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Machiventa - We Are in Full Swing of Correcting Time - Feb 27, 2011 - North Idaho
No. Idaho Team
Teacher: Machiventa
T/R: Henry Zeringue
February 27, 2011

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, Machiventa here  to acknowledge that we are in the full swing of the correcting time.  Begin to notice how accountability issues are being brought to the  surface of speech and protests all over your world, in the corporate  room, in the dirty street, accountability becoming the name of the  game today. We acknowledge the efforts that this circle of friends  puts forth in a consciousness of peace. There is a desire within  hearts all over the world for peace, for people to have enough food  to eat, to be able to raise their families in a safe and secure home  environment, to have jobs, schools, to be able to practice their  beliefs in peace.

There is also a shifting of emphasis and an eradication of the  boundaries which separates the industrial nations from the third  world nations, that more and more, everyone wants to be in similar  situations as everyone else. So a lot of the economic barriers are  being tampered with and it is quite possible that one day, this  world may enjoy a global financial stability between a world  currency, a world market, world production, that profits may one day  sustain the world rather than individuals. This is the eventual goal  of peace. Right now, much aggression is being mounted against and  supporting that which does not want to change but you are beginning  to see that the intention and the will to change is stronger. This  is what we have desired to show you all along, that the intention  and the will to change engenders change itself. It supports change.

The consciousness of peace is within the mind of Urantia and the  efforts to engage in peace are slow but certain and deliberate. You  still live in a time where peace must be maintained through the  efforts of force, but there will be a time where this too shall  pass. You truly have been brought forth in consciousness into a time  of great flux, great change, and it is important in times of great  flux to be steadfast in the desires which you hold sacred within  your hearts and minds. It is like the magma under the earths  surface, when it begins to cool the seed crystals begin to take  shape. Hold steadfast to these seed crystals. Your thoughts of light  and peace are like these seed crystals into a world of flux. As it  begins to cool, these seed crystals begin to take shape.

It is a great thing to have nations and the movements of people and  masses in flux, agitated, concerned, willing to put their belief on  their line of life. This is a time of tremendous activity for spirit  also, for once things begin to move, spirit can the better direct  the movement and when things cool they may not crystalize to  perfection but the subtle changes begin to affect the way that the  whole mass operates and does business. This my friends, is  desirable. So gather strength within yourself for what you firmly  feel and believe. As one of your beatitudes which the Master left on  the planet says: "Blessed are the peacemakers, that they shall  inherit the earth."

Thank you.