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Merium; Monjoronson - Earth Changes - Forces of Evil - Who Does the Work - May 02, 2010 - Central NM
LOCALE:       Rio Rancho, NM, USA
TEACHER:    Merium and Monjoronson

T/R:                Gerdean
TOPICS:         Earth Changes; Forces of Evil; Who Does the Work?
DATE:            May 2, 2010
MERIUM:     Good afternoon, little ones, this is Merium, your elder sister, glad to greet you on behalf of the Teacher Corps.

Students:        Hi!  Good to hear from you.

MERIUM:     Good to see you.  You are looking well. (Thank you.)  We have enjoyed your robust conversations and are willing to accommodate the question that has come down from one of your peers and Monjoronson is on hand to respond if you are amenable to his contribution.  (Thank you.)  I will be in the wings, watching, observing, contemplating, and perhaps will be back, but meanwhile, let me move over and allow for Monjoronson to carry forth.

MONJORONSON:   I am Monjoronson.  Good afternoon.  I did not bring this bad weather.  It was here when I arrived.

Student:          Typical spring.

MONJORONSON:   Sometimes change is difficult and sometimes lack of change is difficult.  When you are ready to see things happen and they don’t happen, it can be as frustrating as when things happen and you are not ready for them to happen, hence the desirability of adaptability.  I will not insult your intelligence by suggesting you not have expectations, for you have every right to expect certain things to come to pass because it is written that in the spring you will have renewal, in the summer you will have fullness, in fall you will have decline and in the winter you will have dormancy.  And so here in early springtime you have change, just as in the springtime of a new dispensation you have change, and sometimes it is not as speedy as you would hope and sometimes it is quicker than you would like.

Student:          Are you saying we are in the beginning of a new dispensation?

MONJORONSON:   Well, yes!  You have been for some time!  This is what all this newness is about, all this change which was spoken of some time ago.  I understand there has been a question presented – a fairly lengthy question - having to do with something I said sometime in the past.  Would you like to present that for the record?

Student:          “On June 11, 2006, you stated this with regard to population reduction:  ‘It is unavoidable; it is now in preparation, we are aware that there are forces in your world which will change the population level dramatically in a very brief period of time.’

“I have been reading about the leaders of our world and how they desire to cull the world’s population.  One leader stated over thirty years ago that the population needed to be reduced by eighty percent.  These same leaders think that they are superior to the rest of the races of mankind.  They are looking for worldwide global domination and genocide is one way to get what they are seeking.

“When you say that: ‘we are aware that there are forces in your world which will change the population level dramatically in a very brief period of time,’ are you stating that this shadow government that has the real power over all other powers and governments of the earth will commit genocide on a massive scale to cull the population of the world?”

MONJORONSON:   No, I am not saying that.  You are saying that.  You have overlaid my comment about “forces” with your concerns that those “forces” are governments and/or principalities.  Those are two different things.  People will always respond to natural disaster, but I was talking about natural disaster, and it is apparent that some of these things I predicted are in fact coming to pass.  Recall last month I said I was here somewhat as an engineer to see if the bridge would withstand earthquakes and the like.  This is an example of what I was talking about.  How will your world hold up in the face of the many dynamic physical changes that are visited upon you at this time in your geologic history?  How your governments and power structures handle these physical disasters and/or concerns is another subject entirely.

It behooves you to distinguish between the two.  No one can be held responsible for “acts of God.” They are a natural part of the evolutionary process of planetary development.  Urantia is still a young planet.  It is still cooling.  The tectonic plates are still unsettled.  Volcanoes are still giving evidence of the fact of the molten underbelly.  You can, to some extent, prepare for these disasters or forestall being negatively impacted by them, by simply being aware of the world on which you live and what the prognosis is for these natural disasters, based on history.

Many people choose to live on the hillside even though they have seen other houses destroyed by mudslides.  Many, many people live in flood zones and cannot be surprised when they are flooded out, just as people who live in the wake of typhoons and hurricanes must be prepared to batten their hatches when hurricane season comes along.  This is all part of what it is to live on a material world – particularly one that is undergoing natural changes.

Student:  Was your statement meant, perhaps, to give us a warning that these things are going to be happening? Not that it’s a bad thing, but that … just know it’s going to happen and be prepared.  It’s not an evil world; it’s that your earth is still young and settling.  We should realize that without you having to tell us.

MONJORONSON:   You should realize that without feeling I have given you a warning.  You ought to know these things about your world without my having to tell you, and having mentioned it, you should not/ ought not to be shocked or amazed that I would say such a thing.  I have nothing to do with it.  Anyone can make these observations.  If you live on the San Andreas Fault, you can expect to be affected by an earthquake.  If you live in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, you can anticipate lava flows or volcanic ash.  It is so elemental!

