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Elyon; Juris; Monjoronson - Being Able To Always Return Home - Oct 04, 2009 - North Idaho
No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, Juris, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
October 04, 2009

Prayer: [Cathy] I'd like to take a moment to send light into our world.

Prayer: [Mark] I'd like to take a moment with some centering thoughts of gratitude here to create the space, as you say; can we be the space where this can be. Divine Parents, I'd like to speak some words of gratitude for the comfort that we find in returning to you as our home base, as our foundation of safety and security as we venture out into this life and encounter so many different hues of reality. It is always so calming and strengthening to return into your company to return to sit on your lap as it were, to be in the comfort of your embrace and in this gesture that we make to return to you and in your gesture of embracing us as we make such an act. Truly we have a solid foundation much like a nurturing and positive home to return to, that when life may be misunderstood or perhaps gets rough with us we may return home to a stable solid environment that we find when we return to you. Any words of gratitude are but our attempt, the shadow of the substance of our gratitude, they are merely words but we trust just as we know you in faith as well you know us in the deeper sense in faith and you know of our gratitude even with no words spoken.

Elyon: Greetings my friends, I am Elyon and as I have said before, once again I will accept the gesture that you offer in creating this space where we may come together and be in this process. I have observed your conversation prior to this recorded portion and would talk for a few more moments on the subject of the creation of this home base as you have referred to it, this safe place, this harbor in the storm of life that you all have actively sought, found, chosen and created throughout your process of discovery.

The analogy that is probably best offered, is that of the family unit and the small children. They are too inexperienced and immature to know much about life and how to act or react to the circumstances of life. They take their cue from their environment and if they are fortunate enough to be reared in a nurturing and loving home environment they immediately begin to see that no matter what happens external to their loving, nurturing environment, they are always able to return home and gain the security and assurance that this loving home provides for them.

If they are fortunate enough to have this experience as children of the realm, then they well learn that even though life may be uncertain, unknown, unpredictable, scary or joyful; all of these are as experiences to be had which then may be interpreted through the lens of their knowing that they are a loved and cherished member of a family which provides them with their basis of understanding this. Likewise, as spiritual beings you all have been fortunate enough to discover at such an early stage in your ascension career that you are a loved and cherished member of this larger family which when you embrace this association, brings you great peace and courage and strength to go out into life's experiences with a predisposition that you are safe and cared for and always a member of this loving family. Then no matter what you do, no matter what you are exposed to, no matter where you go, no matter what choices you make, you may always rely on these underlying and basic truths.

This you have referred to as returning back to the source or a circling back around to the center. This sense of security and stability is yours forevermore and it may never be taken away from you by the vicissitudes that may be encountered in your life experience. This sense of belonging brings with it a great empowerment for you know that for the rest of eternity you are not alone, you are not by yourself being challenged by the universe, you have the resources of the family that you belong to. Much as the child may return home from a school experience which was unsettling and be able to share his experience with a loving family and find support and counsel and love dominate the interpretation of this experience.

Likewise you are finding love and sense of belonging to dominate the interpretations you bring to life's experiences and even though you may view what you judge to be evil or bad that exists in the world you are quickly able to return back to your comfortable family unit and reestablish the connection of peace and security and know that you are loved and secure no matter what. This ability to return to the center provides you with the peace to see the world as a positive experience and see the universe as a friendly place regardless of the temporal experience you may be witnessing in the moment.

In fact, your perception has been so enhanced by your group affiliation with spirit that even in doubtful and questionable experiences of worthiness you are able to tease out and discern the goodness that may be contained within and if not immediately discernible, the potential goodness that may arise out of such errant choices and behavior as you may observe. Truly you have touched upon the key to establishing ones path firmly and forever in the direction of their conditioning. If your conditioning has shown you that life is to be struggled with and fought and overcome against all odds because that has been your experience and you have not been graced with exposure to the loving truths of belonging to a divine family, then your course of projection will bring you many encounters with just such a reality.

But if you have been conditioned to believe in the nature of your being and your loving association and membership in a family whose heritage is one of divinity and been informed that your destiny is similar, then your direction of extension will prove your case to be true and real for you. This is the importance of starting off on the right foot and the significance on this world of the very beginnings involved primarily in the family unit for you can never begin again. You can make every effort to rewrite your beginning and reconstruct your platform as you desire it to be, but nothing is as significant in this process as starting out with the right framework in mind, this framework that you are loved and cherished and a member of this divine family.

These are what every mortal of the realm needs to know in order to see the world in a proper perspective. But since this world lags far behind this ideal state, you witness experiencing every manifestation and degree of different perspective and direction. There is no settled truth to be had by all at this point in this planetary ascension. So you will encounter the same depths of belief that you now have in your paradigm, experienced by others who have alternate paradigms but no less faith or belief in them than you have in yours. This is where the practice of non-judgement on this world must be embraced because all these alternate pathways are in place for that very valid purpose necessary to the individual ascension career of those who subscribe to them and therefore need to be not only tolerated but genuinely accepted as necessary and real and proper in their individual ascension career and therefore necessary and real and proper in the overall scheme of ascension leading to the supreme experience of oneness.

