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ABC22 - Abuse; Thuroc - Cannot Change; Dr. Mendoza - Thought; Beloved One - Doing ; Divine Self - Personality - 5 Transcriptions - Jul 26, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

ABC22 Bzutu
Re-posted in answer to a Midwayer's request.
Illawarra District, Australia, January 3, 2006.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Andréa’s Notes On Abuse.”
Received by George Barnard.
Chief Bzutu: “I am here with you.  Andréa is here with you, and with your Destiny Guardians, all, are their associated Cherubim.  As well, there are a number of students here in their Morontia selves (former humans), who are visiting this earth and learning about our ways.  These students are destined to spend time on the Mansion Worlds as Teachers, and they are meant to be specifically useful to those pilgrims originating from our world. This is ABC-22.
“We will talk about the abuses -- by individuals, corporations and governments -- that are rampant on this world, and to be sure, this is Andréa’s lesson of which I speak.  It is not within human nature to easily forgive a wrong that has been done.  Serious long-term abuses exact a mighty toll.  The toll is of an emotional nature, and the intellect does not necessarily cope with emotional hurt.
“Despite this, forgiveness is the only answer to the healing of those wrongs.  Once this is understood, the individual that may have been hurt for a prolonged space of time is very likely to become a contributor, a more sensitive, a more productive, and a more spiritual individual.  When the ability to forgive self is discovered, likewise for the perpetrator of the crimes, it is a maturing, it is a growing, and it is a soul-felt realizing that he, or she, will then understand what wrong has been done to others.
“Forgiveness is a gift from the Creator of All, so pray for it; ask for it.  It is at that point also such forgiveness of self needs to be ‘internalized’.  Not one of us, Midwayer or human, can look back over an entire earthly career and determine that all was right.  No!  But I say to you that all is well.
“In the difficult world we live in, experience must be gathered for growth.  And as your dear friend, Joan of Arc, pointed out just some weeks ago, it is the state in which one departs from this Earth that truly matters in the age long career that is to come.  The ability to forgive is an ‘outreaching’ ability to love by victims, as well as those who may be seen as perpetrators of crimes, and for these perpetrators even to learn to love, forgive, and come to respect themselves.
“I thank you for your time.  We class this lesson as a most important one at this time.  On behalf of Andréa and all assembled here, I say Adieu.”
George: “Thank you Chief.”
Receiver’s notes: We questioned why ABC-22 would deliver Andréa’s message.  It was made clear to us that Andréa was escorting (and focusing on) the students that were present at this session.  There were five or six of them, pure white, and they were quite hard to see as they appeared to her left and somewhat behind her.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Previously posted.
Vancouver, US of A, February 1, 2005.
Thuroc the Entertainer.
Subject: “Things You Cannot Change.”
Received by Mechelle.
Thuroc: “Warm greetings, precious one.  It is with a joyous heart that I come to you today.  It is I, Thuroc.  So much is going on in your world.  Today, I shall talk of those things, which you cannot change.
“Sweet mortals of the Universe, do not lay your heads low, begrudging the very day our beloved Creator has given you.  Instead, ride freely with whimsical merriment, on the coattails of the very certainty, that is Now!  Stop fussing about past foes and worries of what cannot be undone, but instead infuse your immediate reality to that of your perfect manifestation for Christ Michael’s calling!
“His Eminence is your Guide to the assured future, of your Spiritual path.  When you cannot see the sun for the clouds, you surely block out all that is awaiting your Soul.  It aches for enlightenment; it screams out for Divine Guidance, it needs to walk in the Light of the Exalted One.
“So very many of you feel lost, at odds, or in search of answers to all of your world’s bothersome troubles, and tribulations.  Remember, these extreme and difficult situations, whatever they may be, are carving out the very core of your inner being, the character building experiences of who you are becoming, the extraordinary, exclusive, and altogether remarkable human beings that you are!
“Outstanding!  As you endure these wearisome conditions, you are attaching yourselves to the Highest Consciousness of You, that is Him!  Your rock-solid Faith through these difficult confrontations is your absolute and promised Guide to your path of enlightenment.  This is Soul Growth.
“To walk an uncertain, scary new path with your chins up is indeed a feat well accomplished!  We Celestials have certainly taken notice of how very brave and valiant you mortals are, to tackle the pitfalls and drawbacks thrown in front of you.  We positively swell up with pride, and feel such an abundant surge of loving energy flow through us, as it makes the Angels sing louder for Him, and the vibrations of your goodwill heal the Universe of it’s humble aches and pains.
“I extend my love, and adoration to you all.  I am Thuroc, The Entertainer.”
© 11:11 Progress Group


