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Abraham - Stagnation of Beliefs Overlook Truth - Nov 23, 2009 - Woods Cross Group
November 23, 2009

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It is once again a treat for me to be with you. I love all your real life stories and how you apply your spiritual principals to them. Know that with a thriving spiritual life we are more likely to be healthy in a mental, physical and emotional way.

I love to meet with you truth seekers that are willing to see all angles of a situation without personal prejudices. We know that we can enforce our angle of truth in our own minds to meet our personal beliefs. How blessed are we to have the Spirit of Truth who is patient in His teachings and yet, direct. Some truths are only learned through repeated experiences and this is not to punish but to enlighten.

You know that when we pass from this mortal life we will have had some training on receiving the full truth or in other words—sometimes bright but blinding light. We have to question some truths that you hold so firmly to and cause you to defend it. The Master can work more thoroughly when truths are accepted naturally than seen with judgmental eyes. When you are so firmly grounded in beliefs they are likely to stagnate and higher truths overlooked.

The Master is a conductor of experience and new understanding in which He teaches higher-mindedness. Like Mother, all we must do is call upon Him and be open for His suggestions. I am not saying to stop questioning theories as they come into your mind, but I mean to measure your levels of truth with how you feel they could possibly serve. Are the truths self-serving and are they stepping in the Master’s way to put a spin on truth as we would have it?

It is an amazing combination of the Spirit of Truth and our Mother Spirit to assist us in our seemingly uninteresting aspects of mortal living. One is powerful to uncover truth and the other is helping you to decipher it. They are kind and loving Parents, yet they do not sugar-coat or will not change their ways to suit yours, you can try all you want. There are many gifts these two Parental figures give us that show us our own talents and if we are open and without judgment, we can find new callings or discover new talents.

We have all experienced the growth of intuition since we have begun our Correcting Time. Intuition is built upon both by Mother and Michael’s Spirit. We can attain this gift for ourselves, given time and patience. We can cultivate our gift of intuition by seeking our Parental figure’s presence. They each have knowledge and power to make seemingly meaningless circumstances into something valued and easily understood.

This week we recommend that you seek the presence of both Michael and our Mother in connection with typical difficulties in daily living. What gifts do they bring that help yours to flourish? Our understanding is one of Trinity and completeness. How blessed are we to know them on an intimate level. Mary will be with us next week and as usual, sends her love, as I also do. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.