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JarEl - The World Needs Correction - Nov 23, 2009 - Arcadia, CA
Arcadia, California, U.S.A.
Monday, November 23, 2009, 8:00 pm
Teachers:  JarEl
TR:  George Benavides

  • We are fortunate to have each other; people with similar goals and thoughts.
  • The mixed up and confused world needs correction, needs us to speak out.
  • We have been given a wonderful revelation in The Urantia Book.
  • The book contains essentials we really do need to understand our place…
  • Yet, much was left out that wasn’t yet necessary for us to understand.
  • The information we have now is enough for us to grow as spiritual citizens…
  • What we have is so valuable and wonderful that it will change this planet
  • The challenge now is to communicate by reaching out to God and others.
  • The challenge is for us to grow in spirit, light and life.
  • As guardians of this revelation it is our duty to….
  • There may be occasions we need to rise up to, and set things right.
  • Why do I find it so difficult, this spiritual growth path?
  • Aren’t we here mainly for the care of others?
  • Isn’t it correct that there are no more evil spirits around to bother us?
  • Are evil tendencies almost like a virus?
  • Aren’t we sort of like turtles who carry our homes within us?

Prayer:  Michael:  Dear Father/Mother, I’d like to thank you for tonight’s gathering.  It’s a little sad for me to leave this wonderful and beautiful circuit of people, but I know that each one of them is etched into my soul and I am going to take everything I’ve learned here and use it to strengthen my life as I go on.  So thank you for these gatherings and thank you for these wonderful people.  May you continue to bless us all with your love, with your truth, with your light and with this incredibly challenging but adventurous world and this romantic universe.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you make this possible for us.

JarEl:  TR, George:  Good evening.  It is I, your teacher JarEl.  It is good to be back again and I welcome those who have not been here for a while.

You are all very fortunate to have each other as friends, as acquaintances, as people of similar goals and similar thoughts.  For the most part your world is mixed up, confused.  It leans more and more into a materialistic understanding of the universe.  But in a way it is a good thing, for it creates an extreme on the other side of the spectrum, where the opposite is true.  The more and more it leans into one direction, the more and more all of you see the need to speak out and to correct many of these misinterpretations of how the universe acts or how the universe is.


You have been given a wonderful revelation in the form of The Urantia Book that explains much of what you need to know.  For much of this was debated prior to the construction of The Urantia Book as to what you really do need to understand your place in this universe.  And much was left out for it was not yet necessary for you to understand.  At one point in your universe career these things will be revealed to you.  But for now, suffice it to say that the information that you have is enough for you to begin to grow as a spiritual citizen of this universe.  And what you have is so valuable and so wonderful that it will change this planet.  It will bring new understanding and new, wonderful motivation for its citizens to not only correct their mistakes but to grow in the grace of God as it is illustrated in the book.  The book will ultimately be just a guide for all of those who truly know God.  It will be a wonderful message and roadmap for those who truly seek to understand God.But in the end the truth will be revealed from within, from your understanding and your connection with God the Father.  In the end you will be given more and more revelation, more understanding.  And as you pass on from this planet, you will be accessing more.  So in the end you will look back to these wonderful days of your discovering The Urantia Book.  You will not only be grateful for this beginning trend in your life, but you will also be understanding of why much was omitted and why you could not have all the information that you wished you had.  It was all thought out in advance.  There are no mistakes as to why so many things were omitted.  Just know that what you have here was enough for this place and time.

The challenge that you have now is to communicate; to reach out to God and to others from God.  The challenge is for you to grow in spirit; in light and in life and to make that connection that is and shall always be within you.  It is not something external that you seek out or build.  It is something that is inside you that your ancient forefathers already knew.  It is just a simple matter of looking within and knowing who you are so that you may separate yourself from all the understanding that comes your way and so that you may know that it is from without when you receive this.

Every one of you here is capable of communicating, of reaching out.  There is nothing more special about any one of you that sets you apart and makes you different.  For God loves all of you and God has equipped every one of you with the same patterns that will make it possible for you to reach Him.  And perhaps that is what is so unique and special about those who read The Urantia Book; that they look at all peoples as equals.  They recognize his potentiality in every human being and so they treat others as their equals, while at the same time searching for that true Source and Center that will find them perfection.

As guardians of this revelation, it is your duty to disseminate all the truths that you find within this book into the world.  So that others may one day realize their importance in life, their value.  For it is truly sad that now in the world so many feel they have no value.

And so many more feel that others do not have any value.  You are all equal in God’s eyes and He loves you all just the same.  To diminish another human being is so terrible  it is painful to watch.  For all those of us who have at one time been mortal understand its cruelty.  Though, also, we understand that as a people you are where you’re at in your evolutionary status and sometimes you cannot help yourself in being this way.  And those who seek revelation (it is those who seek God) that rise above this common attitude and seek higher understanding and higher morals and ethics, that will eventually set them apart from the common mind.  And it will eventually bring a semblance of humanity to the peoples of Urantia.

So, if, at a time, you see cruelty, and iniquity; if, at a time, you see that people are being treated with deference and cruelty, rise up to that occasion to set things right.  For you know the truth in this matter and it should not be so that you remain silent.  You are the light of this world.  In you – you hold truths innumerable to count.  The potential in each and every one of you is so great and so powerful that it will change the world over.  You simply must seek for this truth, locked away inside of you, so that you may, in turn, bring it out to the world.

And with that, I now ask if there are any questions?