Illawarra District, Australia, August 01, 2010.
Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “A Revolution in Thought.”
Received by George Barnard.
Dr. Mendoza: “Greetings my dear students.  The greatest temptations we Midwayers have to content with are the restrictions placed upon us regarding revelations we would wish to present you with.  Humans and Midwayers are evolutionary creatures, both, indeed, but we represent different civilizations.  Our civilization, although subject to centuries of decline due to the planet’s isolation of many millennia is now on the incline and has been for 2000 years since the Master walked this earth, yes, even prior during the time of Machiventa.*
“Unlike this world’s human populations, we were and are unable to forget anything we learned, and so we progressively advanced.  Short-lived as you are, you tend to forget what you learned from generation to generation in so far as it concerns your mores and morals.  Time and again your civilizations grow and then decline as they decay from within, and we are now at such a point in your history where the signs of this decline are evident in large areas of your world, whilst other nations are advancing.
“Here I digress to remind you of the great spiritual benefit bestowed upon an entire planetary population by merely having an incarnated citizen from on High dwelling amongst you.  And here I bestow upon you the knowledge that you are presently awarded such great benefit without such a presence among you.  It cannot perhaps be felt by many.  It is here.  It ‘rains down’ upon you from on High.  It changes many of you for the better, one person at the time.  It also finds no place to dwell in the minds of many.
“For us who dwell in a frame of time distinct from yours, it is easy to gather information on overall progress from those of high estate, and I assure you that Michael’s mandates for the correction of this world are being met, however slowly.  And without doubt there will one day be a common world religion based on what will be taught, perceived, and logically concluded.  As well, there will one day be a world government by the people, for the people, run by those who deserve to be appointed to such tasks of great responsibility.
“Right at this point in time there are few places in our world where such positive, hard-working, righteous men and women are so making the decisions that matter so much to all concerned.  Still the knee-jerk reaction to all that ails is to force one’s resolve upon another by the sword.  This can and will only slow overall progress, and hasten the decline of the aggressors, not just here as nations, not just here as more than one generation, but also on the mansion worlds in the spiritual sense, and there that is all that counts.
“Pray that righteousness, care for all, compromise, and common sense prevail at this time when wars and rumors of more wars abound.  You are required to sponsor this revolution in thought and deed.  This is the healer of bodies and minds of many long centuries; this is Dr. Mendoza.  I bid you goodnight.”
Note: Machiventa* Melchizedek, Melchizedek, or the Sage of Salem (1973 BCE) did much to organize the Midwayers into becoming responsible citizens.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Urantia, February 10, 2005.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “A Lesson on Doing.”
Received by Lytske.
The Beloved One: “In the spiritual sense doing is greatly different to being.  So let us take the ‘doing of things’ under the looking glass and see how there can be an improvement.  A lot of doing happens unconsciously, by rote or habit, like getting out of bed each morning. This routine habit can come to a screeching halt through illness, or accident, and then, perchance, thankfulness dawns what blessing it was to simply be able to get out of bed without assistance. And so there are many great blessings in disguise, which are only recognized when they are no longer there.  Recognition of your many blessings in your everyday doings can make your life more colorful, meaningful, and interesting.
“Other doings can be very haphazard due to unorganized thinking.  To get the most out of life there needs to be more than a semblance of organization.  This requires training of the mind, which in turn entails self-discipline as there is always some area in life which can stand improvement.  It points again at living in a greater awareness and an understanding about where that improvement is needed.  There is also the half-hearted doing when you really don’t want to do something, but through circumstances are forced to do it, whilst the heart is not totally involved.  Therefore, some self-correction may have to be involved, for when the doing is wholeheartedly done, you will feel more like you are in the flow of things -- more in harmony with yourself.
“Being out of harmony and without balance brings a lot of unhappiness, which could be solved if people would identify more with the reasons of their being in that state.  However, a lot of people are out of balance for so long, they no longer know what it feels like to be balanced. Often, they are chronically unhappy and chase after superficial and material happiness, not realizing that they have become the ‘sleepwalkers’ in life.  It is in the inner life where true happiness starts, and it is not to be found anywhere else.  This is the price of great value the Master spoke about and this can truly be found inside each human being  It is a personal responsibility to begin doing something about this need, and start thinking about where the inner life can be in a greater balance.  It is all in the decision making process as to how the ‘doing’ in life is going to be profitable -- when acted out wholeheartedly upon the decisions made.  It is the right thinking process which helps this along and this right thinking always and in all ways, has the highest and the greatest good for everybody in mind.
“Right thinking automatically sets you on the road to right doing, and in this doing a greater harmony and balance will manifest itself in spirit, mind and body.  The thoughts are beginning to be held under greater control by the super-conscious mind and are thereby influenced by the Infinite Spark of God, who is pure Spirit.  This is best achieved by coming daily into the Silence and by being actively engaged in listening.  This is doing at the highest level, because only your free will makes it so.  No one will ever coerce you to be in communion with that Holiness within.  Only you can take those steps and do the work.  The more often you engage in this, the more reasons you have to be grateful for this Gift, and you start to realize that you are actually living in a state of grace. In this way your doing becomes more meaningful, whatever you undertake in this material life.
© 11:11 Progress Group.

Northhampton, UK, July 26, 2010.
Teacher: Divine Self.
Subject: “Aspects of Personality.
Received by Helen Whitworth.
Divine Self: “All that you want for yourself can be yours for the taking.  Imagine, breathe, and make it so, though the actions may take hours, days, weeks or years.  Everything that you are should find outlet in the outer world.  For all aspects of personality to be manifest is a marvellous things and the goal of each and every mortal’s path on this planet.
“With that unfolding of the rose you may find changes happening that you least expect, circumstances presenting themselves that you react to differently than you did in the past.  Some of your companions will become closer, others will drift away as their path no longer coincides with your own.
“Each change, each exploration is to be welcomed.  To be observed and to be honoured, though some will come with more grace than others.  As this process progresses then the changes will be handled with a greater willingness and less resistance.
“This is the key to making changes quickly and effectively, with the minimum of pain, since though some pain may be inevitable as structures are required to be demolished and rebuilt within the creations of your mind and external surroundings, so too the resistance you bring up around you makes the demolition take longer and require more force, and the rebuilding to be more laborious.
“So fly, let go of expectation, and be all that you are.  Then you shall truly be-come your (Divine) Self.
“And remember . . . you are responsible for your own path and your path alone.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.