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Monjoronson - Soul Families - Race Meanings - Universe Age -  Dec 08, 2009 - Audio Session #78  Q/A Session #78  2009-12-08
Teacher: Monjoronson
T/R: Henry Zeringue
Moderator: Mary Rogers


  1. Soul Families
  2. Racial Meanings
  3. The Age of The Universe

December 08, 2009

Prayer: Father connect us in this love, hold us in oneness as we attempt again to articulate the spiritual vibration such as a needle picks up musical vibrations off of a vinyl record, [as if] to touch spirit in this moment. Thank you Father for this.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, this is Monjoronson and back to the question and answer concerns for our electronic data base. Thank you for the effort that keeps me connected to this level of the population, thank you.

Mary: Welcome Monjoronson, thank you for coming along.

Soul Families:

Question #1: This questioner want to know if perhaps Thought Adjusters proceed out from the First Source as groupings or identities. Might the Thought Adjusters and their associations with each other somehow come into play with determining who we find ourselves in relationship with and to during our physical life?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. To answer this question I will reference the Urantia papers text to the sphere of activity called Divinington which is a somewhat secretive and off base sphere. Yet what is known is that Thought Adjusters arrive on Divinington, are given assignments. After they have secured them they are tested. They are not sent out as groups and there are not many details as to how it is known or either what constitutes the decisions and choices made by these Thought Adjusters that go out and work within different types of human species.

Since Thought Adjusters can operate continuously from one individual on one sphere to another individual on another sphere at another time intermittently does not give any rational explanation to the inner workings of these infinite and creative aspects of the First Source and Center. What is certain is that there is an innate ability as drops of water have an innate ability to coagulate together into one large puddle, so do the Thought Adjusters have a propensity to engage in inter-communication and coordination of activities based on the responsibility of the indwelt subject.

There have been in recent times, more self-acting Adjusters sent to inhabit the children of Urantia. They exhibit a more aggressive nature, a nature of light within the being which exerts itself directly within darkness. Thought Adjusters do not return to the Father on completion of service. They return to Divinington and are reassigned. One can only imagine the storehouse of intricate information which goes into coordinating these perfect aspects of the Father. Thank you for this question.

[Philip] Preamble: Monjoronson, It's always been my understanding that at some point my Adjuster would fuse with me and we would be around forever. Of late I've read and heard several inferences which was much like the one you've brought forward, that our Adjusters, when the mission was done, return to Divinington to be re-assigned which seems to implicate we are not always going to have our Adjuster with us. The reason I think it important is because I've always taken it for granted that my Adjuster would be with me and I could always ask Him [questions] when in a more conversant mode. It's important to me that if He perhaps isn't always going to be around, that maybe I'd pay a little more attention while He's with me even though if billions of years down the road, at some point it sounds like, He is taking His leave.

Question #2:  It this where the gap between the 6th degree finaliter and the 7th degree is? Do we become perfected then and go back into service in this universe or maybe on to the outer universes? Could you speak to that please?

Monjoronson: Thank you very much for this concern and let me say that I should have clarified my statement about the Adjusters returning to Divinington after the job was done. After the job is done, refers to the when the human has rejected, finally rejected, consciously rejected the influence of the Adjuster within ones mind and that person has chosen, if that person is on the mansion worlds, that person has chosen annihilation. Or if it happens on the world of nativity, the Adjusters do not return and the persons are not re-personalized.

What is referred to as the Adjuster's terminating their jobs sometimes refers to Adjuster indwelt mortals who are not of the Adjuster fusion series yet they entertain the Adjusters for a lifetime to gather experiential experiences before they are embraced by either the Son, the Spirit or the Father. There are many reasons why Adjusters indwell humans and do not fuse with them. Make no mistake as to your present situation and ordeal of living with your own Adjuster; the final agreement has not been negotiated in this life and it will continue through the portal as your are re-personalized with your Adjuster and yes, the intermediate space, the interim space which exists between your death and your resurrection, the Adjusters do sojourn at Divinington and refresh their next course of attainment with their human subjects on the mansion worlds.

So be not concerned that you will not have adequate time made available for use to gain the wisdom of the [ages] and fuse with your Adjuster. Obviously there are still some lessons to learn. The mansion worlds provide adequate resources to accommodate the various levels of Adjuster activity that humans entertain with their Adjuster. The spiritualization of a human is usually a group effort from the spiritual standpoint. Does this answer your question?

Philip: Yes, it sure does, you scared me a little bit. I just got a little pang of loneliness all of a sudden and I'm encouraged by that answer, thank you.

Monjoronson: Well thank you for this concern and the occasion to respond greater as to what is meant by when the Adjuster's job is done.

Multiple Uses & Meanings of the Word Race:

Preamble: This next question has to do with the use of the word race in some references within the Urantia Book, in particular this questioner recalls that the Urantia Book mentions that at the resurrection halls we will be segregated by race and then they are speculating that perhaps 'by race' they don't mean the colored races like on a planet but that perhaps the race of mortal beings from a particular planet like the human race from Urantia as opposed to a mortal race from another planet.

