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Monjoronson - Religious Living - Sept 12, 2010 - CCC Teleconference
Conference Call with Monjoronson
Topics: Religious Living
Transmitter:  Donna D’Ingillo
September 12, 2010

Prayer: Mother and Father, thank you for preparing our minds and hearts to receive the presence of our Magisterial Son whose incarnation in the physical form we await with great eagerness. You know how much we are looking forward to this event.  We thank you for helping us to maintain our patience and steadfastness in faith in preparing us in ways which we need to receive him that we may be truly about the Father’s business and serving him and our brothers and sisters during this Correcting Time. We are very grateful for all the help you provide to us that we may participate in this planetary transformation. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: My brethren, I greet you and I am very glad to be here with you today. This day is the first day following the remembrance of the events that occurred on September 11th nine years ago, and I would like to address some of what has occurred on the planet since that time so that you may become more attuned to the changes that are occurring on Urantia as the world becomes more spiritually awakened and the residents here have their lives changed.

Religious intolerance is one of the largest forces of hate and antagonism that you humans heap upon one another. Religious diversity is a part of the evolution of a planet’s growth into a unified and more just and wise method of thinking and responding. It is important for you as awakened sons and daughters of the Father to practice today a different kind of religious diversity.  By that I am not merely referring to the idea of how you believe in God, but rather how you respond in your everyday lives.

Your lives are indeed a religious gift that you give to the Father--how fully you devote yourself to the art and practice of being attuned to the indwelling Father Fragment. This is the height of RELIGIOUS LIVING, because it is in the attunement of your values to engage and feel in your heart as a gift to the Father that brings you closer to one another in your humanity.

I present this to you for your consideration today as we have been engaged in bringing you closer into the energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS, FAITH, and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL. It is designed to bring you into a form of RELIGIOUS LIVING that transcends the individualized beliefs of certain racial, tribal and cultural groups that have become institutionalized, and moves you into the domain of personal religious experience, wherein the nature of spirit within you is able to quicken in your heart and emit a signal of love to your brothers and sisters that they receive and respond to in a favorable manner.

I encourage you to think about this idea today and desire that this form of RELIGIOUS LIVING become more operative on the planet, for it fosters a certain degree of diversity that you would all share and become enthused about responding to your brothers and sisters in a new way. What is it about their religious living that stimulates you? What is it about their unique God-bestowed personality that makes their religious living an expression of the Father’s will and a gift to you?

You should ponder this now, and envision this word RELIGIOUS LIVING and let it come over you as an energy form.  Feel your heart’s desire to become more alive in this method of living religiously in the Father’s will, in RIGHTMINDEDNESS and in FAITH. We will support you as you do this and help your bodies become more attuned to these ideas. (Pause)

So much of your world struggles with the concept of what is true religion and there are many beliefs that are threaded through all the different racial, cultural organizations of your planet that this underlying energy of competition and warfare has fostered the mindsets of violence toward humans all in the name of a belief in God. While you know in your heart that this is wrong, you must go into that place within your own being and search deeply within to make sure there is no specter of your own ideas of religious intolerance. You are open to allowing people to share with you who they are and to foster within your own being a sense of truly living the highest ideals within your hearts. This is where your indwelling spirit has carefully conserved these values that will foster your ability to live religiously ever more consistently each day. And of course you have the ability to contact your Father Michael, and the personalized Adjuster of Jesus to help you achieve these heightened attainments of human living, should you desire this.

