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Elyon; Serena; Machiventa - The Universe Has a System in Place for Your Growth - Oct 11, 2009 - Northern Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, Serena, Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
October 11, 2009

Prayer: [Mark] Greetings once again Divine Parents and accompanying emissaries of light. This morning I am prompted to offer thanks and be in a posture of gratitude for the many different ways to have created for us to sense our environment, all the different physical means of encountering our world around us, our mind circuits and our brains to process what it is we have encountered and perhaps the greatest gift, to be thankful for our ability to reach beyond this physical realm to the sense of our super-conscious and the spirit side of ourself. It is so humbling to realize that you've given us all these wonderful tools to use and when we have encountered our immediate physical environment and have processed what all that means to us in relative terms, there is this larger, greater sense that we possess which enables us to grasp and process so much that is beyond our mortal ability to process. Even while we are in mortal form, what a gift of grace this is. I am so very grateful for all you provide for us in this process, such love, such goodness, such beauty, such grace and such gratitude for all of these. Thank you.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings once again my friends, I am Elyon here to join you at your invitation as we travel down this road of life experience together. Truly it is a wonderful gift of grace that your parents have provided for you, to have such a splendid journey with so much experience to be harvested throughout and it is as well such a gift of grace that we can meet in such a forum such as this and share each others company and the experiences that we encounter as we traverse this trail. It is my distinct pleasure to be one of these emissaries of light as was referred to, but I see myself more as a comrade with you on this team that has been formed, not so much as an outsider that arrives on the scene to dictate direction and purpose but rather an observer who many times is admiring of your individual direction and purpose.

True enough it is my privilege to witness your experiences and encounters with universe principles and to do my best to bring greater perspective and a greater sense of validating your awareness but all this would simply not be possible were it not for your eagerness and willingness to travel down this road of experience looking to harvest around every turn and even down the long straight stretches all that life has to bring you as you are in motion. Having such a base to work with, it is easy to find ways to join you in your discovery process and you are not certainly the only ones discovering as we go. I come away from every meeting that I am privy to with a sense of expanded awareness of the grace in this process of mortal ascension and awakening.

It is the marvel of a vast universe of universes that this system is in place and works so effectively and even efficiently to bring all those who desire to grow, the opportunities to grow and gently nudge all those in the direction of seeking so that they may encounter the joy of finding. All this is accomplished with such relative gentleness that merely observing this process brings one to an even greater appreciation for the divine plan which is responsible underneath and behind all that transpires.

I would pick up on this thread of discussion of encountering with more and more realism, this aspect of yourself that reaches beyond your ability to perceive in the mortal realm, this dimension of your being referred to as your soul. It is truly the nucleus around which your physical being is given purpose and as you well know it is the enduring aspect of yourself, well beyond those other aspects of the senses that you utilize on a moment by moment basis to process your life in relationship to all that transpires around it.

The more time and energy you devote to expanding this sense, this aspect of yourself, the more access you have to things which can only be encountered and then subsequently be processed by the greatest aspect of yourself. This is not to infer in any way that the use of the rest of your senses and this aspect of mine are not quite usefully put to proper use by being exposed to writings and teachings and the discovery of other peoples encounters with great truths for all of these help to bring expansion to the capacity of the mind. But the mind encounters its greatest expansion when led by the soul who is able to reach out well beyond this dimension of knowing and encounter a greater degree of awareness and experience.

Then it becomes a task of the mind to incorporate what has been discovered and harvested by this reaching out in spirit into the concept frame within the structure of linear thought. Truly, this is how the mind can become greatly expanded in its capacity by the use of the expanded soul capacity to spill over into what then may become the knowledge of the mind. It is one thing to discuss and process and read and assimilate the teachings which filter up through this process of mind expansion but it is quite another thing to reach out beyond these limitations with this avenue of the self referred to as the soul and allow this super-conscious aspect of yourself to download, if you will, concepts and understandings that may only be imported from outside the current structure of thought.

This is the way that you are able to make an upgrade to your operating system, if you will. As you are aware with your computers, from time to time it is necessary to update your basic platform so that you may stay current with the common understanding or in our analogy, awareness, and likewise this is accomplished in the spiritual realm through this link with the higher realms in which you are able to download the latest spiritual premises in accordance with your capacity to store them. Thereby you upgrade to a new level of operation and can function at a higher rate of awareness from that point on.

Thank you for the opportunity to connect with you in this process and share these bits of information back and forth. Certainly when we are hooked up in this way we are both receiving from each other, back and forth, and I genuinely appreciate the opportunity you provide for me to link up with you in this way. In respect for this platform and opportunity I will now step aside to allow others access. Since we have established this connection there is undoubtedly more that may be shared in terms of spiritual information, back and forth. Thank you.

