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Session 86
Monjoronson - Reality - The Reserve Corp - Authentication - Feb 03, 2010 - Audio session #86
Subjects Discussed this Session
  • A) Reality
  • B)Reserve Corp of Destiny
  • C/Infrastructure
  • D/Authentication
  • E/Standing Tall

T/R Jonathan
Monjoronson Q&A
February 3, 2010

Machiventa Melchizedek (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Machiventa.  I am here to express the dedication of the Melchizedek core to the efforts being applied by Monjoronson and his magisterial staff to this world and to acknowledge the import of his mission.  Our presence is by way of Michael’s decree that all agencies in Nebadon may work together to bring about advancement on all the worlds that have been hindered by isolation and rebellion.  I now give the time and the space to Monjoronson.

Monjoronson:  This is Monjoronson and I make this acknowledgment of this connection.  Let us begin our evening’s session.

Mary:  Thank you.  We have a couple questions in the category of “reality”.

Preamble:  There are as many different realities as there are observers of these realities.  That is, each observer makes real what was a potential reality and brings it to life by choosing it and acting in accordance with this choice.  First an act takes potential and creates actuals.  Therefore you observe from your perspective the vast different realities being so dissimilar.  I remind you that in the greater picture has not the Father created all potentials which then may be chosen to be actual reality?

Question:  Are there then many different potentials true which lead to one actual truth?

Monjoronson:  I will begin my answer to this question by addressing the comment regarding levels of reality.  The questioner has posed that realities come about as one actualizes them, and this is true. However, those actualizations only occur within a given realm of reality that preexists the choosing.  You may actualize potentials within Supremacy.  As a finite creature in this current level of universe experience, you are unable to cause action on Ultimate levels of reality.  When an individual chooses to enact a particular course of actions based on a prior choosing, there occurs the precipitation of inherent potentials into specific demonstrable actions.  While you have the creative freedom to express these demonstrations, you are nonetheless limited by the parameters of the reality construct. That is, as one who dwells within the parameters of time and space, you are required to allow the unfoldment of time within the dimensions of space for your actualizations to develop, transpire, and conclude.

Creatures who exist on the levels of the Absolute in some regards as perceived by time"space creatures are quite limited in their ability to express themselves, for they are constrained by the precision of absoluteness, no variance is witnessed in this realm. Many of you who I address today are in the realm of the Supreme, a level of reality defined by deity that is other than the Absolute.  In the parameters that define Supremacy you have been graced with creative options. So you have the ability to not only actualize potentials inherent within the finite dimension, but you also have the possibility of invention, of infusing the dimension of Supremacy with new thought, new expression, and new action.  This is what makes our actions in this universe age not simply a responsibility but a Supreme delight. You will find limitations in your breadth of expression because we are within the domains and the coordinates of time and space.  But within that dimension, that predefined reality, there is a broad spectrum of expressibility.

I encourage every one of you to pursue the extent of your ability to express within time and space, and to trust that the creators have provided reasonable and safe boundaries within which you may function, and that you will be alerted when you are extending yourself beyond the reality constraints so applied.  If you are sincere in heart you will recognize these constraints and adjust your expressions.  If you become deluded in mind and will, you will encounter increased frustrations and even the disruptions that are inherent in a rebellious nature.

As a summary conclusion some levels of reality are specifically defined and rigid such as the level of the Absolute.  But in the realm of the Supreme there is a broad range of flexibility.  You are the co-creators. You are the actualizers.  Be not timid or fearful, for you will be counseled if you extend yourself into realms that are detrimental to the unfoldment of divinity within time and space.  However, as in the parable of the ten talents, if you do not pursue the expression of your creative will, you will be held accountable for your timidity and reluctance.

I hope this provides significant information that you may find fulfillment in your question from my answer.

Mary:  Are there different potential truths that can lead to one actual truth?  Maybe there are relative truths in the realm of Supremacy that might lead to truth on the Absolute level?

Monjoronson:  Yes, indeed.  You have in your religious lore the description of many paths that lead to the top of the mountain.  You also have the image of the many poles of a teepee that meet at the apex.  This illustrates what you speak of, for truth on the level of the Absolute -- even less than the Absolute, in the realm of the Ultimate -- is incapable of being expressed in any particular experience within the Supreme. Therefore any action and all actions, that is, living experiences, contribute to an accumulated description of the higher reality.  Any one person’s experience will seem to fall short of the expression precisely of the Absolute reality.  But as every individual expresses oneself, and as time unfolds from beginning to finite completion, all individuals, it is anticipated by the philosophers of the universe, owe incrementally and precisely describe the reality of the Absolute.

