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DECEMBER 2, 1997


I am ABRAHAM. Well done my friends. What a wonderful display of self-forgetfulness and Father's guidance. You each are tested time and again during this mortal life. I must say I am not surprised at your success for this particular exercise. No, I am with great faith in you each for this is what you have been trained to do.

Your spirituality is not just good intentions, but the faithful living of your spiritual concepts. I am in understanding that this lesson brought about some uncertainty, and through your unknowing, you were in search for Father's guidance. This is good. This is faith.

I would thank you each also for your faith in me and my ability to teach. I am always learning new and better ways to teach each time we meet. I am in such worshipful gratitude to Father for assigning me to this group. From this group I have received such love and true friendship. Father's watch-care in my daily living always leads me to feel such gratitude. After all, I am so small in such a grand design.

In learning the meaning of worship you'll find that Father continually reveals Himself to you. Do you see in your desire to be self-forgetful, and to be worshipful, you are requesting to know your Father more? And He does indeed reveal a little more each time you step aside to practice self-forgetfulness. I am indeed moved by your excellent participation in this exercise. I would request that you continue to practice again next week. I will take a few questions.

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have two. One is really quick. For the Teaching Mission Conference, what do you think of the logo of, Good News, The Brotherhood in Action?

ABRAHAM: Although it matters not my opinion, I like it. It says a great deal about the goals of the Conference. Another question?

MIRIAM: Could you give me some guidance, or I don't know if you need to ask Manfred, if I've been on task this week with my exercise for self-acceptance, or am I going in the right direction?

ABRAHAM: I am aware that you are proceeding as planned. We are happy to see this progress, and yet we feel a bit concerned for your heath. I am told that you are needing to rest and relax a bit to maintain good mental, spiritual, and physical balance. New discoveries can be thrilling, and yet overwhelming. A balance is needed to insure a steady progression versus an unstable beginning. An unstable beginning could tend to make one withdraw or give up. Proceed as planned, but continue to find rest and relaxation. Continue to lean toward the humorous side. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, in short, before time runs out, for Kamille who is quite distraught and her friends husband and baby's situation, which I am sure you are aware of. Kamille just asked if I would ask if you have any words that would be of help to them. They have a very 'why is God doing this to us' feeling, and 'there can't be a God in this,' and so on. A lot of people we all know have gone through it, but till you go through it personally I guess we don't feel the impact.

ABRAHAM: The stages of death are difficult, and yet necessary for each and every mortal to experience. There are no words that could bring comfort to ease this sort of pain. I am able although to speak to Celene about her personal ministry to her friends. My daughter, Father has well prepared you to assist your friends in ushering their child from this world to a new life. You know within that your Father speaks for you. You are fully capable of finding those words that would comfort your friends. I would admonish you to lean towards your spiritual instincts at this time to guard against your own fear for your own child. Worry not. You are a person of great spiritual energy that can bring focus to clouded vision. Stand aside and watch your Father work. You will truly be amazed. You will be the one to bring comfort to your friends at this time. Another question?

ROLAND: Abraham, I have been reading excerpts from the Gnostic Gospels, found in upper Egypt in 1945, and translated wherein the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene was depicted as one that she was a very close disciple of the inner circle, who had received special or higher instructions perhaps than the rest of the apostles. She was a woman who was referred to as one who spoke knowing the "All." Can you give us an insight beyond what kind of relationship that was a true depiction of Mary's role with Jesus?

ABRAHAM: I can. Mary Magdalene was an average mortal living the average mortal life. Through her participation in the teachings of Jesus her faith was the most notable thing about her. Without doubt or question, Mary would easily remove her own hearts desire to promote the Master's teachings. She was a faithful student. I cannot say she was more than this, or had some special insight. I can confirm though that Mary was a most likely candidate for the morontial Jesus to appear to. She was receptive and easily recovered from the shock of her realization that it was the Master who spoke to her by the tomb. The delivery of the message that the Master had risen was to be given to the apostles by her to reduce the shock the apostles would have experienced. They were in great confusion and despair, and an immediate visitation by the Master would have created much fear, and possible damage to their mental and emotional well-being. It is well known that Mary was somewhat experienced in life's matters, and could indeed receive such good news without mental or emotional upheaval. Although the credibility of her testimony was questioned, her job was done, and done well. Yes, it can be said of each of life's participants that there is indeed a goodness about them, but I cannot say that one is any more than another. Do you see? Is this answering?

ROLAND: Yes. It gives me great visual picture of her role. Thank you. I have a personal question. I am having a hard time journaling. I think one of the excuses that I have is that I recognize that most of us are attended by Midwayers who are recording this early Teaching Mission history. As a matter of fact there are a segment of angels of history, called Angels of Dramatic History, that go before to arrange opportunities for us to be involved in a dramatic process which will be retellable. I guess there is two questions in there. Am I on track with the Midwayers and the Angels of historic drama, and how do I get over thinking somebody else is writing this down--so I don't need to?

ABRAHAM: I would first say that journaling is for you and your personal lessons. It is a way to receive spiritual help through this form of transmitting. Yes, you are understanding of this process. I can say that these moments in history are being recorded, and will be used to assist others in the future. This is the most I can comment on. I am limited in what I can say on this particular subject so as to not interfere with the out workings of Father's plan. Does this answer? (Yes it does very well. Thank you.) You are welcome. I would express to you again my gratitude for your faith in our Mission and these teachings. Continue to exercise your gift of self-forgetfulness. My love goes with you always. Until next week, shalom.