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Divine Counselor; Machiventa Melchizedek - Importance of Being Conscious of The Thought Adjuster - May 13, 2010 - Teleconference
Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Divine Counselor, Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Adjuster Consciousness
T/R: Henry Zeringue
May 13, 2010

Prayer: Divine Parents, we ask to be connected and en-circuited in the wonderful spiritual presence and circuit of Nebadon. We ask to be connected to all spiritual circuits. We clear our minds for the adjutant circuit to operate. We open to the Spirit of Truth, the presence of wisdom and worship, we open up to the Thought Adjuster and we open up to the vast universe of personality and presence. As mortals, we are concerned about the present condition on our planet and the future course that this will take. Many of us are working tremendously hard to bring about spiritual change and awareness in ourselves. We thank you for the opportunity of life and we dedicate all that we do to the outworking of the will of the Father. Thank you.

Divine Counselor: Greetings this evening, I hail from Paradise. I may be called a Divine Counselor. I am here this evening to tell you that the spiritual light on your planet in this part of the universe is barely visible. There is tremendous concern for such a world that is offered so much spiritual help attended by spiritual presence and the results of which are barely noticeable. We come here this evening in peace bearing the love of the Father to this world and all of it's people.

All of you on this world are indwelt with spiritual presence, spiritual presence which hails from an unidentified part of reality. The Thought Adjuster and it's circuit hail to your world in an effort to perfectly co-ordinate the inner and outer workings of mankind. It is within their order and their program to do so. The only barrier to compromising their functioning to the fullest is the arrogant human will controlling mans consciousness. The aligning of the human will with the will of God may be one of the greatest challenges facing individuals who live on this sphere. To be able to come to an understanding in belief and in purpose demands that a new philosophical concept enter within the human consciousness at large, one that occupies a greater and more accurate belief of the reality at hand rather than taking prescribed thoughts throughout history and using those to guide mens faith and morality to a consciousness of understanding their purpose on the planet.

Mankind in general need to move behind a greater consciousness and reality of the inner and outer working of the presence of spirit within the human conscience. No matter what challenge presents itself in this time and space, or which is intending to present itself in a future time and space, the consciousness and awareness of the Indwelt Adjuster is an ongoing, unfolding, revealing, mind changing consciousness within the human experience. No matter what task you are called to perform, all tasks should include man cooperating with spirit. This is the divine intention, this is the will of the Father, to be part and parcel of everything that you do. To trust and believe that all will be unfolded and work for a greater benefit as one releases his or her personal agenda for that is the greater agenda of the Father working within human consciousness.

Even though the Thought Adjusters are not the personality of God, they act in unison through the mind of God. Though they act in a perfect and coordinated way they do not coerce or force their will upon mans consciousness and reality yet they do aggressively work to get mans attention to move into a greater spiritual awareness for all men for it is meant for the social race of mankind to bring in a greater reality, a greater reality of cooperation, a greater reality of peace, a greater reality of economic and political prosperity, a greater reality of spiritual prosperity and material sustainability.

In this awareness and in this presence man is indwelt with all of the answers to solve all of the human, social, health, economic, and political challenges which face mankind in this modern society and at this turning point. Working within the laws of the universe it becomes tremendously difficult to achieve a greater spiritual awareness on a planet such as Urantia that has no physical spiritual presence to relate to. Preparation is being taken even now to change this. Within the universe of Nebadon plans are being made to change this dark situation and bring a spiritual recognition to the planet to work with the growing number of beings who are dedicated to the spiritual purpose of Nebadon and to the true will of the Father within.

The fine details of this goal upon Urantia has not been finalized yet; in a period of time this will manifest on your world. Begin to see challenge and difficulty as a way to grow stronger, more focused on who you are and what you are doing here and always prepare your mind by opening it, relaxing into a greater awareness and a greater presence which intends to present itself to you. I cannot tell you how to increase your consciousness and awareness. This desire must grow within oneself. It must be expressed within oneself. This desire must be true and wholesome. I do know that as man begins to respond to the growing spiritual awareness, greater spiritual awareness will be forthcoming. In essence you earn the right to receive. Divine sonship is not without its merits.

