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Monjoronson - Rightmindedness & Creation - May 30, 2010 - Teleconference
Conference Call with Monjoronson
T/R: Donna D'Ingillo
May 30, 2010

Payer:  Thank you, Mother and Father, for this time with my brothers who are devoted to you in service to our world and to the planetary transformation that you have implemented for us. We thank you for connecting our minds, our hearts, our energy fields and bringing our Adjusters into fraternization so that we may be truly able to focus as one intention, one mind in service to Monjoronson and where he guides us today. We are ready to receive him, his words, his energy and to become more fully encircuited in his power presence to be used in the way he directs in the Father’s will. Thank you.

Monjoronson:  Greetings, my brethren, this your Paradise brother whom you know as Monjoronson. I am again pleased to be with you to be to conjoined with you in this growing energy field of the language of RIGHTMINDEDNESS as it is more fully infused into Urantian consciousness. What we are undertaking is a shift—a change of mind and a change of heart to help you.  By this I’m referring to your brothers and sisters as a collective whole to become aware that it is time to change course; that the methods and ideologies that have brought the planet to this particular state of existence is one that cannot be continued as it is destroying the very fabric of life itself on Urantia.

The power of CREATION has within it the evolutionary code to foster a culture to move towards Light and Life, and yet your planet has been moving in what you might consider to be the opposite direction. While those evolutionary codes are existent, your planet has limped along and been extremely handicapped in this creative process. So today we will continue with the reestablishment of the language of RIGHTMINDEDNESS, but with a different twist. Today we will also be adding into this energy configuration the language of CREATION: the form of coding that stimulates the creative potential within the human heart so that when it is conjoined with the energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS it yields a stronger individual mindset capable of moving in the right direction.

The establishment of Light and Life on Urantia is something that is very near and dear to the hearts of all universe citizens of Nebadon and extending out into the superuniverse. This little world, for all of its tribulations and turmoil, is held in very high regard. All of the worlds that have had bestowals of Creator Michael Sons are unique and are deemed what you might consider to be special in terms of the universe functioning. It is not important for me to disclose what that is, for you will during your evolutionary adventure, discover what this means as you journey world upon world. But let it suffice today for you to appreciate that the entire universe and superuniverse is behind you and its eyes are watching what is transpiring on Urantia.

A small band of truth seekers—Father lovers—gathered today, while you are small in number you are generating a field of energy that the universe will use and add to it that more of this language becomes encoded into the very living fabric of Urantian mind, thought and creation. So you must never dismiss the fact that your numbers are small as insignificant. For what you do today has great significance and value. What you are generating now is being amplified many, many, many, many times over. The number truly is astonishing if you were to recognize it in your mind’s eye.

Today, in terms of your visualization think about the word RIGHTMINDEDNESS and see the word CREATION forming next to it. Feel your desire for the creative powers of evolution to blend with this desire for rightful thinking and rightful action to take deeper root upon Urantia.  Let these words form over your mind, form over your energy field, blending into your heart.  As you focus on them appreciate this is a marriage of language, of ideational concepts, of actual thought constructs that can be added into the fabric of Urantia and her growing consciousness, and we will add our desires, our energies, our love into this as well . Visualize this now in appreciation of what is transpiring.  (Pause)

You have heard your beloved Master speak these words of the “last being first and first being last.” This is an example of what is transpiring upon your world. While you have been quarantined during the period of adjudication of the rebellion, you are now taking a more prominent position during this Correcting Time.  Urantia is serving as a template or a model for how to rehabilitate a sphere in the universe extending into the master universe. So, in terms of your position, you are indeed in a more primary position for the universe to appreciate and focus upon as you are transforming during this Correcting Time.

Always will there be examples and models of different ways to bring about the Father’s will in a collective manner. What is being done for Urantia and the other worlds during this Correcting Time has deeper significance than what you are only experiencing in your human life. I say this to you because it is important for you to continue to grow in the significance of your participation in groupings such as this. It is pivotal, fundamental and necessary for you to gather in like-mindedness and to allow us to weave these circuits into you so that you may be better able to function together in collective groups as the pace of the Correcting Time accelerates.

You are moving from a perspective of being of this world to being a citizen of the cosmos. So as these energies blend into your mind, as you hold these intentions for RIGHTMINDEDNESS and CREATION to open your world to a better way of existing in this wonderful, glorious master universe of the Father, also feel your desire to be expanded in your understanding of your place within it.  Let yourselves be stretched and opened so you are more serviceable to me and those of my staff with whom you will be collaborating.

There is so much potential seeded within each individual. You have the capacity, potential and ability to bring this planet to Light and Life. This message is intended not just for this small group but for all who listen to these words or read the transcript. Your potential can only be activated by your willingness to participate and to bring your intentions, your focalized desires to be aligned in the powers of CREATION and the Father’s will to manifest the fruits of the Spirit in your lives.  Herein will you be able to see a deeper, richer, more vibrant expression of yourself—your Father bestowed personality—truly come to life. What a joyful celebration it is for us to see each individual becoming awaken and aware of whom they are. For truly this is a time of celebration.  It is important for you to regard this time of transition as such. It serves you no purpose to succumb to the negativity that so many people are mired in. It only serves you to focus on the creative powers that are now being so abundantly stimulated upon this world.

Now in your mind’s eye envision what this world might look like as a veritable Garden of Eden, the integrity of the natural beauty restored where your metropolitan areas are filled trees and plants and the buildings have an affinity to the life force energy of the planet. Stretch your imagination, for this truly is where the creative powers of the universe can stimulate your potential, help you see a bigger vision of what Life and Light  can manifest on Urantia as you envision this Garden of Eden fully established on your planet. Continue to ask for those energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and CREATION to weave together, to be built into the fabric of the Urantian consciousness. (Pause)

My brethren, the universe joins its heart to yours, it watches you with loving anticipation. You might consider this to be one of the most thrilling television shows that the universe can view, for never before has there been such a massive correction plan in all of Nebadon. So as you think about this idea of the universe watching you, think of all the drama, the emotions, even the comedy of this and know that this cosmic drama is one that is viewed with such compassion and interest. You are not alone and your efforts will be aided by many, many individuals.

It is time for you to be expanded so that you are more encircuited in what you need to carry out the task of transformation. Allow these energies of CREATION to broaden your energy systems now and feel your desire to be stretched. You will only gain strength, you will only gain more power and you will only gain more love and ability to live in the Father’s will. Open your hearts now and allow this expansion to occur.  (Pause)

New circuits are coming into you, they are being woven into you and you will experience over time a greater receptivity of those around you who are here to facilitate your abilities to be about the Father’s business in this time of transformation.

I know you have many questions about what this will mean for your lives, and I will address them at a later date. But for now it is important to allow these energies to digest within your being and for you to have some time of integration so that your indwelling Father Fragments may use this and help you become more attuned to where the Father himself is guiding you.

The time is now! The Father’s presence in you is taking you on this journey and your hearts are prepared for the momentous task at hand. Be of good cheer, my brethren, and rejoice as all things are becoming new. We will continue to minister to you in the coming days, especially when you put your intentional focus on this energy circuit of CREATION and RIGHTMINDEDNESS.

Always seek the Father’s will in all that you do, think and feel throughout your day. Be in His love and grow in grace and beauty. I wish you a good day.