Question #3: Are we correct to call all species variations on one planet its human race?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. This question and the material from which it references in the Urantia Book is based on the fact that within the universes, the Universe of  Nebadon in particular and within the system of Nebadon, the initial morontia experiences are set up to provide security, familiarity and an environment in which the individuals grow to finish the training to become one with the Indwelt Spirit. On most normal worlds, most of the races have already been amalgamated, they have been brought into a blending of one race. In those instances, in the initial mansion world experiences this is usually what is meant, segregating into races, planets or beings who translate that have not been amalgamated and in particular, worlds such as Urantia which have not very much blending in terms of all of the genetics.

It therefore becomes necessary on the mansion worlds to segregate in terms of families, social groupings, groupings which become familiar when one crosses over. It is true all of the different genetic makeups within the family of man or a race of humans, this is certainly true. There is an outworking which amalgamated and blended races don't have to go through which people which exhibit other racial tendencies [that] have to make adjustments and again, these generalizations have nothing to do with the specific nature of Urantia mortals who make it to the mansion worlds or make it to the probation areas of the mansion worlds.

Most of the segregation is done by man himself. Considerations are taken into account as to the nature and sensitivity of the individual. There are many aspects of the mansion worlds which humans will find peculiar yet there are functional factors which go into deciding how the mansion worlds conduct their business. Again there are large groupings of families into communities in the initial mansion world states. At this time I cannot say much more about this, thank you.

The Age of the Universe:

Preamble: There seems to be a difference between the age that scientists think the universe is and the age which the universe is according to the Urantia Book.

Question #4: Are we correct to infer from the Urantia Book that the age of the universe is far older than what our modern science is saying?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Urantia scientists have not completely understood all aspects of cosmological relationships. What Urantia scientists call the ages are references to conditions and reactions which took place at the actual formation of the Universe of Nebadon which took a tremendous time to establish an order and maintain order within all of these suns. The scientists on Urantia see from a linear time relationship which is not the same time relationship which exists on the universe level of Nebadon. The references in the Urantia Book are based on universe time relationships. References within your local system and within your own planetary systems are referenced to those time levels, the system level and the planetary level. Urantia scientists cannot be expected to reference things in universe time relationships. Thank you for this question.

Preamble: The questioner says that there must be, apparently from science, that we know there are four fundamental forces from nature that have to be in an exact ratio for life to exist. [gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear strong force, nuclear weak force]

Question #5: Do these energies have to be in place before the creation of the stars and planets?  Are the Architects of the Master Universe the actual creators of the stars and the planets and afterwards the Creator Sons manipulate them to begin their local universe?

Monjoronson: The activities of the Master Architects deal in the physical attributes and actualities of the universe as well as the time and relationship activities of the universe and the spacial quality to the actual Grand Universe; the coordination of universes within the Grand Universe comes under the direction of the Master Architects and their constituents. The Master Architects hail from Paradise to reflect the Havona pattern through the Master Spirit of the particular Superuniverse of their designation and coordinate all activities based upon these patterns. The Master Architects design and credit the intentions of the Michael's to complete their universes yet it is not the activities of the Master Architects themselves which create the quantum movement of energy and mass which create the stars and the massive heavenly bodies yet they are all meticulously designed within the consciousness of the Master Architects. The Grand Universe, physically, is a reflection of their hand in its manipulation, thank you.

Question #6: One reader pointed out that they felt that the Big Bang is the "Roar of the I Am." Using that label, was there. In the time/space universes, any roar made by the I Am which we can physically examine?

Monjoronson: Again, this question stems from the activity of the Master Architects for the specific universe of time and space. In essence they have been commissioned by Paradise through the activities of the Central Deities to perform in Havona-like manner, the repercussive qualities of time and space as it is reflected from within Havona. Rather, the roar of the I Am is the initial contact of the Thought Adjuster to its indwelling subject when that subject has reached the final stages which precede Adjuster fusion in which the Adjuster makes direct contact. This is at the end of the Hall of Ages, that long and somewhat tedious undertaking which is made tedious by the animal nature of the subjects sphere of habitation. There is not much reference for this phenomenon on Urantia at this time and we are ever hopeful. Thank you for this question.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson for addressing these questions. The human mind is quite serious about trying to figure out things about the physical  universe and the Urantia Book brings up a lot of these questions in peoples minds and I appreciate you addressing some of them. That is the end of tonight's questions, thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you again for this opportunity to shed a little more light of clarification on some of the concepts which people are trying to negotiate within their own minds, to see them more clearly and understand them with a greater reference or with the references they do have, to understand more about the universe. One of the peculiar things about the way that things are set up; things are set up on a need to know basis, if you need to know something, that will be revealed to you. All information serves all people, particular information serves particular individuals. Thank you for the effort extended to qualify the questions that you ask at these sessions. Good evening.