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Machiventa Melchizedek - The Order of Things - Sep 27, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

Illawarra District, Australia, September 27, 2010.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “The Order of Things.”

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “By virtue of the fact that I once dwelt among you, by virtue of the fact that I am a Melchizedek, as well as your planetary Prince, I find it easy to speak with you directly, as I do now.  It seems to me this is an opportune time to talk about the order of things.  The order of things in getting a project to its completion.

“First of all, one needs to look at the intent.  Is it of a positive nature?  Can it be achieved over a period of time?  Are the assistants available to make this a group operation.  Secondly, one must look at inspiration, one must look at visualization, as to how this task is going to come about.  It needs preparation.  It needs a clear idea as to how to go about various aspects of the project.  Thirdly, it needs organization and it needs the various people, the various entities to fall into line and to produce their tasks.  Lastly, because not all things can be known, there is the need, as you yourself call it, ‘wriggling to suit.’

“The best laid out plans can come unstuck because of outside interferance with the rules and regulations. And in such intances there should be sufficient  flexibility within the plan to make the changes. Many centuries ago I had the intent to assist the Creator Son on this earth with His to be successful task of his seventh incarnation.  I had to pick the right time and of course the right number of brothers to assist me in this task, the right environment in which to achieve my goal of reintroducing the One Creator God.

“Much planning went into this task until the right time and the right place was found -- the right group could be taught, the right individuals could be made aware of the fact that there could not be so many different gods, but just the one Creator of all. It took organization most of which was brought about by my Melchizedek brothers, but not everything turned out just precisely as we expected it to.  We had to ‘wriggle to suit’ in many ways.  This, my dear friend, is not just a lesson for you, but it is a lesson for all.  Have the intent, use the inspiration and the visualization, surround yourself with a group that can make that project come about and ‘wriggle to suit’.  You will find that in later life as you are translated to other spheres, this is precisely how the work is done.  I thank you for making the time available for me to come through to you.  I am Machiventa.”

George: “Thank you sir.”

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