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Beloved One - A Lesson on Transformation - Feb 04, 2005 - Progress Group, AU
Urantia, February 4, 2005.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “A Lesson on Transformation.”
Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Perhaps it is timely for us to discuss transformation.  It has been mentioned before that everything is always in a state of flux, of change.  Energy is always energy but it takes different forms, and this allows for transformation to take place.  You may think that you are the same person you were yesterday, but that is not true, even your body goes through myriad changes from moment to moment as the chemical interactions of the physical body only stop at the moment of material dissolution, and the spirit frees itself from its mortal habitat like a butterfly frees itself from the chrysalis.  They are the moments of change, which are so very seldom noticed in the everyday life until something goes awry in the material body, and one begins to feel out of balance.  Harmony and balance in all systems is the ultimate quest.
“Many negative changes could be noticed much sooner if one would become more observant about these subtle changes by being more in present-centered awareness.  Most humans are becoming more overworked when life becomes more hectic, and as the wants increase, rather than the needs.  There is an extremely fine line here were people become so busy that there is very little time left for the observation of changes, be they in nature or in the physical body.  Only a deep sense of weariness will slowly, and quite unnoticed, start to take over.  It starts in the psyche, because the mind is not allotted the necessary rest periods through which everything gets refreshed, and energy can again be taken in.  The senses are constantly bombarded with input, be it outside noises or from an over-active and overworked mind.
“The surest way to disaster is to never take care of the inner rest periods in which the whole nervous system comes to rest, for such behavior has its repercussions in the physical body.  The spirit within has a great need to be recognized, as the spirit likes to lead the body, and the body is not meant to be driving the spirit.  Transformations always happen from the inside out.  These transformations are imperceptible at first.  They are only noticed by the outward behavior of the person, in speech and in actions.  All life is meant to progress, for this is the true creation in time – an evolving to a higher level of being.  This truth is not always recognized, and in fact there are still adherents who believe in creation alone, whilst others believe in evolution alone.  The recognition needs to dawn in minds everywhere that these go together, like hand in glove.  Evolution is creation in time and space.  In the same manner spirituality and science serve the same purpose.  They are the discovery of the inner and the outer world.
“These matters are all subject to discovery, and an ongoing development of existing potentials laid down in creation. They will be discovered as and when the material brain evolves more to comprehend the incredible possibilities awaiting discovery.  And so the human mind undergoes constant transformation as it begins to comprehend more of the mysteries of creative evolution.  At some point of discovery, one will stand in awe of the grandiose designs inherent in all of nature, and true homage will be paid to the ultimate Creator behind it all.  And perchance the human mind discovers, and in truth will recognize, this mysterious force in the Stillness of his/her being, which is behind the inner transformation, and so the spirit within will become totally free to lead the material body, rather than to be driven by its impulses.”

© 11:11 Progress Group.
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