John:  JarEl I seem to be in conflict so much with my life activities, outside of the realm of the fellowship within Urantia study groups and Teaching Missions and those other types of activities, and I am finding it exceedingly difficult to bring forth these qualities that I seem to be receiving in these meetings and the study groups into my daily life.  Why is that?  Can you offer any kind of help on that, please?

JarEl:  TR, George:  The ideals that you seek can sometimes not mesh well with your real life.  It is up to you as an individual to coordinate all that is in you and relate it to your real life.  And perhaps many times that you cannot coincide much of this has to do with you and how you react and how you manage a situation.  Those situations will always be there; those circumstances will always exist.  But it is up to the individual how he or she reacts.  You still have a lot to learn and you still have much growing to do.  Have patience in your understandings and your approach.  You will eventually come to a place where you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings and with those that you love.

Any relationship requires work and commitment, but it also requires a great amount of patience to see it through.  Your commitment to things spiritual is admirable, but that should not take over your entire life.  Do not take everything so seriously.  Learn to live your life as a human as well, for you are part of this world.  And allow yourself to make mistakes, but always have in mind to correct those mistakes later on.  You are not perfect, but you will eventually get there.  But it is not something that will happen tomorrow or next year or even in fifty years.  Perfection is an eternity goal.  Learn to appreciate the things that you have and it will go a long way towards finding happiness in this existence.

Does that help?

John:  Yes, thank you.

JarEl:  TR, George:  Are there any other questions?

Ernie:  I have more of a statement, as a mandate I received.  It goes along with the lesson in that it was stated “Who we are and what we are given is for the care of others.”

JarEl:  TR, George:  That is a very true statement and you must ponder those words and truly understand what they mean for you and for those you feel you must care for.  It is too easy to just identify a certain group of people and say that those are the people that you need to look after, while, at the same time, you discriminate a whole other group of people.  What you have inside you and what you are given is meant for you to protect all humans.  But protection must be correctly disseminated.  It is not an easy black and white type of protection, it must be understood and debated.  There are all sorts of protection for this planet.

Are there any other questions?

John:  I think I know the answer to this one, but I just want to get an affirmation from you.  As far as I know and from what I read in The Urantia Book, we won’t have to worry about any evil spirits out there anymore bothering us, other than perhaps the residual effects of what has occurred in the past.  Is this correct?

JarEl:  TR, George:  That is partly correct, my friend.  No evil spirits or evil beings will interfere with your freewill, not unless you ask them to.  You have a protection around you that was given to you by Michael and your freewill is king among all of this.  However, you can fall into that pattern of seeking other evil spiritual beings that will affect your mind and corrupt your soul.  Residual evil does exist, but this residual evil is a pattern that affects other minds and other spiritual beings and they in turn perpetuate it to those who seek these types of patterns.

The pattern of life, which is God, is void of these evil tendencies, for it does not exist within His perfect pattern.  So the more you see this corrupted pattern, the less the pattern of God is imprinted on you.  The less real you become, the more confused you become and eventually there comes a time when the separation between you and God is so great that cosmic insanity ensues and the ultimate corruption of your mind and soul is irreversible.

But, you should not worry about those things which you have not sought out yourself.  Remain faithful and loyal to God and He shall always be there to protect you.  There is no need to seek out these lesser, corrupted, individuals who have failed in their own personal lives.  They are truly confused and truly disoriented and they ultimately will confuse you as well, if you seek them out.

John:  I guess it’s almost like you could call these evil tendencies, almost like a virus, I guess, huh?

JarEl:  TR, George:  Yes, it is a virus.  It is a pattern, a way of thinking, a way of understanding the universe.  A confused way, albeit, for it makes claims about things that  are not and it seeks out to confuse those who know the truth, but are doubtful about what the truth is.

Those who understand God and feel God should lean on that understanding. You are all very powerful that they cannot reach you.  And that is the power behind your freewill.  So trust in God and in yourselves to finding the truth.  Do not shatter or fall apart in the least amount of doubt for that only shows that you never truly believed.  Find out who you are so that you may be grounded in your understanding of who God is and what He means to you.  When you are sure of who God is for you, no amount of doubt in the world can sway you from Him.

Any other questions?

Michael:  Well JarEl, I just want to extend my appreciation for all these lessons that you give us.  And, I am going to be leaving town, I don’t know when I’ll return again to be able to sit here in this group.  But I just wanted to thank you for these times that have helped to grow my understanding and to grow my spirit and my soul one step further.  Thank you.

JarEl:  TR, George:  You are welcome.  And let me remind you that, from my perspective, you are going nowhere just yet. (laughter)

Michael:  I thank you for reminding me of that, as well.  And, just to add, recently I had a session, with a journal, where I was contemplating that we’re  moving from this home to that home and it instantly came to me, explaining how we are like the turtles – we carry our homes with us, within us, always, and everybody and everything is constantly within us.  And I understand that I have to keep reminding myself that the material is only one sliver of the grander puzzle, the grand pie, so to speak.

JarEl:  TR, George:  Yes, this world is a bridge which you traverse over to get to the other side.  But you always carry your home with you; (Yes) your existence, your understanding of humanity and your friends.  And when you eventually do leave this planet, all that you have inside you will be all you need.  And you will find that out as you go.  You have a glimpse of this understanding.  You are very intelligent and very intuitive as well.  The people that you leave behind here will always be with you.  And the people that you will eventually meet have always been with you in some way.  When you eventually eliminate all time barriers, you will see that friends and family and God and even I, have always been with you.  And that is something to ponder.

And with that, I leave, goodnight.

All:  Goodnight and thank you.