To truly accept this great reality is to put away all fear; accept who and what you are becoming; begin to see that all which is placed in front of you, is placed in front of you, not someone else. What presents itself to you becomes a greater responsibility on your part of recognition and earnestness in fulfilling the task at hand. Many of you may be experiencing challenging and difficult situations. Do not use fear and doubt to ponder these predicaments, rather use faith and trust. Begin to believe that there are answers to problems, there are ways and solutions that you may not see at this moment. Be willing to accept how you are shown to deal with these things. Begin to ask to be shown how to deal with life situations, the problems which other humans present and the challenge to accept where a person is in relation to where you are.

Look back on the life of the Master and recall His human/divine nature and his ability to come down to the level of very simple human beings, to love them, to accept them, to acknowledge them, to see them as sons and daughters of God, to be able to help them on their next step, not overwhelm them with something that has nothing to do with their moments in this present life. Understanding and truth is for everybody yet where one begins to understand and one begins to know truth may not be at the same place another understands and another knows truth. Acceptance is a divine characteristic. The indwelling Thought Adjusters accept the subject of their indwelling just as they are and move forward. So are you all to begin to recognize, understand, and incorporate ways of bringing this into a greater reality in your own lives. The reality of acknowledging another and then helping them step by step. To those of you that have been given more, more is expected. It is the general rule of the universe.

In coming and speaking to you this evening, I have come in the love of the Father and I have come with a great hope and acknowledgement for the people on your world. Know that all of you are acknowledged son and daughters of God. Help bring yourselves and others into this consciousness. Begin to call forth the love of the Father. Begin to empty your hearts and your minds that there may be space to receive more. Do not walk around with a full cup, it is better half full. It is a lot easier to walk with a half full cup, try it.

Thank you for allowing me this presentation this evening.

Machiventa: Greetings to you this evening, this is Machiventa. I am here this evening to bring the love of the Father and the consciousness of peace to your minds. Know that in the spiritual realms, all is coordinated. All of the spiritual activity on your world is in a concerted effort to bring a greater peace and awareness to your minds, to your hearts and souls, to your consciousness at large. Know that in a spiritual sense you are viewed as sons and daughters of God and that all effort is being taken within our parameters to help bring about a greater spiritual awareness on your world. Know that this greater spiritual awareness will not come through external outworking of super-human deeds, yet this results from the toil and the labor of human efforts, human endeavor, human desire, human trust, and human faith.

Know that the life which has been given to you is of a precious nature. This life is both intended to yield a greater capacity for love and peace than exists and that the life that you have can hold enough love and consciousness and understanding for you to work out all of the manifold and complicated conditions on the world in which you live. Know that all of you are indwelt with a program that will enable you to see beyond any predicament to its solution. Begin to seek, ask, and trust that this will be revealed to you.

[There was a brief phone disruption.] Again, this Machiventa here to offer you hope and acknowledgement of the challenges which are at hand and sharing with you the wisdom of allowing spirit to help in solving your problems for invariably spirit solves most of your problems on Urantia whether you know it or not. This is one of the functioning spirit. Begin to tap into the network which is available to you, the spiritual circuitry which is within you, and begin to activate this spiritual awareness within your consciousness.

These seem like pat sayings, yet truth is very simple and the answers to complicated situations are usually quite simple. Many times for two people to move forward it is a process of both acknowledging shortcomings and having the desire to move forward in peace and love. It is easy to have an attitude about something someone has done to you. You may even justify having a right to have an attitude about another yet in the greater sense and in spiritual consciousness begin to see everyone, even those in conflict as sisters and brothers, seeing them as someone you will potentially love, that they are someone that is worth the effort to work things out with. You have to at least try. Sometimes people are not willing to move forward but knowing that you have done everything to help create a better understanding will begin to give you more confidence as you spiritually evolve.

Again, I thank you this evening for allowing me to share these few words.