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Monjoronson - Rightmindedness - Loyality - Jul 11, 2010 - Prayer Call Teleconference
Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
Transmitter:  Donna D’Ingillo
July 11, 2010

Prayer: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this time to gather with my sisters and brothers that we may receive the words of Monjoronson and participate with him and his staff in the establishment of the circuits for healing and transformation throughout our world. And while we don’t always understand what we are doing, we bring our faith, our trust, our hopes, our desires into this arena and we know that you use our energy for the greater good. We thank you for coming into our hearts, connecting us into that circuitry that you have put in place for the transformation of Urantia. Amplify what we generate from our desires and our intentions as we are guided by our Magisterial Son. We thank you for this opportunity to participate with you. May your will be done. Thank You.

Monjoronson: Greeting,, my brethren, this is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to this gathering of Light and Life. Truly this is a time when you are building this fabric of Light and Life through your intentions. This fabric is something that you cannot perceive with your physical eyes, but it is a bond, it is a community energy that you are generating from your hearts, and you are indeed allowing it to infiltrate into the depths of your collective consciousness as aided by us in the work that we do on behalf of you.  But truly you are the catalyzers, you are the instigators of this. We cannot do this for you, you must do this for yourselves, and yet we can add so much into what you generate from your hearts.

We have been collaborating in the energy of RIGHTMINDEDNESS: building a language within the very fabric of your planetary consciousness that connotes a sense of loyalty to the Father’s will in thoughts, word and actions. This loyalty to the Father’s will is the cornerstone of the Correcting Times. As you know, what the rebellion seared from your planetary fabric was this loyalty to the Father’s will as the arch rebels set into a long evolutionary course of progression of their own plan of action that was disloyal to following of the Father’s will.

As this word RIGHTMINDEDNESS continues to grow within your planetary consciousness, know that what you are building is a foundation to help people become more loyal to the Father’s will: to following it in mind and body. It is an energy current—a stream of consciousness—and your efforts in building this web of RIGHTMINDEDNESS are all adding to the potential and capacity for others to be in alignment and being loyal to the Father’s will.

Today, as we focus on this overarching word of RIGHTMINDEDNESS, let us also enjoin with you to help you feel more of that personal loyalty within your own being to being in the Father’s Will, to following the Father’s will in your physical system. What does that mean to follow the Father’s will? These are some of the questions you can take within to pose to your indwelling Father Fragments so that your Adjusters will be able to help you to help you understand the deeper implications of what it means to be in the Father’s will.  Take a few moments and allow these words to settle in.  Feel your desire to be loyal to the Father’s will in mind and body, and we will add our energies into this to help you become more aligned in the Father’s will. (Pause)

In your mind’s eye allow the word LOYALTY to appear before you.  Invite that word to go deeply into your heart centers. Invite that word to circulate throughout your body in a manner similar to blood flowing throughout your veins and arteries. This is a language of correction. Within this word are certain, you might call them, patterns of energy your body needs to aid in its recovery from the long legacy of the Lucifer rebellion and how it impacted you in your physiology. Invite this word to settle in and go deep, this word LOYALTY. (Pause)

As this word circulates throughout your body, allow your mind—that center of consciousness within—to expand through your desires.  Feel your desires to be in loyalty to the Father’s will. You have all seen what the experience of disloyalty to the Father’s will does not only in your own life, but in the lives of many individuals, extrapolating into a greater planetary culture. It is in your best interest to allow this word to formulate new potentials within your being, creating healing sparks of light and love, catalyzing new life with in your body, helping you to become more attuned to following the leadings of your indwelling Father Fragment.

We will focus on this word today as it impacts you in a more personal and intimate sense, and in the next several sessions we will grow this fabric of loyalty, sending it out into the planet to comingle with the energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and help your planetary fabric grow closer in a conscious awareness of being in alignment with the Father’s will. Continue to feel your desire for this word LOYALTY to take deep root into your being, into your body and into your DNA. (Pause)

Drink deeply of this word, this part of the restoration of your divine inheritance. (Pause)

When your Father Michael walked on earth as your brother Jesus, it was his foremost desire, his heart’s desire you might say, to follow the Father’s will. He exemplified the highest degree of loyalty that set in motion a pattern for you as children of this world to also feed upon and grow strong within. Invite the presence of Jesus’ (Michael’s) personalized Adjuster to fraternize with your Father Fragment. Feel your desire to feed upon the pattern that Jesus set into motion with his own personal loyalty for following the Father’s will. You have access to this and this will amplify your ability, desire and capacity to follow and be in the Father’s will. Take a few moments to invite the fraternization between Adjuster and Adjuster and we will add our energies into this.  (Pause)

The gift of your faith to the Father underscores your ability to be loyal to the Father’s will. The more faith you demonstrate in your inner life, the more loyalty you exemplify in following the Father’s will and allowing this dynamic flow to enfold in your life.  Your brother Jesus, in his human life, appreciated that once he was fully in the WILL how his life flowed and the creative gifts that he had access to.  You share this potential with him. It is so vital that you are all in this energetic arena of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYAL to the Fathers’ will.  It confers upon you this grace that puts in motion your ability to be creative and collaborative with the forces of spirit. Continue to feel your desire for this LOYALTY to go deep within you and allow it to become a very part of the living fabric for the new being you are creating within your own soul. (Pause)

Now in your mind’s eye envision this word LOYALTY covering the globe like a blanket. The world is before you in your mind’s eye. The word LOYALTY is covering the world in this blanket.  It is holding the world in its energetic blanket of LOYALTY. As you hold the word over the world, envision yourself standing upon the world in this blanket of LOYALTY. Plant your feet firmly upon this word and invite this word to go into the globe, tethering you, connecting you to others who are in alignment with this world as it circles the planet.

RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOYALTY to the Fathers’ will: this is what will heal your planet. This is a part of the seamless continuum of love and life that builds the new planetary culture. Continue to visualize this for the next few moments as we continue to move in you and grow you in this light fabric. (Pause)

I thank you, my brethren, for collaborating with us in this manner. We will continue to build this fabric over your world. Take time each day to ask for these words to continue to build within you. Send this light out into the world and gain strength in knowing that this fabric is building a new planetary consciousness from which will bring forth through your efforts the Light and Life culture over time. On behalf of your Universe Mother and Father I thank you, for what you build today will be spread over the globe and take good root where there is receptivity. I leave you in our Father’s love, and I thank you again for your faithful service in His will. Good day.