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Beloved One - A Lesson on Hunger - Feb 14, 2005 - Progress Group, AU

Urantia, February 14, 2005.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “A Lesson on Hunger.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “You may think that this is a strange subject to be discussed.  It is not, really, as all humans in common have hunger at one time or another.  Some humans on this planet always go hungry as wealth is very unequally distributed.  However, physical hunger is not the hunger I have in mind, although many people never seem to get enough, so they keep on eating until they are over-satiated.  The real hunger, which is far more insidious, is mental, emotional and spiritual hunger.  These are all different distinctions of hunger, and each need fulfilment for one to become a harmonious person.  For the purpose of our discussion, I would first touch on spiritual hunger, as this is the most neglected one, and from which humans suffer the most, as this hunger causes most of the maladies of body, mind and spirit.

“If one would be fed adequately by seeking daily communion with the God-Spark within, all other hungers and longings would be the sooner satisfied.  Spirituality – honest-to-goodness, sincere spirituality -- is the foundation of life as you are all born as beginning spiritual beings in a material body.  This body is given to you so you can develop, together with your indwelling Spark of God, into the being you are meant to become.  Each one is born with a divine blueprint, and you are also given the gift of free will, so you yourself can fill in the blanks, just like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  When you slowly become more aware, and you would like to know, and start asking questions, about why you are here, and what it is that you are here to do, that’s when you are beginning the search for your true self.  Happy is the person who is smart enough to start looking within for answers, because the truth can be found in each of you who can think for yourself.  It takes persistence and discernment of truth.

“For this lies at the bottom of all truth: That you can think for yourself and you do not necessarily need to ask any other person for information, but as always, their truth needs to ring your own truth-bells.  Sometimes what you hear may satisfy you for a time, but when after digesting it more hunger remains as the hollow feeling comes back clamouring to be fed, because something is still missing, the search will start anew for more truth.  This is the beauty of the search, for those who keep on seeking will surely find, although the finding is sometimes to be had after a long and painful search.  Human beings are very complex, but you are so designed.  If things were made easy for you, you would not appreciate life.  Be utterly thankful with the results which may be obtained during your searchings.  Allowing instant gratification has never been the best policy.

“Creation works slowly but thoroughly through evolution.  It is always unerring, just as any great plan is brought into manifestation.  It is like building a house, which is first conceived as an idea, then placed on paper, then the gathering of materials begins, and people are hired to do the job.  When finally the building is completed, what began as an idea has been brought into manifestation through action in the material realm.  So it is with humans, you build on your spiritual counter-part here, having come with your divine blueprint, but the building can only proceed according to the fulfilment of your hunger (building materials) and by your actions, (the fruits of the spirit) to build something of substance to bring with you into your next stage of existence.  Therefore, scrutinize your longings and feed those longings by going into the Stillness of your heart, where you surely will be fed, to carry on yet another day to build upon and express your trueness of being.”

© 11:11 Progress Group.