Student:  If the decimation comes, then how will things change if these selfish elite families are not removed?  If these selfish ruling families are allowed to remain, they will use the decimation as a time to gain further control over their brethren.  What I would like to know is whether or not these ruling elites will be removed from our earth dimension to the next one so that those persons wanting a change to light and life will see it happen.  I don’t see how we will ever achieve the opening stages of light and life if evil, selfish greedy men bent on global domination and genocide are allowed to remain.

MONJORONSON:  Obviously a part of your fears is that when disaster strikes there will be those who take undue advantage.  Your concern that the powers and principalities that rule in your world will renew their efforts with gusto to take over and rule the world for their own selfish gain … this too is nothing new.  This has been going on since time began.  Caligastia started it -- and it probably happened well before Caligastia arrived.  It has happened in every generation since.

Since Christ, there have indeed been powers that have arisen. Rome, of course, was in command when he lived here but since then there has been many changes in government, there have been new powers and they have taken turns at being the power to fear at any given time.  This is the nature of the beast -- the one which seeks to take over, that seeks power, that seeks to rule over everything and everyone.  Some of these are beneficent powers.  Some are evil and they too come and go.  They come into being and they die out, if for no other reason than because they are finite, they are temporal and they cannot last forever.  So yes, there are certain families, beginning with the Medici’s in the middle ages, and other families more recent.  There is the elite that you equate to skull and crossbones, the upper 400, those who have the bulk of the wealth, who think they own the world and they do indeed make life miserable for many, but so do mosquitoes.  You can transcend their influence.

As for their manipulating people under them, there is a certain truth to that, but the more you fear their power over you, the more power you give them.  Jesus said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”  If you comply with certain rudimentary behaviors, you can slip through the radar of their eagle eye and live an ordinary life, even a resplendent life, without being a threat to their standing.  Do they destroy races of people?  Do they encourage genocide?  Do they contribute to the demise of entire peoples and nations?  Yes, they have and they will attempt to continue to do what they feel is necessary to hold at bay those forces which threaten their base of operations, and that includes their wealth, for they worship wealth, you see, as well as power, and their ability to manipulate peoples and principalities, nations, and governments.  And yet they are no more evil, in general, than the Catholic Church, or the AFL-CIO or the Boy Scouts of America.

Everything is relative, you see.  And you can give in to their influence or step outside of their influence because you have free will.  The power that is inherent in you is greater than the power of all these wealthy old families who like to pull your strings.  You don’t have to respond to their puppeteering.  You don’t have to succumb or kowtow just because they have power. God has more power.  I have more power.  The angels have more power.  The midwayers have more power.  You have more power.  You need to discern how you can access your own power and join it with the power of your own kind so as to quietly go about doing good.

If you want to start a revolution, that’s a sure-fire way to get into trouble.  It will call attention to yourself and trouble will come down upon you like rain, but if you simply go about doing good, rendering unto Caesar just enough and rendering unto God all there is, you cannot go astray.  You have the potential within you as an individual to be a part of a movement that will change the course of planetary history.  The physical disasters that befall your world are the opportunities that exist for you to minister to your fellowmen and to build anew that which is left in the wake of disaster.  As you might say, “When you are handed lemons, make lemonade.”

I realize that sounds elementary, even Pollyannaish, and I do not mean to make light of the troubles you face.  Not only are there physical disasters at every juncture, it seems, but there is disease and death, there are accidents and casualties of war.  All these need to be dealt with and they do take a toll on the mortal -- emotionally, mentally and even spiritually -- and it does take time to recover from these assaults of human living.  But you have the potential, particularly as a society, as a group of fellow believers, understanding that we are there for you, we are helping you from our side.  If you only knew how much we help, if you only had faith that you are not given more than you can handle, you would handle it much better with much less complaining, with more creative foresight.

Student:  I am troubled because I do not see any other way for us to move into the opening days of light and life while these selfish rulers are in power.  We all want to become more godlike and love our brethren, whereas they all want to become more selfish and further enslave their brethren.

MONJORONSON:  You cannot let them win.  You cannot give them so much power that they can simply walk off with your destiny.

Student:  Another thing that troubles me about the decimation scenario is that there will be so much sorrow and breakdown of authority.  I fear that if this occurs there will be a disintegration of law and order. People will feel compelled to do whatever their heart desires.  So, without the normal boundaries in place, people will just go hog wild, so to speak.

That being said, I feel I have learned so much from a spiritual standpoint.  I know that much of what you say resonates with me and I have benefited from reading the transmissions and applying them to my life, but I do believe that there have not been enough pertinent questions concerning this decimation scenario that you outlined.  I think that if something so catastrophic is to happen, we need to have a lot more answers than we have now.

