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Monjoronson - Mercy Is at Its Best When Circumstances Would Call for The Harshest Justice - Feb 14, 2011 -, Paul Conklin
Teacher: Monjoronson
Subject: Mercy
T/R: Paul Conklin
February 14, 2011

[Transmitter: My beloved brother Monjoronson wanted me to share this message with all of you.  It is very hard to show mercy towards those that are abusing us in some way.  Especially does that apply to those that rule over us and take advantage of us.  This is what Monjoronson related to me.]

Monjoronson:  My dear child, this is Monjoronson,

I am pleased with your progress so far.  You are coming along nicely.  I am happy to see how you are developing.  Please do not doubt your abilities my friend.  I know at first this task will seem daunting.  But after some time you will no longer doubt.  You will trust the process.

I know that you are worried about how you can show love and mercy towards those persons that have caused so much angst and so much violence on your world.  The Father of us all would like you to learn that His mercy is extended towards all.  He does not play favorites.   Mercy would not have any effect my friend if it could not be shown in the most severest of circumstances.  Mercy is at its best when circumstances would call for the harshest justice.  But if that were the case mercy would truly not exist.

Don’t you think that this world can be the demonstration for the most mercy that our Father has to give?  Our Father’s mercy has been shown countless times on all the worlds that are developing in all of the seven super universes.  But in places where rebellion has raised its ugly head is the place where the Father of us all is delighted to give out the mercy that resides within Him.  So I say to you my young brother, how can you learn to be merciful if you cannot give out mercy to those that need to have it most of all?

These ones that you are angry at are deserving of the most mercy of all.  It is pitiful that these ones are doing what they are doing.  They do not know the joy of having a relationship with their Thought Adjusters or with the First Source and Center.  For most of these persons this is the only life they have known.  And for those that should know better should they not have mercy extended towards them?  Did not Lucifer and all of his compatriots have mercy extended to them on countless occasions?   They knew full well that what they were doing was wrong, but they continued in their course of evil.  Yet, even these ones were accorded mercy.  My beloved brother, don’t you see, if the instigators of the rebellion were accorded mercy, shouldn’t their underlings be accorded mercy?

Don’t you want to see your brethren saved?  I am sure that you do.  It is easy to show mercy towards those that you are not too invested in.  But if it is something personal it is very hard to be merciful.  Whether these ones be close acquaintances or family members that have hurt you it is difficult to show mercy towards them.  You feel the same way towards the elitists of this world because you feel that they should know better.  Look at them as an erring member of the family.  When one member of the family errs we all suffer.  But we all suffer for a purpose.  The purpose is to gain our erring family member.

I told you before that when you feel anger welling up in your heart that you can call on me.  Call on me at any time day or night and I will be there.  I will be there to fill your heart with mercy and love and tenderness.  This is what the Father expects of you.  This is what He is building up within you.  This initial experience will go a long way as you proceed inwards towards the Father.  You are receiving experience that not too many of your brethren receive.  Not too many of your brethren grow up on spheres steeped in rebellion.  This experience will cause you to be much more compassionate, loving and merciful.  This is what is to be expected of little children.  Little children will often test you.   They will try your patience.  But nonetheless, you still love your children very much.  You never fail to forgive them and show them mercy for their shortcomings.

My beloved brother and friend, continue to look upon the rulers and elitists of this world as erring children.  If you look upon them as erring children it will be easier to show them mercy.  What if they were your own children?  Would there be any question that you would forgive them and show them mercy?  You know the answer to that one my friend.

Please share this message with all of your brethren.  Because all of you can benefit by looking at this world of yours as containing erring children that have strayed from the side of their Father.  Does not the Father look for His children high and low when they are lost?  Would He just throw His hands up and say so what?  No, He would go on a long and arduous search for His children.  When he found them He would react with such unparalleled joy.

 My dear friend, do your best to view your brethren as the Eternal One views them.  If you do that it will be easier to show mercy towards them.  Go in peace my brother and show mercy freely as you go about your day.  I love you my son.