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Monjoronson Prayer Call - Forming Healing Vision of Urantia - Use of Stillness - Oct 25, 2009 - Donna D'Ingillo CCC
D’Ingillo Oct 25, 2009 Monjoronson Prayer Call
[Transcriber’s note: audio archives of Oct 25, 2009 - Monjoronson Prayer Call Teleconference]
Teacher: Monjoronson
T/R Donna D’Ingillo
Transcribed from audio by Tjerrow


1. Centering Exercise
2. Prayer

1.Forming A Holistic And Healing Vision Of Urantia – Part 2
2.The True Meaning Of Liberty

1.What can I do? What Is Monjoronson’s Vision Of Our Role?
2. Stillness Is Your Most Important Activity
3. All Humanity Is Designed To Unify In Oneness.

Centering Exercise

DONNA: In your mind’s eye, envision that we’re all connected – heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind – as an energy configuration. Bring your energy into your right leg, up through your heart center, down through your left leg and let it flow into the person that you envision next to you. And, in your mind’s eye, draw a line of energy from your left leg, going up into your left temple, going through your brain to your right temple, down your right side and right leg, going into the left leg of the person you envision standing next to you. This is just a little centering and energy-circle building exercise we can do.


Mother and Father, we thank you for this opportunity to be together in your family and to share in the joy of building the spiritual energy presence on our planet that brings in the new planetary administration and culture. We don’t always know what we’re trying to accomplish because this is so beyond our understanding. Yet, we participate with full hearts. We ask you to use our heart energy and our mind energy; that this may be added into the construct that Monjoronson and his staff are using to bring more light, more peace, more love to Urantia. We stand before you, unified in purpose. We thank you for spreading yourself into our presence today, that we may become unified as one mind and one heart in your will and through your praise.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson: and I welcome you to this gathering of joy and celebration today. It is through your efforts that our efforts are made manifest, and there are a variety of ways that you can assist us in the inauguration of the magisterial mission that precedes the dawning of Light and Life on Urantia. You have many helpers around you who are poised to assist you as you open your mind more expansively to the information that we wish to share with you. Today, in the work that we wish to achieve and the goals we wish to accomplish through your efforts, we would invite you to go into that desire of your heart - go into that place of allowing yourselves to be further refined in the Father’s will. ***Stillness***

Spend a few moments asking for our presence to alter your ways of thinking that are more aligned with the ways and the ideals that your Adjusters wish to convey to you. ***Prayer***

Spend just a few moments doing this before we proceed into further healing and prayer to allow these circuits to expand and enfold around you.


Spend a few moments being appreciative of all you have been given and all that is yet to come. Truly, you are being uplifted in ways you are not consciously aware of yet. These gifts being shared with you are all a part of Michael’s corrective plans for this world and you are being well served in opening yourselves up to receive this. ***Gratitude (Worship)***

The circuits of Urantia are open. The question to ask yourself is, “How do I wish to use these?” There are many ways in which you can tune into these circuits. Spend time with your indwelling Father Fragment. Ask to be guided into an expansive awareness of how to use these circuits; for they are here for you, my brethren, to become acquainted with and to use them to your advantage and for service to your brothers and sisters. The time is coming when the hungry hearts of Urantia will be more fully satisfied with the peace and love of Michael within their hearts.

Forming A Holistic And Healing Vision Of Urantia

So, let us begin today where we left off in our last call. As you focus now on the joy and celebration that accompanies being liberated sons and daughters, spend a few moments thinking about this idea of liberation. It’s not only your liberation, [but also the liberation of the] whole of humanity; and of the planet itself from the ways of darkness and from the repression of sin and iniquity. Spin your world in the center of your energy circle. ***(the energy circle created by the joining together of the participants during the centering exercise)*** In your mind’s eye, allow yourselves to see the beauty of the world – the majestic mountains - clear lakes and streams running with clean pure water – the animal and plant life…so abundant…so rich…so full…so diverse. The planet is truly beautiful in terms of its physicality; and you will long remember the beauty you enjoyed here during your eternal career. This is part of your soul growth to appreciate not only where you have come from, but also what it was like to live here. Allow yourselves to drink in the beauty of your world. Feel the desire in your heart for this world to be fully liberated from all the darkness that has befallen it over its long turbulent history.