MONJORONSON:   You need to look at some of the factors you have to deal with. One is that you are bombarded with bad news.  The media loves to assault you with trauma and drama and disaster.  If it isn’t one scandal it’s another.  One problem on the heels of another, all of it delivered with a hyper-vigilant tone of voice, has a tendency to get your adrenalin pumping beyond its natural state.  Furthermore, you are missing the comfort and assurance that agriculture brings.  You have pretty much lost touch with the earth.  Your seeds are not even safe. And so without the respite derived from being at one and in harmony with nature, you are buffeted in an artificial environment, one that is overcharged with excitement and stimuli.  This renders you more vulnerable.  Your electro-chemical system is on overdrive and you tend to fear more and see the worst.

When you consider self-mastery, consider mastery over your own reactions to what life is throwing at you.  There are many, many doors you could close against the wind and the assaults of disaster.  You don’t have to welcome each trauma that comes along … although it does behoove you to know what is going on, because then you are able to send out good wishes to those who need help; perhaps you may even feel compelled to be of service in times of great need, but you need not exhaust yourself reacting to and anticipation each disaster that is made mention on a very busy young planet going through its many geologic changes.

It could be considered that these are simply excuses for people to act out.  Such behavior buys in very readily to the superstitious.  By this I mean if there is drought, there are those who say it is because God is punishing you for having had too much water; or if there is too much rain, then God is punishing you for not moving to higher ground.  And there are people who believe this way, even though it is absurd, because the weather will do what it’s going to do with or without your assistance.

There are ways to influence the weather, yes, but people do not sit around figuring out ways to influence the weather so that they can gain power over people. There are much easier ways to do that, notably to threaten you with your creature comforts.

I appreciate the invitation to come and address these concerns.  Are there other concerns we can deal with before I leave?

Student:  I remember there was an example of you coming and being the supervisor of a factory that had been destroyed and you were here to help build the factory back up.  I thought that was an excellent metaphor.  So how is the restructuring of the factory going?  Are we on time?  Are we making progress … in the restructuring metaphor?

MONJORONSON:   Frankly that is not something for you to worry about.

Student:          I’m not worried.  Just curious.

MONJORONSON:  Since you are curious, I will point out to you that there are employers, there are investors on this planet who will go into companies that are in financial trouble, buy them up – cheap – and recreate them from the ground floor, such that they begin to thrive and prosper.  They make a profit from this kind of activity.  They in many ways are able to salvage the company and the employees, perhaps even the product, although often the product line will be modified.  Such is the way with the manufacture of certain automobiles.  There are also men who are ruthless in their ability to buy and sell the lives and interests of others, who have no compunctions about buying out another man’s life work, when often it doesn’t need to start completely from scratch.  It doesn’t need to be taken away from the original owner; the original owner simply needs a little help, a little advice perhaps.  And so be advised I am not coming in to take over your factory.

Student:          No, just rebuild it.

MONJORONSON:  I am here to give it a study and help you rebuild it.  If I can point out some things in this factory that are costing you time and money without a good return, then it behooves you to follow my counsel, and so when I give you advice, don’t fear me or what I say. That fear response is yesterday’s response.  Today’s response is to see it as it is; accept it; and from that vantage point see what you need to do to take care.  We really can’t tell you what to do to take care of it.  We can only point out where the weak points are.  And the strong points!

Student:          You are the advisory team.

MONJORONSON:  An advisory team, yes.

Student:          Outside consultants.

MONJORONSON:  Outside consultants … or “foreign potentates,” if you like.  But it’s your factory, your product, your job, your community, and your accomplishment.

Student:          Well, I think we’ve got everybody working on it here … a lot of people working on a lot of uplifting projects.  

MONJORONSON:   Indeed.  Which is why we are quite pleased with our efforts thus far.  We have every reason to be pleased and so do you.  I will leave you for the afternoon.  Thank you for your time and attention.  Until next time, farewell.

Student:          Is Merium coming back?

MERIUM:     This is Merium.  May I fluff up your pillow?  (Thank you)

Gerdean:        I have a question, Merium.  Sometimes I hear you saying – and by “you” I mean you and all the other supernals -- “You just have to believe; we’ll do all the work.”  And other times I hear you say “You’re the arms and legs in this outfit.  YOU have to do all the work.”   I also hear discrepancies as to … I hear sometimes “It’s our job to see to it that it gets done,” and sometimes it is, “If we would just follow the spirit and be obedient to the spirit, it will lead the way and we don’t have to worry about how it gets done.”  So when the rubber meets the road, I get a little confused as to when human will is required and when it isn’t.  Obviously we don’t always know that our will is in synch with divine will, but in faith we assume that it is and in that context I’d like a little clarification, if it’s possible, as to how to undertake some of these projects that seem to be suggested.  “This is the challenge,” they say. “This is the project.  This is the deal.  This is the work.  This is the task.” So where do we say, “Okay, I’m going to do something about it”? And how do we know that is not our self will interjecting?  So … can you give some clarification as to that, if you understand my question?

