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Michael - Come on Up Here! - Feb 28, 2011 - Paul Conklin
Teacher: Christ Michael
Subject: You on the Front Lines, so to speak, Come on Up Here
T/R: Paul Conklin
February 28, 2011

[Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, I received this message from Michael a few days ago.  His words are very encouraging and loving.  We can transform the world through our own love and the love of the Father.]

Come on Up Here!

My dear child this is your father Michael.  I am well pleased with all of your efforts and how you try to demonstrate the love that resides in your heart to all of your brethren.  That is what all of us ‘on the other side’ are trying to help you to build upon your world.  We all know the power of love and its beneficent effects on all and especially on mankind.  You have all experienced so many woes for so many years, but these woes can be minimized if you simply learn to love one another.  I don’t want you to think that I am not pleased with the efforts of all of you.  I am deeply pleased and greatly proud.  You are my children beginning to awaken to your place in the universe.

This is a time of great celebration.  Your comrades on the system capital are rejoicing greatly now.  Their efforts to awaken human hearts are beginning to pay off.  They are down on their knees crying out with gladness and thanking the Father of us all.  For your tiny planet is a demonstration that even on a world beset with so much turmoil, so much hatred and so much bloodshed that even on your world love will gain victory over hate.  It is a demonstration to the world that the Father’s way is always the best way.  It may not always be the easiest way, but the results are astounding and the effects stultifying.

I say to all of you on the front lines, so to speak, come on up here.  Get an upgrading.  Receive the first upgrades of the morontial mind.  Get a taste of what it will be like when you translate to the mansion worlds.  To all those that have given they will receive more, much more.  For those of you that have given will receive more so that you may give more to your brethren.   When you do receive give it out liberally.  Give it out freely.  Let us work together to make this planet, the planet of my final bestowal, a planet that will ever shine forth the goodness of the Father.  A planet that will have proved that love always wins over hate and will have eradicated the effects of rebellion.

Even now this planet is aflame with the love of the Father.  So many are in confusion.  So many are in chaos.  They have never felt energies like this before.  You have the answers for them my children.  You know why these things are taking place.  You know that my brother Monjoronson is here to lift your planet to a planet that shows mercy towards all.  As I was known as the prince of peace, he shall be known as the prince of forgiveness.  For it will take long lasting forgiveness to let your centuries long history of warfare, violence and criminality to fade from the collective human consciousness.  You will not be able to move  forward unless you all learn to forgive one another.  I know that this is hard for you my children, but the Father of us all would never ask you to do something that would bring you any harm.  To forgive actually relieves you of any and all toxins that build up over time when you cannot or refuse to forgive another.

Come on up here where the air is fresh and new.  Come on up here where you can receive a fresh start.  Rise up into the sky and receive an upgrade that will assist your brethren.  It is your love, your selflessness, that has brought you to this point.  Rise up, rise up into the sky and soar with the angels.  Soar with the angels my children.  Receive my love and my peace.  Continue on this path, do not look back.  Look ahead.  Look ahead to a world that will ever shine the love of the Father to all of its citizens.  My dear children, go in peace and in the love of our Father.