This is why you are encouraged to seek your own personal experience.  While you are guided by doctrines, advice, rules of behavior, you are also encouraged to look beyond and above those configurations, that you may discover previously unexpressed factors of reality.  You are to be the discoverers of that which has not been discerned.  Take note of the cautions expressed by those who have gone before you, but also be ready to discover that which has not yet been discerned.

Let us continue.

Mary:   The next topic is the reserve corps of destiny.  There is a reference to something that you said about it last year in June.  You said the number of those now in the reserve corps of destiny is more than one million.  This questioner has read that those persons with Thought Adjusters who are self-acting have as their subjects persons who are part of the reserve corps of destiny.  If an individual becomes aware that their Father Fragment is a self-acting Adjuster, does that person also become aware that he or she is in the reserve corps of destiny?

Monjoronson:  If that individual is able to discern that their Indwelling Spirit is self-acting then they are able to reason that they are also in the reserve corps of destiny.  However, the function of an Adjuster in the status of self-acting is such that the individual does not readily perceive that self activity, and this is because the human soul has developed to the point that it is capable of functioning as if it were the divine Thought Adjuster.  So that Fragment of God may conduct itself in activities other than tending to the welfare of the human soul and be about the Father’s business; all the while the soul of such advanced status is able to maintain spiritual progress in the absence of the Divine Spirit.  You may not discern this separation because the human being has advanced to the stage where it stands in stead of the Divine Spirit.  These individuals have learned their lessons well and are able to conduct themselves in their own stead as spirit entities.  This is not to say that your gift of God, the divine Thought Adjuster, is unconcerned with your progress, but that you have reached the level of accountability and trust.

Be not concerned about noticing your engagement and connectivity with the divine presence or its detachment or its removal for a period of time.  Be most concerned about your orientation with reality, with divinity, with the expression of the will of God, for the bottom line of what is important is the human ability to align with truth and beauty and goodness. The Divine Spirit is there to assist you, but if you do that on your own in your own power with your own will, you are expressing the greatest power of God within a human being.

Thank you for the question.

Mary:  Does a person’s Thought Adjuster work with that individual to produce spiritual qualities that will be of use when this world faces its crises?

Monjoronson:  My response is simply yes.  That is the purpose of the reserve corps, to have individuals ready to act even though they are unknowing of their abilities to respond in such situations.  The individual himself will not necessarily know what those abilities are, what the responses will be.  Trust that to the Divine Spirit to have them in place and ready to go.

Mary:  The next question is in the category of infrastructure.

Preamble:  The development of man and the use of natural resources is often hampered by specialized interests who block development to maintain their own profitability.

Question:  How does God work with a selfish mankind to the extent technology becomes stagnant?

Monjoronson:  Primarily God is merciful and loving, forgiving, and patient.  While the divine perspective desires the highest function of all will creatures, that is, that each individual makes decisions and acts according to their highest understanding of truth, that God knows that within the dimension of the evolutionary realm that each individual will fall short of the ideal.  While it would be beneficial to all who reside on the planet that resources be available to everyone, God understands that in order to reach such a state which we have revealed to you as Light and Life there will be the necessary intervening stages of profitability, resource management, resource hoarding, and distribution.  These are unfair levels of progress, but they teach mankind on your world the higher way over the long course of evolution.

If you were to find yourself on any worlds of Havona, this question would be irrelevant.  But in the grand universe of time and space you are required to develop and attain the levels of Havona reality.  In the course of reaching such a state you must encounter the sophistries of selfishness, of profiteering, and resource distribution.

While you may not enjoy that your current state is in the ratio between selfish acquirement of wealth and the beneficence of distribution of plenty to all, you are a significant factor in making progress towards the balance and harmony of Light and Life.  Be less frustrated with the condition you find yourself in and more encouraged to improve incrementally the situation you are at to the situation you would be perceived to be down the road of progress.  Trust that in the long run you will reach the state of providence for all people for the benefit of all beings, and that the provisions made by  specific individuals will not be for selfish gain but in the mode of service and love.
Mary:  What is your view of an individual’s responsibility to call attention to selfish behavior that continues to harm the masses?

