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Bersa; The Voice Presence - Soul Chains & Soul Links - Sept 02, 2010 - Teleconference
Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Bersa, The Voice Presence
T/R: Henry Zeringue
September 02, 2010

Prayer: Father/Mother god, we come here this evening and ask to be en-circuited to the spiritual energy, en-circuited with divine love as we reach towards spirit and touch the mind of spirit. We thank you Father for this opportunity to continue that and for the wonderful blessing which you continually bestow upon us. Thank you.

Bersa: Greetings to you this evening, I am Bersa. I am a personal teacher and this evening I would like to talk about the soul chain and the soul link. A soul chain literally refers to a chain of souls and I am referring to the level at which you connect to another that you resonate with, this soul level. Be conscious of your ability which becomes available to link with these souls on a deeper level, an unspoken level which allows a greater capacity to operate on levels which show themselves in the actual relationship. By opening to the spirit consciousness of another you automatically connect to that level, to be truly receptive to another, receptive, and in an attitude of respect.

 This level at the soul creates an opportunity which is far greater than the human communication and the receptivity level. By bringing ones consciousness at this level you prepare a groundwork and as you connect with others this groundwork forms this chain. Again, it is an unspoken chain, it is something which possibly you could feel but nonetheless it is tremendously positive and the way you want to connect with all things is a tremendously positive way.

 Even when you are being confronted, especially, to hold this conscious positive, open, [in] potential. In working with your Indwelt Presence, you begin to achieve a greater understanding by connecting in this way. And yet, it is a simple task. You could not possibly know the dynamics which it creates, therefore consciousness and trust, really believing in the goodness and greatness for someone else on that level, in a spiritual sense. Awareness is a tremendous part of reality. It may be from your end, the largest part of reality, is consciousness of reality for consciousness of reality begins to pervade your living life here with others.

 You now have an ability and a responsibility because of consciousness to help create a greater reality, not for yourself, not for everyone else, but for everything, the combination of the planet and the animals and the plant life and the water, the oceans, and the air, and the people that are on it. Begin to see all life as a whole and how though small your part may be, it is just as important as a single pixel in a high resolution photograph. Though seemingly small it does effect the whole.

 In spirituality the dynamic becomes quantum, it leaps, it jumps, it transforms that quickly. In real life the quantum is in tremendously slow motion, it almost seems retrograde. So there is a quickening in reality in your daily living by the spiritual consciousness, the foundation in which both feet are firmly standing and grounding upon. And it is this quantum, this leap of thought, practice, and consciousness which begins to reveal itself to others even on an unconscious level that results in a greater participation of reality in your daily lives, in your functions, in your relationships, in your general everyday lives.

 This is an exercise, and the exercise is to begin to become conscious on a greater level by holding those you meet within the same consciousness and you will find that within a short period of time you will begin to observe observable results within your lives. Of course this cannot be defined since this tremendously creative act and endeavor results in the individual consciousness. It further tests your sense of awareness, to be able to receive as well as to give. And it is in the ability to perceive which is a tremendous acknowledgement to consciousness, aha, yes.

Spirit is tremendously eager to come and work within your lives but spirit cannot intrude. Spirit has to be called in, spirit has to be invited, spirit needs to be acknowledged. So in your private chats and in your meditations, in your stillness practice, hold this conscious space with spirit on this soul level where you personally come into a direct contact with the spirit that lives within you. By contacting the spirit you contact all spirit. The whole dimensional dynamic of spirit is contactable.

 These are my word offerings to you this evening. I will step aside to allow room for others to enter.

 The Voice Presence: Greetings to you this evening, I am the Voice Presence which lives within this T/R, here to acknowlege on the level on which I operate, that to come face to face with me in your soul creates a conscious dynamic which when applied within the human mind, the thought becomes a reality. I am the reality presence within constantly shifting your thoughts into a greater, more real, dimension, slowly gravitating the direction of your thoughts for it to overlap into consciousness and that synchronization between your thought and consciousness, provides your aha moment, your moment of awareness. This is where thought meets consciousness.

 It is like the little hand games which has a steel ball and you move it in a level way until it reaches the divot and stops. This is where thought meets consciousness, aha awareness. You never know when it is going to connect and synchronize. This is the delicate dynamic in which I am conscious within your mind. Not as a personality but as an eternal and dynamic program which coordinates perfectly within your mind and consciousness.

 Activated by the ability of your mind to become aware of how I Am changing your thoughts, how I Am bringing you to a greater level of choices, how you are beginning to listen, to adjust to the thoughts I project in your mind, ever so slightly, micro-adjustments mostly, continual micro-adjustments that you begin to acknowlege in consciousness. You become aware of the micro-adjustments, you begin to move within a greater capacity to understand, to become aware [and] conscious.

 When you begin to see the creative potential which your choices show you, yes the greater choices become more difficult of execution or the achieving, yet what else have you to do. The lessons life teaches and the lessons you learn prepare you to receive a greater awareness on a truer level of reality. So go within and begin more consciously to activate this level of relationship with the Thought Adjuster, with your Spirit Within. Begin to find a comfort in that soul zone where there is clarity, where there is correctness and awareness, and understanding that all your mind is privilege to, slowly unfolds for you, that you begin to see with an understanding, not how someone else sees and understands, but how you yourself have come to this understanding on your own from within.

 I am asking you to blaze your own trail. Learn to take what it is you need from others in words and apply them to a greater sense. Allow the words to guide you, not to define for you. Seek your own definition. Seek that greater sense of reality. It is much greater when it is earned yourself because it reveals something within you that you did not connect with before. It will reveal a sense of connectedness that cannot be revealed any other way.

 It is not like being in a group and saying yes we believe and yes we will do. This is more like being in the presence of something tremendously subtle and yet far greater, that provokes you with a sense of responsibility and urgency which pulls you like a magnet, like a filing to a magnet aligns you, helps to point you true. As you begin to experience results you will the more certain begin to see the greater connection. Unless you are seeing results, there doesn't really seem to be a sense of a greater connection. So begin to become aware of the results in your life, begin to trust in their frequency and the frequency of results is evidence of the frequency which you open up to with this presence, the time you spend and the effort you put in, the faith and trust you hold on to.

 Thank you for allowing the space for me to speak. I will step aside.