Now, in your minds eye, focus on the word liberation. As you envision the world, envision it in this word “liberation.” This word is a living reality of Michael’s heart – of Nebadonia’s mind. Hold your world in this word. We will use your visualization to wrap these threads of liberation around it; […having it felt?] more deeply into the fabric – the very filaments of the mindal energy of your sphere – and plant it deeply into the core of the earth. As you do this, pour your love into your visualization from the heart. Feel your desire for this earth to truly be free. Pour your energy from your heart into this for your brothers and sisters to be free – to be lifted out of the many attachments to the cultures and traditions that are keeping them in spiritual bondage. These are your children, Father. The hearts of Your awakened sons and daughters here are adding into their desires and Yours to free these individuals – to build new circuitry around them – that they may know the beauty and joy of being Your sons and daughters. Spend a few moments feeling and focusing on this - for Michael to step in and to continue to feed His will into this world.

You are providing an inner construct for this to occur through your intentioned focus. Michael’s redemption plans for Urantia and the other worlds, who participated in the rebellion in your system, have brought new life to this world for many years to come – many years. But now there is an insurgence of expanded energy – new energy that will alter the collective consciousness in a way that humanity has never yet experienced. This will be a way of life for many ages to come. The liberation that you are holding the focus for is not just an intentional thought field that you are creating, but is a living, spiritual presence that can quicken in the hearts and minds of your brethren…help them awaken…help them become more interested, more curious, more hungry to know the truth; herein lies your liberation. When you know the truth, it will indeed set you free.

Now, in your minds eye, allow yourselves to focus now in that place of the earth - in its core. As you focus there, invite my presence to grow. If it helps to envision. envision the word “Monjoronson” now in the core of the planet. Invite my presence to expand through your heart. Pour your heart energy into this visualization and ask for my energy presence to grow in this core of the earth. As you do this, also envision yourselves being attached into this vision. Let your hearts and your bodies grow into this energy form. Let yourself sink deep into the core of the earth. Know that, here, you and I gather to build a new world, a new planetary civilization that is rooted in the Father’s will.

Now, in your minds eye, invite the presence of Michael. Envision that His hands are the hands holding the earth; and your Mother Nebadonia is the energy field within His hands, supporting the earth in Their Love. Feel your desire for your Mother and Father’s presences now to enfold the earth; and we will all radiate and vibrate in this love as it builds more energy and form upon Urantia.

The True Meaning Of Liberty

Liberty, my brethren, lies at the core of your being children of God - freedom to follow the will of the Father within. Sometimes you will be challenged, because the human mind has not been tempered – honed to know that this will is in your highest benefit. And yes, you yet must become aware of those ideas within you that are not in keeping with His Will. As you learn to let go into the Will within (your highest levels of mind), will you find your lives becoming even more liberated; and it will fill you with great joy and appreciation for the love the Father has demonstrated and given you as part of the creative plan. And so, let these words settle into your minds for the next few minutes – to go into your hearts. Continue to invite Michael and Mother to embrace the world – for my magisterial mission to grow in form on the earth plane.

Now, allow theses energies to come up from the core of the earth and to vibrate more within your heart to allow yourself to receive that which you have participated in building. Drink, drink, drink this energy in that renews your mind and body for the tasks at hand in building a new planetary culture. You are the workers who labor in the fields of love; and now you are being prepared to share this love more deeply, more fully through your heart with your brothers and sisters. So, satisfy yourselves in this energy that you may be fully prepared and replenished. Let the Father’s Will become more activated within your mind and being.

My brethren, on behalf of all of those who have participated with us today, we thank you and appreciate your willingness to step forward to serve at this time. Pay close attention to the opportunities you have each day to love, to be light-hearted and to celebrate the joy of being alive. Here and now upon this trimming time upon Urantia we ask you to send your loving thoughts toward this energy construct we have created today for the liberation of your world for the Light of Michael to cascade down from the heavens to reach all life and bring it home.

You may now take a few moments to disengage your minds; and I will take your questions for a few moments before we conclude.