We are here to foster this within you so that when I am here on the planet and you walk arm and arm with me, you pose a mighty force to your brothers and sisters for them to seek goodness, to seek beauty and to see to the truth in what is standing before them. It is not necessarily by the words that we convey to them, but by the love that they will feel coming from you that will turn their hearts and open them. Let us move in you as we continue to help you adjust to these ideas of RELIGIOUS LIVING. (pause)

Many of your brothers and sisters are now ready to appreciate this distinction between organized institutional religion and personal religion. By your becoming a beacon of religious living because you have developed this internal relationship with your own Father, you will be in a most favorable position to help them understand and appreciate the value of this relationship. The Angels of Progress are working valiantly in this regard while the Angels of Churches are opening their doors to this shift of how people respond to the idea of religion. It is a time of great change and coming together of dimensions that have long fostered dissention and disharmony in the hearts and minds of humans. Think about this and your own individual role. The more you become attuned to your indwelling Father Fragment, the more will your life be an example of true religious living. (pause)

In your mind’s eye now envision the words RELIGIOUS LIVING to form a blanket of light upon the globe. Draw a line from your heart’s center to this image in your mind’s eye and feel your desire for RELIGIOUS LIVING to embrace this world, to fall like gentle rain upon the hearts and minds of men and women of this world. All humanity is to be touched by this idea of true RELIGIOUS LIVING. Plant these seeds within the minds of those who are especially ready and open to embrace new ideas. It is time.

LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL and RIGHTMINDEDNESS are indeed becoming more mainstays of planetary consciousness. Feel your desire for these words to intersect and weave within the ideas of RELIGIOUS LIVING. You are providing a powerful environment, not only for your mind to feed on, but for your bothers and sisters who are ready to awaken. Cast aside all the ideas of intolerance and prejudice that have long festered here on this planet fermenting into heinous acts of violence against humanity. It is time to end the violence and inaugurate Michael’s era of peace.  (pause)

As you focus on your desire for this to embrace the planet, center your attention on the region of the Middle East, as this area is now being engaged in talks of reconciliation, healing; bringing about greater understanding between religious factions long at war with one another. Send your love to this region now. Feel your desire for Michael’s peace to become more fully implanted in the ideas and words that we are building into the fabric of planetary consciousness.  (pause)

In the coming days in your stillness practice, I encourage you to commit this idea of RELIGIOUS LIVING deeper into your hearts and to bring this to your Adjusters that you may be more fully immersed in what this means. There is so much good, so much value that you as individuals can add into the fabric of Urantian life. Regardless of where you are engaged in your work, in your family, with friends and neighbors, it is holding these ideals in your heart and striving to exemplify these in your daily lives each and every day. Hold these ideals high, my brethren. You will not be disappointed in having opportunities to demonstrate them. You may not do them as perfectly or as completely as you desire, and yet if you try, you will receive immense satisfaction and joy for what you have demonstrated in your outer lives.

I will address your questions on this idea today if you have something you wish to bring to me for clarification. Thank you for participating in this exercise and experience and know that there are many who will be weaving these energies that you have generated and created into the fabric of Urantian life. Know that your efforts are productive and meaningful, and we thank you for helping your brothers and sisters to see what they need to bring them into more RELIGIOUS LIVING and RIGHTMINDEDNESS.

Student:  I have questions. Of course everything is very clear when this transmission is coming through and I have faith and trust that everything will go accordingly. But in my daily waking consciousness, I have thoughts about what is happening on Earth right now with regards to socialism and the people in power and the effect that we as humans may be going through with regards to micro chipping our food supply and what that will do to the individual people. I don’t even know what question I’m asking because of the clarity that just came through. What are we in for? I know it’s going to take a thousand years, but I’m sure there is going to be much upheaval until the pendulum becomes still. I feel for myself and for everyone as to what we have been going through and what we’re going through as we speak. It is very upsetting to see so many people in so much pain and yet there is so much joy. There is just the whole gamut going on. I hope I’m being clear.

MONJORONSON: My dear, what you are expressing is a very common human sentiment. The desires within a human heart for a better life are the catalysts for many of the changes that this world is undergoing as the world is becoming more aware as to how many moral and social problems there are that need to be corrected and aligned in the Father’s will. The human heart is a very delicate sensing system and we are here to strengthen you to make you more courageous, bold, faith-filled so that the power of God within you can enact mighty acts of service to and for your brethren. Some of you will play a more visible role during this planetary transition time making indelible marks on the fabric of your society. Some of you will be more behind the scenes, providing an environment of love and peace, trust and faith, so that more people are to awaken. Here I encourage you to spend more time going within, and ensure that your moments of wakeful consciousness will have a higher degree of collaboration with your indwelling Father Fragment, and with Michael and Nebadonia, so that you might be embraced in their parental love to hold you steady and steadfast as the winds and tides of change are upon Urantia.  Becoming spiritually vibrant is where you will find your peace and where your confusion will turn to hope and optimism and you will find more emotional stability to ride the storms of change out. Does this help, my daughter? Does this help you feel more hopeful and optimistic?