MERIUM:     Yes, I think perhaps I can, but in order for me to do that, I will have to tell you a story.  I will have to take you into Never Never Land, into the realm of the Spirit, which operates whether you do or not.  It has purpose.  It has pattern.  It has design.  You could even say it has predestination.  And so it is hard-wired to operate progressively, productively, efficiently, creatively.  You come along and decide you want to help.  It doesn’t take much for the universe to kick in.  In fact, many times all you have to do is make a decision to do something and the power directors kick in, the midwayers pitch in, and the next piece of paradise perfection falls into place.

Student:  Just waiting for your decision.

MERIUM:  Just waiting for your decision, your willingness to seek the divine will.  There is a plan already inherent in existence.  It awaits your impetus, your cooperation. And so both are true.  It needs you to say or do something that indicates your will is to do the divine will, and then the divine will will surge ahead to the extent that it can, given the limited paradigm of finite existence.

I’m trying to think of an example in your life that would indicate such.  Let’s say you have a jar, a glass jar, a mayonnaise jar, and you are trying to get the label off.  You decide you want to put your marbles in this jar, or jelly beans, and you want to get rid of the label, so that is the task.  You soak the jar such that the water breaks up the glue that holds the label to the glass.  At a certain point you haul the glass out of the water and you give the label a nudge with your thumbnail, which may or may not take off the whole label.  It may be that you need to inch it along, or soak it some more, before the chemistry of the circumstance takes over and the label comes falling away as if it had never been there.

So you may have to get your thumbnail in gear and inch something along a little bit.  You may need to apply yourself, but eventually and gradually, due to your intent, it will come to pass.  Now, to be honest, there are some circumstances where this technique will not work, it is not meant to be.  That may be because the label is on wood and all you get for your efforts are splinters.  It may be the label is painted on, and you can’t get to the bottom without sanding the surface, which gives you something completely different than you had set out to do in the first place.  And sometimes that is the way it is with the divine will.

Sometimes it is not going to work no matter what you do because it’s not part of the paradise pattern. Maybe it’s a new invention.  Maybe it’s an example of what not to do.  Maybe it is pastime filler activity as you wait to get serious about really doing something.  Any and all of these options are a part of the process of advancing or not advancing.

You’ve been in a situation where you were supposed to do a chore and you ran into one obstacle after the other until your supervisor hollered at you for malingering, for being lazy, or irresponsible, and while you could rationalize and justify yourself up one side and down the other, you have to acknowledge that there was something not working – most likely yourself.  And so there is a lot of that that goes on.  There is a lot of looking busy and attempting to be productive, but very little actual doing it.  This is why we remind you frequently that you have to do it, even when it comes right down to it, you don’t have to do that much.  You just have to be willing.

This ties in with the saying that “it is the striving that counts.”  It is not so much what you do as what you are striving to do that matters.  As long as you are striving, you are pushing the rock up the hill; as long as you are striving, you have your eye on the prize.  But when you stop striving, you are like that cat that has become complacent, as well as content.  It knows a mouse is walking by and doesn’t care.  As compared to the cat that allows the mouse to walk by but is completely cognizant of every move it makes.  We want you to be cognizant of the movements taking place so that you can be ready to act on a moment’s notice, because if you can act on a moment’s notice, you are ready to speak for the Master when he wants you to speak through.

You are there as a willing worker in the field, ready to move a large clump of earth out of the way so that a seed can grow.  Being ready, being willing, is more than half the battle.  Many times, however, when you seek to take the entire undertaking on by yourself, you undermine your own good intentions.  In addition, you deprive your peers of the opportunity to help.  Oddly enough, these life opportunities provide you with little lessons in harmony -- harmony with your God, harmony with yourself, and harmony with your environment, including your fellows -- and if there is one thing we all enjoy it is harmony.

How nice it is, now that the storm has passed.  The air is clear and clean.  The birds are happy.  The dust has settled.  We can proceed now with another day in the life of springtime unfolding.  And your life unfolding as it should.  How it warms my heart to be your friend and to have these respites with you, these quiet moments of friendship between the realms of our being.  What a wonder that we have come so far in such a short time, to be so at home in this paradigm of reality which we have created by our desire to lower the veil between your world and mine.

Blessed be art thou, little ones.  Run along and play, and be about the Father’s business, and I will look forward to seeing you at our next event.  It will be such a party!  Bye-bye!

Group:  Thank you so much, everyone.