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Athena Celestial Artisan - Creativity & Preparing for Meditation - Oct 25 & Nov 16, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, October 25, 2009.
Celestial Artisan, Athena.
Subject: “Creativity – Co-creation.”
Received by George Barnard.
Athena: “I greet you, my dear human brother, as well as my friend, (Midwayer) Mathew, who will do the honors of translating my words and inputting them to the channeler.  It is with the use of universe reflectivity that I have all of you in my sight on what you might determine to be a large, oval-shaped split screen, with which some of you of the human 11:11 Progress contingent are becoming familiar during your meditation-visualization exercises.
“I am Athena, a Celestial Artisan, honored to have been given the task to inspire my human helper from the time of his primary school days in art, design, and creative problem solving.  All higher spheres have their artisans to teach the pilgrims of time and space on the way to their respective end destinations.  I consider myself to be greatly honored by being allowed to ‘reach right down’ to an evolutionary world to teach, moreover by having been given this world, Michael’s home planet, on which to teach.
“My talk with you this early morning is about creativity, co-creation to be more exact, in both thought and action.  Before you create an object of beauty, a sculpture, pottery, a painting or manuscript, a poem, or music, either by hand, machine or instrument, you must have a creative thought.  However, you are human, almost exclusively singled out in these universes to be indwelt by a Spark of the Creator of all, and therefore you are co-creating.
“It matters not in what trade or profession you are engaged, you can be co-creative by virtue of your intent to produce the best you can for family, others, or self.  You can be co-creative in the meals you prepare, or the tasks you complete to provide for your families.  You can be co-creative in the children you educate, the organization you head, the elderly you caretake, the sick you heal, the crops you plant, the natural world you protect, or the scientific discoveries you make, and whenever you consider you are not alone, but have your Spark of God that lives in you, intuit you.
“More than ever before on this world is there an opportunity for those who manage to make contact with the Midwayers and Mentori – the spiritual forces if you prefer such a label – to heal all manor of ills of the body and mind, to ease all unease of the heart and soul.  Whilst I am a fully-fledged member of the Association of Celestial Artisans, responsible for their universal teachings, it is still early, early days for there to be inaugurated an association of human healers in countless numbers to take on the responsibility for healing the planet and all who dwell there, co-creatively with the Celestials appointed therefor.
“I am Athena, charmed to be speaking through this human co-creator, and available to creatively intuit anyone recipient of the 11:11 Progress Group.  I send my love, and say auf wiedersehen for now.”
Receiver’s Note: Sometime soon I’ll endeavor to describe the Universe Reflectivity screens our Athena referred to.
© The 11:11 Progress Group

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Illawarra District, Australia, November 16, 2009.
Celestial Artisan, Athena.
Subject: “Preparing for Meditation.”
Received by George Barnard.
Athena: “I wish to talk about a suitable preparation for the meditative state, but before I begin, an acknowledgement of sorts.  As a government-sponsored artist on my home world, I undertook to produce many sculptures, some of which took many months to complete.  My lessons, also, tended to be lengthy, and at first it hurt my feelings to have these lessons shortened – chopped down to the essentials by this publisher of almost daily transcripts of channelings.
“In retrospect, and in keeping with your Planetary Prince’s order; to ‘take people to the starting gates of spirituality, to then let them run their own race,’ your limiting of the lessons to one page or thereabouts was correct.  So many, we perceive, will join the 11:11 Progress List in two minds about staying on it . . . until their mailbox presents them with what they need, precisely.  So, stay with the chopped-up transmissions, 11:11 Progress, because you truly are about numbers, and long transmissions are seldom read to the end by busy folks.
“I hear, ‘I told you so!’  I jest!  No such sentiments, my friends, but on with my message before I go over the page.  I want to speak with you about meditation, and direct my comments at those who are finding difficulty in reaching that important tranquil state.  There is always a reason for your failing when you do.  Here is my recipe for meditation, tried and tested.  Think intent, sincerity, reconciliation, prayer, persistent trust, and kind request.
“What is your intent?  Is it to be of service to others, and thereby promoting yourself to being the hands and feet of the Creator of All, or are you merely looking for fame and fortune?  How sincere are you in helping others?  Will you perhaps merely consider another in need, or will you be ready at a moment’s notice to be of assistance when the Creator places someone in your path?  Are you prepared to solve interpersonal problems before you even begin, or do you consider yourself to have enough ‘power’ to overcome such an obstacle?  No, you do not.
“Reconciliation, my dear ones, is essential, and if the other party won’t forgive, or even meet you halfway, your task is complete if you will forgive with all your heart.  Prayer is something few understand. It is hardly a request to win the lottery -- a gimme, gimme -- but an awareness, a realization, that within you dwells a Spark of the Creator, and He or She will one day merge with you to create a new eternal being.  All this being well so far, do you now start to see what might happen, maybe, perhaps, if your luck holds out?  No!  Complete trust is of the essence, my beloved ones, that your pattern of persistent approach will in time reward you with a tranquil mind, and direction from ‘above’ for a more successful spiritual life.
“More important than all I’ve told you so far is your relationship with the innately perfect Fragment of the Creator, which indwells you to share your life experiences with you, so request permission, and make known for consideration your intent, your sincerity, your goal of reconciliation if needed, and not yet achieved , your decision to prayerfully approach your meditation regimen in persistent trust.
“This has been my advice for a thousand years with great, and ongoing success.  Signing off now, and sending my love to all. I am Athena.
George: “I was going to suggest you probably went over the page, but I’ll bite my tongue instead.  Love you, Athena.
© The 11:11 Progress Group
“Encourage your Children to Learn about God,
Your Scientist to Discover His Laws,
Your Travelers to Admire His Creation.
Now teach your Gifted Ones to hear His Words—
I am Athena, who loves you.”