Student: Yes, very much so. Thank you.

Student: I am very happy to be on this call today because it touches me very much. I’ve been studying in the Urantia Book about the development of religion and the religious feelings of the human coming from the evolution of religion. In the beginning there was the religion of fear, then the revelation. Now I’m focused on our body being a tabernacle. Making ourselves into a beautiful church or temple where we’re very conscious of the spirit within and that we receive the spirit light in our temple. This is what I would like to comment now. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: As you become more increasingly aware of your whole being as a gift of the Father and a gift of your self to the world, there will be more of a coordination occurring within your mind  It is our hope that you all would begin to see the various dimensions of your being as a unified whole. You can develop yourselves to the degree that Jesus demonstrated when he lived here on this world. The floodgates of help from the spiritual realms are open now to you to encourage you to do this, so what you are expressing is the continuation of these ideas that your Father Fragment has been feeding into you to help you achieve a heightened space of moral and spiritual attainment.

You are all being encouraged to go deeper within yourselves and embrace your humanity at the evolutionary part of your being, the part of you that is always changing and growing. You will see more beauty and more value in your evolutionary nature and be able to allow your divinity to come forward. Continue your practice and you will be delighted at the growth that you can achieve while you are still in this human dimension that is of such a short duration in terms of your whole ascension career.

Student: I’d like to share something that I received during one of the silent moments today, that true religious living expresses itself in every thought, word and deed. It translates into action, but this must also be balanced, at least with tolerance of all forms of religious faith and respect for everyone’s beliefs and the realization that there is the one God, whatever name we give to the Creator that is over all of us. In response to the earlier questioner’s concerns, I go back to a message I received I believe from Monjoronson a week or so ago, addressing resiliency coupled with faith during times of transformation. In part: “These times are also charged with great promise for new pathways of balanced justice, true morality and lasting peace within the individual, in emerging groups, small society and eventually humanity at large.” I also think this speaks to religious living, in that it begins with the individual and then translates to the larger society. I hope that gives you more hope.

MONJORONSON: RELIGIOUS LIVING is the cornerstone of all planetary transformations. Continue to hold this idea and ideal in your mind and in your heart, not only for yourself, but for the whole of humanity and this beautiful world, and for the entire universe, those worlds that were also sequestered and affected by rebellion. For this truly is the joy of creation, to be so imbued with the life force and the values of the Father, we are all creating this in relationship and harmony with one another. We are here to continue to foster the awakening within the human heart that you may fully delight and enjoy what you are creating here, especially coming out of the darkness and the ages of confusion so long resident upon Urantia. We watch you with delight as you awaken to these new ideas.

Student: I don’t have a question, I just want to thank you for all that your presence here has added to my life and to let you know how eager we are to have you here with us in the flesh and to walk hand in hand with you. We are all busy speculating about when that day may come and know that you will be very well received. I just want to thank you. You have added so much to my life and spiritual growth and I’m delighted at the spiritual progress that I know is being made on this planet. Thank you for being with us today.

MONJORONSON:  It is I who is delighted to be with you and one day when I am here in the flesh, we will have many moments of appreciation and joy to share with one another. I look forward to that day when we are gazing into one another’s eyes with true affection and gratitude.

My brethren, I love you all, and the Father’s love is alive in your hearts. Keep the flame of the Father’s love burning brightly, especially now during these upcoming days when your brothers and sisters find themselves faltering. They need your love and that love will shine more brightly when you spend time just appreciating them and helping them sense their own validation of their true worth. Keep up the good work and know that we are behind you and supporting you in all ways. Good afternoon.