Serena: [Cathy] In the rise of power, spiritual power on Urantia, is the opportunity to make connection with people in expanded ways. Your physical mind has encompassed the earthly perception of life on this world, as we on the other plane know, there is much more than mortal physical perception. This spiritual pressure is promoting the other forms of connection available. As the quantity of spirit available increases so does the activation of your receptor system, your soul connection. As the number of persons on the planet that have activated a soul connection increases, the spirit connections are multiplying exponentially. The entire planet seems aglow with new life and connection. You may be only vaguely aware of this activity as it is at this point internal, mind-al and inexperienced. As increasing numbers of mortals on your world become accustomed to this increased capacity, the power for transformation of the brotherhood of earth will become apparent. At this time you are key in the process of enabling others around you to become aware of this increased capacity and its power for increasing the truth, beauty and goodness in life on the planet. By accepting others unconditionally you validate their internal experience and make it real for them in a new way. Your soul connection with them will be the validation of their perception of their own soul capacity. All this connection will create the changes needed on this planet. You can be the catalyst for this change.

Machiventa: [Mark] Hello treasured students, I am Machiventa Melchizedek here to avail myself of this opportunity that you provide and to take advantage of this train of thought, to have a few more words about connection and circuitry. You my dear students, are always seeking ways, as we observe, to manifest the lessons and the teachings that you receive into your daily lives and you are well honored for this contribution that you make to the process that we are engaged in.

I would begin a new dimension and era of our relationship together by bringing you, as we move forward in this process, more and more specific guidelines and suggestions of opportunities that you may choose to activate in your daily lives. Today we will talk about this subject and I would further utilize this familiar analogy of hooking up to the circuitry in the realm that many are familiar with, of the internet.

You have just once again been informed by Serena that you all engage in this connection process and the significance of such engagement and so I would offer you an even further suggestion for your own edification and the edification of our mission in general and that is to more actively and with more intention see yourselves as your envision on your regular daily basis, your computers hooking up to the larger system you refer to as the internet. You are each one computers storing vast amounts of data and even having access to the main frame of all computers, if you will. If you would begin to see yourselves in this capacity, to actually visualize the part you play as the interface of hooking up to the greater grid, then you will begin to bring this awareness more clearly into your field of perception. Perhaps even remind yourselves when you sit down at your computers to hook up and retrieve your e-mail from some distant and far away grid that you cannot imagine in your mind but yet you believe and trust and you actively interface with this trust and belief and faith that there is an internet, there is a place out there gathering your messages and sending them to you. There are many people out there who have presences in this ethereal place you call the internet and you in your daily lives are seeing this dimension expand in leaps and bounds with different platforms arising to support this exchange of individuals into this never-land of untouchable internet.

Likewise you all have this same web of connection with your spiritual dimension. Likewise you are able to dial up this connection at will. Likewise you are able to download from a great source of information out there into your personal processor. Likewise you may become part of this gigantic interface that occurs on a spiritual dimension and if you will, begin to see yourselves as having this capacity that mirrors and mimics your physical capacity through wires and transmissions and hard drives. You are far greater processors and computers than these machines that you would sit in front of for they are only there to do your bidding.

Your internal processor has such far greater access to such far greater information that you would do well to focus more clearly on this connection that can be made. So perhaps you will find it useful and I'm sure we would find it useful if you would spend even a fraction of the energy that you so readily devote to sitting in front of a machine in search of greater truths and greater connection, simply sitting in stillness and establishing this greater connection and receiving these greater truths.

I so very much appreciate and honor the platform that you create where we may come together and work together to establish this new and greater circuitry. Certainly utilize the mechanical means to their greatest benefit but realize that you have within you the spiritual means which so far transcend the capabilities of the material means as to almost make them obsolete. I bring this suggestion and this food for thought to you at your request because you arrive in the classroom eager for an assignment or a suggestion that you may work on for homework. Such eager students deserve to be given worthy assignments and so I will make it my point to provide you with such as you so desire.

Thank you all for your devoted participation to this curriculum. You have no real concept which would provide you an adequate understanding of the significance of what you do. You must wait until your capacity is so expanded that you might refer back to these earlier times in your ascension to truly appreciate the magnitude of what it is you do in each hour of each day when you engage in spiritual pursuits. For now, you must simply keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking the next step as it is apparent before you. This is as it should be at this time and place in your ascension career. Know that you have the support of a vast universe and many of us eagerly observe your efforts and are there to assist to the very limits of our capacity and of yours.

I am in gratitude as you are for the relationship that we share and to the Father who has provided us all this opportunity. Thank you all for your attention, farewell.