Stillness Is Your Most Important Activity

QUESTION: Yes, can you hear me? (Yes) It appears quite clearly that this is the beginning of a most underway plan to bring together these pinpoints of light around the globe; indeed to be about his inauguration of this new age that is no longer dawning, but indeed the sun has risen. What avenues do you foresee that we might pursue as we take our roles as sons and daughters of destiny that will allow us to come to the table…to this feast…and gain this synchronicity that we are in the process of here cooperating around this planet to be more united as mortal liaisons upon this great staff of Machiventa’s as we are prepared to be trained for whatever these roles we have […assumed?]; tempered and refined to serve Monjoronson and any of these other programs that exist will be coming into existence under this great correcting time […umbrella?] here on 606. What might be some direction as to the focus that we can individually and collectively allow this unity to come into durable awareness as these pinpoints of light are connected to bring about this critical mass that we are obviously pioneers and co-creating?

MONJORONSON:  The most important activity that you can do any day is to develop your stillness practice and to spend more time with your indwelling Father Fragment and allowing your mind to be realigned, as you might say, in the Will of your Father.  You must remember that this corrective plan is so vast and wide spread that it is involving a legion of celestial helpers to coordinate these activities. It is through the circuits of mind that these are being coordinated and activated. Therefore, the development of conscious reception of your Indwelling Monitors will greatly facilitate your ability to discern where you need to focus for efforts and labors in these fields of love.

Your Guardian Seraphim are well positioned to lead you into these new areas of opportunity. You must all do what you can to insure that your time in stillness is structured; and to increasingly let go of your mortal clothing (you might call it) - mental clothing – to allow your Adjuster to bring in the new ideas that you need to understand. You must also insure that you purify your body to be able to hear the words of your Adjuster in your mind. It does not serve you well when you are polluting your bodies with substances that destroy the life force within you. And, it is important to pay attention to what you are thinking as well as what you are putting into your mouths. It is important that you exercise your vehicles of life and keep them well tuned so that the signals within can be discerned. As you become more attuned to the leadings of your Adjusters, you will find yourselves being more directionized toward those individuals with whom you share this awareness and desire. It is an organic process that you can become more attuned to and become more involved in as you grow in faith.

So, my brother, to answer your question: continue to develop those good habits that you have cultivated. Let go of the ones that no longer serve you. You will be apprised when it is time, and who is before with whom to connect.

Are there any further questions today?

QUESTIONER: Thank you for your service, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Thank you for yours, my brother. We are all sharing in this experience together. It is a wonderful time of collaboration as the veil is more thinned, as you might say, that we can participate with you as you labor for Michael and Mother Spirit.

All Humanity Is Designed To Unify In Oneness

QUESTION: I discern here my friend, that we are becoming empowered to transfer authority from our minds to our souls. In so doing, individually we allow for a new collective consciousness – call it a planetary spectrum of consciousness – that will allow us to become synchronized into whole new ways that we may not have considered at this juncture. But as is contributed to this consciousness by each and all who step up to the table to this great feast, we become members of, shall we say, this first planning party; that we will further be enlightened to the great new consciousness that our Planetary Supreme has recently been given, [to] allow us to develop this planetary soul - this consciousness - to bring into reality whole, new manifestations that are within our power to co-creatively implement and bring into living manifestation. Is this a vision that you might comment on?

MONJORONSON: All humanity is designed to unify in oneness. This is the goal of the evolutionary plan. Your world has long suffered under deprivations of these ideas and ideals is now becoming more apparent in your minds, as you understand the glimpses of how you will build a culture of Light and Life upon Urantia. The circuits of mind (what you consider of consciousness) form the foundation by which you come together to collaborate…to build the ways of peace…to construct the mindset of tolerance, forgiveness, patience and compassion. So, the means by which this is all occurring is both individual and collective. As you become more conscious of who you are, your soul purpose, your life plan that has been given to you from the very portals of Paradise, you will increasingly become more connected with one another. There is a spiritual magnetism that binds you together that [pulls] you into formation. So, yes, this is a growing awareness in your mind and you will continue to understand this as time goes on.

Now, you need to be loyal workers and practice stillness…develop yourselves…insure that your habits are healthy, positive and productive at the emotional level, the mental level and the physical level. Know that this, as an organic process, is unfolding as it should and we will weave you together in more family unity as you go about the Fathers business.

I will leave you now, and ask you to ponder these ideas and to always take time to […talk to?] the Father within…to be grateful for what you have been given, and for what is unfolding in and around you. Truly the light is shining more brightly on Urantia and it is in your hearts and it becomes more evident. Let the light shine, my brethren and know that we are with you. We are always available to you when you need us.

I leave you in Michael’s peace and in the love you have then created within you.