Monjoronson: My comment is to exemplify the way of righteousness.  While that may be belittled as arrogance or elitist or even as I have said, righteous, such acts which demonstrate the truth so believed are far more impacting upon the soul that is lost in [TR: I want to say Œconflagration’] than would be any words that depict legality or proper processes of behavior, for these responses are levels of mind, and mind has the flexibility of supposition and  dismissal.  
When an individual witnesses the behavior of another individual it has a great degree of reality response and impact.

In short, I would say to speak of loving one another is one thing, but to love one another has a depth and a breadth beyond any utterance.

Mary:  The next question is about authentication. How can we know that the authentic Monjoronson speaks to any one individual and that the words communicated are reliable and true?

Monjoronson:  . saying that those words, the communications, the configurations by which such communications are expressed are unverifiable.  You must as a seeker of truth hone your ability to discern truth and to not readily accept any expression that I give through any TR as truth verified.  You must, as your sovereign ruler of Nebadon said when he was on your world, if you have ears to hear may you hear.  You have within you the Fragment of God; that is your true source of verification.  Take what you receive from me through any one of my orifices of expression into stillness with the divine Parent of whom you are the child.  There you will receive your validation, or there you will receive notice to further your spiritual progress.  That may mean not paying attention to my contact with you.  That may also mean clarifying your conceptual frameworks such that you are able to receive my contact.

I am not here to prove to you that I am who I am. I am simply here to assist you to become more than you are, to unfold the divinity that is within you that you may be the resplendent child of God that you are already that you have not yet unfolded.

Mary:  The last category is “standing tall”.  I appreciate that Machiventa has been with us this evening because the preamble of this question refers to something he said in 2003.  Preamble:  Machiventa spoke of how he sees our population’s will to stand tall and be strong against the prevailing conditions on our planet.  He said, “You mortals need to experience upliftment within your souls and to feel a lightness within your hearts.  We have flown in thousands upon thousands of willing heavenly entities to help bring the spring back into your step and the steps of your fellow brothers and sisters.  I say to you to look up and see the face of Christ Michael standing tall beside you. Know that his angels and workers are at the task of trying to bring about a solution, doing all that is within their power.”

Question:  What sign does the average man need from our spiritual superiors to boost a lagging spirit to meet the pressures of living life on Urantia?

Monjoronson:  Firstly I will express it in rather mundane terms.  The fact that the sun rises every morning.  Regardless of the consequences and actions of the day prior, a new day dawns.  Regardless of what occurs you may take up anew; you may cast aside the ways of the past and be born again.

On the level of spirit, develop within yourself increasingly the trust of the assistance of your higher brothers and sisters, your celestial ministers, for they are able to perceive the conditions upon your world with a perspective that most human beings are incapable of discerning.  Let them know you are willing to conform to their projections of what is best for this world, and that you are willing to assist in making those projections real in the dimension of human life.

If your world was so tragic that it could not be acceptable within the grace of the divine, you would no longer exist.  But the sun rises each day, and so you are accepted within the Father’s embrace.  The challenge is to adjust yourself to higher and more refined levels of being.  Look to your assistance deep within yourself and to your friends about you who are expressing what they have come to discern as spiritual reality.  Make your adjustment willingly to the higher way.  Know that you are amply supplied with assistance, that you are given all that you need to be able to attain those higher levels you seek.  In so attaining those levels you will demonstrate to others about you that these standards of behavior, these orientations of mind, are real.

Give yourself the wide path of personal discovery while at the same time focusing your eye on the precise discernment of spiritual truth.  Enjoy the oscillations that will occur between the breadth of your expression and the precision of your discernment.  As you hone in on what you perceive to be the most true and the highest good you will give to the universe the blessings of the broad discoveries you encounter along the way.  As every one of you does this you give to God what is the Supreme desire of the Almighty, and that is the expression of His children that they live within the universe that He has given.  In so living, the divine Father/Mother witnesses what was not able to be experienced on the high levels of the Absolute.  You provide a dimension of deity, for you are while children of God also God.

Mary: Thank you for being here to answer our questions.

Monjoronson:  My concluding remarks are that I hope that each one of you does not underestimate yourself.  You are endowed with the divine source, the Father Fragment.  Therefore you have within you all that God is, and you also are blessed with all the potentials that lay resident within the Supreme realm of time and space.  So you have the ability to express yourself in manners and methods which each one of your lives is unable to express fully.  But each one of you can do some, and all of you will do all.  This is a blessing. Accept this seeming paradox, what may be called the pure and the imperfect.  You have them both within you.  Get up each morning and approach your life knowing this as fully as you can and each day more fully.

Those are my comments to you.  Thank you for your interest.  I cherish every one of your questions.

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