In a very real sense we come together as family to support each other, to nourish each other and to bring comfort and stability to our experience and I genuinely appreciate the gestures you all make to bring this space, to be the space that can allow this to happen. I am in full awareness that this is co-creative on our parts and I appreciate the part played by each and every one of the contributors to this sacred sphere, this safe home environment.

I sense the shifting of energy and in respect for this process and in love expressed to all of you I step aside to allow whatever may transpire next. Farewell.

Juris: [Cathy] I have a new name, J-u-r-i-s and this is what I received. I am a visitor to this forum. I speak to the conversation of creating the future you desire for this world. I have come from a world in rebellion also. We for a time encountered the seeming chaos you are witnessing here as institutions reform themselves to become aligned with the Father's plan. I encourage you as individuals to let your heart guide you in the process of forming new sustainable ways to live. In the process of nature all things must be broken down to make way for new formations.

In my mortal life, all seemed to be an uncertainty during this part of the process. As I became in possession of a wider view, all was proceeding according to plan and without time, all was evident including the final result. From my present perspective the light is increasing along with the increased spiritual power on the world of Urantia. I encourage you to join with like minded souls to create the brotherhood of man and a new way to life on this planet. Love is the answer to all important questions, love for others as well as love for yourself and the Creator. See and trust that all is well. Thank you for listening.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Hello to my friends once again, I am Monjoronson here to take advantage of this forum provided with a few more words about living life on a world such as Urantia. You may all remember the words of your Master when He declared: "To a true believer in the kingdom of heaven, what should it matter if all things earthly should perish?" In this statement He was referring to the concept of believing in something larger and belonging to something bigger than what is immediately apparent before you as you look around in this life experience. If you truly do believe that you are a member of this family of God and you draw by association this idea, however it may form in your concept of this kingdom of heaven, then it enables you to step back from your immediate surroundings and view it from a higher and different perspective realizing that this life experience here is but a short transitory one much as the bridge your Master referred to; it is well and good to use to cross over to the other side as a necessary part but one should not seek to build a dwelling upon it.

If you truly see your experience here on this world as passing over this bridge to the other side, then you are far less likely to be unsettled by encountering the condition of the bridge along the way. Surely you will notice that things are not as ideal as they might be in your encountering this journey of life across the bridge. You will note that there are distinct problems to be encountered, things which are in contrast to wellness and goodness as you perceive them but you are merely passing by as you traverse this bridge and it is doing the job of making a way for you to get across and arrive on the other side regardless of its apparent disrepair or lack of maintenance.

This experience of traversing this less than perfect bridge is similar to your short but intense life experience here on this world. It is easy to look around and see the many things which could be better or are not quite proper or are downright troublesome but you are merely passing by. This experience will soon be gone out from under you as it were, and you will safely arrive at the other side. Your journey is made sweeter if you are not burdened with inordinate amounts of fear and trepidation as you cross this bridge, secure in the knowledge and wisdom that this experience is provided for you by those who continue to provide everything you have need of, every hour and every day.

It is impossible for this bridge to fail you in this process because it is part of the grand plan that you arrive at your destination safely and securely but if one carries fear and trepidation and doubts of the safety and security of their journey, then the journey is made stressful and hard and one can grow weary enduring such a burden. If you traverse such an experience with a light heart, knowing that you are loved, nurtured, secure and enduring no matter what, then the same bridge with its troublesome spot or doubtful areas may be traversed with that much more ease and comfort and even joy. It will be the experience of your making largely as the bridge is just a bridge but if you fear and doubt you will see instability and uncertainty and questionable circumstance. But if you trust and have faith, you will see certainty and security in the same bridge. Your perception merely will not bring you the same observation in each case for it will be tainted by what you are expecting to see or even desiring to see.

So it is ever true as your Master said: "To one who will simply accept, trust, have faith and believe, what should it matter whatever happens to you in this life for you are secure and your knowledge of this transcends your fears and doubts and trepidation. But if you are afraid and concerned and worried over the events that go on around you then they will be prominent in your experience and you will be focused on the experience of encountering that which you brought into your experience through the very laws of attraction that insure that you get what you think you are going to get.

Truly this is one of the keys to the art of mortal living, to understand that you are the starting point and your course is largely set by your predisposition in any given direction. Once having started out on this course, all those things that you want or that you don't want but that you are focused on seem to miraculously arrive as part of your experience. So, this being the case, those who have been exposed to this universal principle may choose with active intention to have their course charted by the predisposition that it is all good, it is all for the greatest benefit, it is all certain and secure in its outcome, it is merely playing out in every form and manner of potential to be experienced along the way.

But as was referred to by your devoted teacher Elyon, when you simply return to the safety and security of your safe port, the perspective you derive from this home base enables you to see all of life's circumstances with the hue of perspective and to interpret these life experiences in consistency with your awareness and your faith and your understanding of the basic principles that you have adopted and embraced.

I thank you all for adopting and embracing such principles as allow you to create this environment even in this hour and I am humbled to work with mortals of the realm who are so willing to explore these arenas of awareness and perception with such willingness to embrace what they find there. I now bid you all have a productive and even joyful week ahead, reminding yourselves as often as you can remember of your center and the strength that you find there and in so doing you literally flavor the environment around you and contaminate each circumstance with goodness, truth and beauty. This is your privilege and position in this life. Make it so with intention and purpose. Thank you, farewell.