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Healing - Many Paths To the Top - Lords Prayer - Sep 18, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Many Paths To The Top.
From the Desk of George Barnard – September 18, 2009.
It is the function of the time-space universes to provide the means for evolutionary creatures to ascend and become God-like, as well as for myriad created beings to assist their evolutionary siblings in their climb, and to thereby earn their ascension.  There surely are as many paths up that ‘mountain to Paradise’ as there are pilgrims that are, ever were, or will be scaling those slopes.
Many years ago, a friend was recording a message from Machiventa Melchizedek in my home, when the Planetary Prince suddenly turned to me, and asked what I was seeing with my eyes closed.  I answered, “A mountain.”  Machiventa replied, “That is precisely what we want you to see.”  It was being made clear to me that all creatures have an end goal – the pinnacle of that mountain – but they are from many nations, many races, languages, colors and creeds.  The 11:11 Progress Group yet to be launched was not in any way to limit whom it would accept as members, or whom it would teach.  Above all, 11:11 Progress was not to suggest that there were limitations to how one would “make it to the summit of that mountain.”
For one subscriber to the lists, who survived an almost devastating, unfair end to a professional career in 2008, something new turned out to be the answer to that journey into spirituality – reading, meditation and visualization.  She writes:
Just a note to you . . . I think a miracle is happening in my spirit.  I have been praying the prayers inspired by Lytske’s The Guiding Light Within book for many weeks.  I’ve also been ‘cold-turkey’ off my anti-depressant, Effexor, for about 3 weeks now.  A healing miracle seems to be taking place within my soul.  I no longer wake up in the mornings lethargic, in fear and dread of the day, depressed.  I wake up ‘aware.’  I reach for my Lytske ‘Guiding Light book’ and rest in silence and meditation on the teaching for the day.  I can hardly believe how different I feel.  I sense a celestial assignment on the way soon.  Thank you for encouraging me to reach for contact with heaven.  I am feeling stronger for working with the Akashic Construct.  I am so thankful.
Here is a prayer that ‘flowed through my heart’ after the messages on pages 134 and 135 of The Guiding Light Within.

To my Father who is in heaven; May your kingdom come within me.
May your will be done with me as it is in heaven.
Lift me to higher spiritual ground;
Give me spiritual understanding;
Feed me well for spiritual growth;
Awaken me to the highest spiritual life possible.
Give me this day the highest good and greatest wellbeing
for myself and for all others,
for the highest good of all the world, that the world may be healed,
that all governments may truly govern
for the highest good of all peoples;
that all courts of law may render true justice in wisdom,
that honesty may prevail among the nations,
that the downtrodden and disenfranchised
may be uplifted to high levels of life.
Teach me my true purpose in life.
Teach me to pray with others for the welfare of this precious world,
Love, Peace, Joy,
© 11:11 Progress Group.