christ Michael
Subject: In These Uncertain Times
T/R: Paul Conklin
March 02, 2011

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, I got an urge to take another message from Michael.  He wants us to tap into the eternal optimism of our Eternal Father and His Father fragments.  This was very encouraging and lighthearted.  I hope that you will feel more optimistic after reading this.]

In These Uncertain Times

My dear child it is a pleasure to speak with you again.  You know that I never really ‘go’ anywhere.  I am always her with you and with all of my children.  Tonight I would like to address these uncertain times.  So many of my children are suffering through one crisis after another.  This is to be expected since the energies of freedom are now coming into Urantia at an accelerated pace.  Initially these energies do cause some upset, some consternation, some chaos.  That is how it is when you are witnessing the birth of a new paradigm.  The old paradigm wants to hold on as long as possible.

But even though that old paradigm wants to keep its grip on power, so to speak,  it will soon slip away.  The light of the Eternal One continues to be shone upon your world at a prodigious rate.  You are the ones that can take these new energies and share them with your brethren.  You are the ones that can strengthen your brethren when all appears lost.  On this world there is a tendency to view things through a very dark lens.  Become optimistic my children.  Spread this optimism throughout the world.   Things are never as bad as they seem.

Can you imagine the Eternal One giving way to pessimism?  That word is not even a part of his vocabulary, if you will.  How do you think that you would feel if you had the infinite perspective and the infinite perspective was one of endless cheer and optimism?  Each day that you arise would be another day when you could spread this optimism to any that would listen.  Our Eternal Father never gives way to any of the negative emotions that mankind are subject to.   You would not be subject to these emotions if you had the perspective of the Eternal One.

Of course, my children, there are real biological and genetic components that you all have to deal with.  For thousands of years these components have caused you much chagrin and much turmoil.  These components will not disappear overnight.  But as you continue to work on these things the effects will be blunted over time.  Can you imagine waking up every morning and wanting to jump out of the bed with great enthusiasm?  For too many today this is far from their ordinary routine.  Each day is just like the other.  People become trapped in a maze of work and rest, work and rest.  What is needed is to prioritize all of your needs.

This world puts so much pressure on you to succeed at all costs.  But at what cost are you succeeding,  if that cost is sleepless nights, wrecked health and a litany of broken dreams?  You are all finding that what truly makes you a success is becoming one with the Eternal One.  You cannot become one with that One if you are so worried about all things physical that all things spiritual are put on the back burner, so to speak.  I do not say this by way of criticism my children.  No. I am concerned with your overall health and wellbeing.  I know what you all truly need to succeed in this life.  Why beat yourselves up with so much unnecessary pain and trauma?

What you all need is to know that you are loved beyond measure.  You are loved beyond compare.  If you were all to witness tomorrow mountains themselves falling into the sea, what would you do?  Would you run away in panic and terror?  Would you think that your world was ending and that there was no hope?  Always remember children that everything on this world has no permanent effects on you.  You can and will overcome any effects from the traumas of this world.

In these uncertain times please always call upon your celestial army.  Your celestial army is at the ready to answer you.  They are the ones that have the answers.  They are the ones that have the concern.  They are the ones that have the love.  They want to help their little brothers and sisters to succeed.  They want to see you rise above all of the temporal happenings of this world.  They want you to know that there is no reason to lose your head and to think that your world is ending when things around you are turning dark and chaotic.

Isn’t it about your perspective children?  If you look at things as if through a rose colored lens then when the storms come you will not be affected.  These are just the things that you must experience on a developing evolutionary world.  These things that you are experiencing will transform you into the types of persons that reflect the Eternal One’s indefatigable rosiness and optimism.  You see, my children, tap into that never ending fountain of eternal optimism.  You have that at your fingertips my children.  You are working in concert with the divine.  The divine wants to share with you all of its joy and happiness and peace and hopefulness.

You think that you have to go outside of yourselves to achieve these things my children.  But living inside of your minds is this piece of the Eternal One.  If you would just look up for a moment you would find this piece of the Eternal One awaiting you.  This One awaits your choices and your will.  This One will not usurp your will, but when you find that acquiescing your will to its will is the best way you will do that.  Remember that this One has all the knowledge and wisdom from the eternal past to share with you.  Why do you stumble over yourselves and your decisions so often when you can make decisions with the help of a fragment of the Eternal One?

That impossible to solve problem that you are experiencing,  not so impossible with your Father fragment.  There is never a problem too thorny or too vexing that the Father fragment cannot help you to overcome.  If you would just reach out your hand and say to that One, ‘I trust you Father, show me the way,’ then your problems would melt away like the snow would melt away on a warm summers day.  Trust Him my children.  He is the eternal optimist.  He is the eternal protagonist.  He is quite willing, ready and able to lead you to supernal heights if you would just trust Him.

In these uncertain times you are upheld by a fragment of the Father that is not subject to the vagaries of time and space.  This One can help you to ascend to a place above all of your troubles where the Eternal One dwells.  Wouldn’t you agree that laughter is the best medicine?  When you feel yourself succumbing to pessimism have a good laugh.  Things are never as bad as you make them out to be.  If you take the hand of your Father you will be infected with the ‘sickness’ of mirthfulness.  Oh, I wish that I could be infected by that ‘sickness,’ you may say.  But it is all reflected in our attitudes and how we look at things.

So my children your divine parents are ever here awaiting your calls.  We have the experience and the love that can help you to deal with these uncertain times.  You also have the never ending help of your Thought Adjusters.  Learn to laugh at yourselves.  Learn to laugh at your troubles.  Have a good belly laugh with your divine friend that dwells in your mind.  He is your truest and best friend.  He is ever at your beck and call.  He has those special glasses that he keeps for you whenever you need them.  He takes out those rose colored glasses and he gently places them on your face.  Now you see the world as He sees the world.  In these uncertain times wear those glasses so that you can see things the way that the Eternal One sees things.  You can do it my children.  I am confident in you.  Laugh and the whole world will laugh with you.  I bid you eternal optimism and be in my peace.