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Divine Self; Unknown; Beloved One - 2010 - Helen Whitworth Progress Group, AU 
[Three Transcripts]

Northhamptonshire, UK, June 21, 2010.
Divine Self through Green Tara.
Subject: “Master of your own Mystery.”
Received by Helen Whitworth.
Divine Self: “Whenever it feels like the energy is coming down, then allow it to do so, and allow the energies to flow from your cranium down the spine and out the bottom of your body.  It will not be easy for you to trust again that the information you are receiving is coming from the Divine, rather than your own conscious being, but trust indeed, for this is the best way of rebuilding your trust and faith in the Divine heritage that you share with all humanity.
“My message today is simple.  That all that you are, and all that you want to be, will be.  It is not your place to wonder how the flow will occur, and indeed that may halt your steps if you analyse the possibilities too far, but know that you are held tight and that the bud will blossom shortly.
“There are many forces afoot which require a grounding point into this world in order to ripple change throughout the world.  Some people are here volunteering to be those points of grounding.  For some they will ground and resonate without conscious knowledge, for others it is to assist in implanting ideas and possibilities into the super-consciousness of mankind -- forces that have started with the beginning of the universe and that are necessary at this time to assist in the further unfolding of the human spirit into its most beautiful manifestations.  Your path is one that may at times seem difficult, but that requires your rebuilt trust in order to bring through detailed information that will be useful.
“How this will manifest is your choice, though there are methods that will suit you better, and those you will find more difficult.  Over the next few weeks those choices will make themselves known to you.  For now, trust, create, allow and take solace where you can in communion with others, both of your world and of spirit.  Your friends on the other side have not left you but allowed you time to grow in the ways necessary, shedding some of the misconceptions you have held dear as part of your identity for so long.
“Now is time to stand up into your truth and fly.  To unfurl your wings and be all that you are in beauty, truth and grace.  Listen once more to the still small voice.  Feel the essence of yourself flowing in, for whilst I may act as a gatekeeper for you, you are the master of your own mystery.  Go in splendour. and find me often.  All are one, and you are only separate through your own creation of mind.
“Go now in peace and love, and let the essence of Tara fill your body and wash away all cares.  Welcome back.”

Northhamptonshire, UK, June 29, 2010.
Divine Self through Green Tara.
Subject: “The Beauty of it All.”
Received by Helen Whitworth.
Divine Self: “Any which way you turn, you will see wonders if your eyes but allow you to see.
“There are amazing sights in every moment of this world, in every space and in every time.
“The opening of your heart to another is one of these moments, and it should be embraced regardless of the possibilities of its outcome, without being encumbered by misgivings or thoughts of how the future will unfold.
“It is a moment that is special, and you should sit in each moment and embrace the beauty of it all alongside the beauty of yourself.
“When you are feeling buoyed by spirit then those are moments in which you can decide to make change, to make love to yourself and to the world around.  It is through this outpouring of love from beings into their surroundings that mass change can occur.
“Be still little mouse, and rest in me.”

Northamptonshire, UK, August 18, 2010.
Teacher: Divine Self.
Subject: “Embrace Creativity.” (a personal message).
Received by Helen Whitworth.
Divine Self: “Your function is about beauty.  You have the ability to encapsulate the soul into the works that you create through artistry, craftsmanship, musicianship or the written word.  There is something that speaks to others in what you create and that is your greatest gift bubbling up from the depths of your belly, or from the highest ideals of your mind.
“There is a joy in simplicity which allows the details to go unnoticed only to jump out at the time that the observer is ready, so yes, embrace the creativity within you.  Find that which makes you sing, quite literally, and express that into the world through your human voice, in whatever medium best serves.
“In this way you make apparent to others what they may not notice so naturally for themselves, as they have other gifts.
“To embroider the world with beauty, inspired by nature, the world and people around you is a noble task, and one you share with many, so give your spirit and imagination free rein, allow the joy of creation to flow through you for it is as co-creators that humankind can stand alongside the Gods and find freedom.
“It is the beauty of the dance, the exhilaration of the flow, the fight, the outpouring, the manifestation of abstract into concrete or concrete into abstract, showing the patterns, the interconnectedness of the elements of life surrounding you.  You are in the flow now, opened by music.
“I said to you before that there are many ways by which you can choose to inspire the world.
“You need not choose just one, but always choose that which is within your heart and attempt to form a balance too between the elements of your self, your body, mind and spirit,  for when all three come together then that is when you create magic and the greatest worth is made to the world.
“It is simple isn’t it now?  Yet always you assumed that the truth was so far away from you, yet you sit within it at all times, and often ignore the urgings of spirit to fly.  I am gone.  You are yourself.”