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Monjoronson - The Need for Mercy on Urantia Is Great - Jan 09, 2011 - CCC
Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
Topics: Building the Mercy Circuit
Transmitter:  Donna D’Ingillo
January 9, 2011

PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come together today to receive the presence of our Magisterial Son to become more closely intertwined energetically with him and the mercy circuit he is establishing here on Urantia. We thank you for opening our hearts, opening our minds, expanding us in your presence so that we may serve as a unified field of energy to be used in service to him. We thank you for bringing us together and helping us achieve these goals of bringing more MERCY to the planet.

MONJORONSON: Greetings my brethren. This is Monjoronson and I am pleased to be with you once again. You can see from your worldly affairs how much MERCY is required for there to be a significant change of heart in the minds and lives of Urantians. Let us now focus on the situation that was described in Arizona for all the involved victims and perpetrators. Send your love. Send your forgiveness. Send your MERCY, and we will bring much spiritual pressure and energy to bear into this situation. (Pause)

The taking of another person’s life strikes at the heart of the turbulence in what your planetary culture is facing. Emotional disturbances that create such turbulence in the mind of an individual lead them to form many drastic acts of frustration, anger, depair and fear.  The social fabric of your planet is one that is now slipping in many peoples’ minds. There will be many more who will become susceptible to these disturbances and become emotionally destabilized. Focus on this situation.  Envision a ball of light and bring the word MERCY into it that we may focus it on the other places where people are destabilized emotionally. The need for MERCY is indeed great, yet it is a quality of divine love and understanding that has been in short supply for many, many generations.

I hold your world in the palm of my hand, you might say. It is in my hand, radiating the energy of MERCY into the planetary consciousness. Desire this, my brethren, to be a dominant operating force in the Urantian heart. (Pause)

What you may not realize yet, my beloved brethren, is that you are all becoming imbued with this quality of MERCY to carry around with you as you go about your day. Most people are still unaware of the presence of spirit within them--how lively it can become, how vibrant and dynamic. When they stand before you and you radiate your love and MERCY into them, it helps them to lay down their armor around their hearts.

So we take these experiences and times with you to help you become more enlivened with these energies. If you take time to grow, we can train you, not only in mind but in body, to wield these as much as possible to you interact with your brethren.

Let us now shift focus to the entire planet. Let your combined heart energy sear right into the core of the earth. I will reach in and place my hands on this core and add my MERCY to it. (Pause)

In time, and the time is approaching, these pockets of MERCY that are now being established on the planet will produce their fruits, physical fruits you will greatly enjoy witnessing. It is vital that you continue to send our merciful thoughts into these energy configurations each day that they may continue to stay active and grow. Remember, it is your will that brings change to Urantia. Collective will is the vital force for change. So always take time to come to this MERCY circuit and add your wishes for it to grow. We will do our part to seed it where it can do the most good.

Continue to focus on this word in the center of the earth. The seeds are being sown in various places for people to receive and begin to have an impact on their hearts.  (Pause)

I invite you to call upon me during your day to not only imprint more of my energy signature into your being--to help you contain these merciful energies around you, to mitigate the damage that your external world will, from time to time, expose you to. There are so many energies that curb your spiritual equilibrium and physical vitality that these qualities of MERCY can help raise your vibrational rate so that you become, more or less, immune to them. Make it a desire of your heart to be filled with divine MERCY just as you desire divine love and peace. MERCY is an energy of salvation and greatly changes the planet when it is the predominating thought directive in human consciousness.

Now let us take a few moments to worship the Father in Paradise. Raise your thoughts to him. Thank him for the MERCY that he extends to his faflung creation. (Pause)

The ages of Urantians’ history past is slowly creating a new living reality: the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Know that each one of you plays a vital role in the unfolding of the divine plan. As you lift your hearts in praise of the Father, know that it is His action in you that will be made manifest here on earth. While you cannot always know what that will be, it is more for you to experience. We enjoy watching you open to these experiences more fully each and every day. The baby steps you take may seem insignificant to you, but we see the impact. Never discount the efforts you make each day, even though they may be small in your estimation. Rejoice in the Father’s goodness, as this is the Spirit ministering in you and expressing itself through you.

I will leave you now, and I thank you for continuing to keep your thoughts focused on MERCY as you go about your day.  Please come to me and ask for more of my presence to fill you as you do for that of Michael, Nebadonia and your Adjusters. We are all in this together now. Urantia is moving ahead to Light and Life.  We thank you, my dear brothers and sisters, for your continued efforts for our planet and for your brethren. I leave you in the Father’s love. Good afternoon.