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Michael - Completion - A Private Message - Sep 19, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, September 19, 2010.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “Completion – A Private Message.”

Received by George Barnard.

Christ Michael: “They are the artists you know best, the painters, the sculptors, the genius minds.  They are Vincent Van Gough, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and they are long gone in your time, and yet they are remembered not for their spiritual existence to such a degree, but for what they left behind.  They are remembered for their works of art and inventions, discoveries.  Not all of these but most of these great men did work with Celestial Artisans.  To some small degree, so did you.

“You have produced something in conjunction with these Celestial Entities, Celestial Personalities, your friends, and you produced something that in your time is perhaps not recognized but will be very much so in years to come.  And so, I am asking you to do what you can to complete your work, so beyond that time you may have a few more restful years fully focused on spirituality.

“Born on this earth, it takes time to find out who you are.  It takes time to realize what path you need to take.  It takes time to understand what is asked of you by your Spark of the Creator that indwells you.  And so, not all at once you will begin to work on that which you are set to complete.

“So it was with my life on Urantia.  It took time for me to find out I was different.  It took time for me to have that inclination of just precisely who I was, and then, in the end came the certainty, the connection with the All That Is, to tell me for what reason I came here.  The quietness of your mind, the stillness of your thoughts, the relaxation, and the healing which you do, whilst you are in meditation, will show you a clearer path, will give you a better view, will give you the determination to complete what you set out to do.

“My blessings are upon you both.  Fare well in your endeavors.  I am Michael.”

George: “We thank you Michael.”

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