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Elyon; Unknown; Monjoronson - Group Involvement & Allowance for Growth and New Ideas - Aug 30, 2009 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, Unknown Source, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark  Rogers, Cathy Morris
August 30, 2009

Prayer: Good morning Divine Parents. This morning I would like to say a few words in appreciation for the safety that you provide in this whole process as we grow and learn more and more to lean on you and depend on you in this process. One of your greatest gifts that you give to us in your endeavor to support us is the gift of each other, the one to the other to be there to support, to give physical tangible evidence of the love that surrounds us. Thank you so much for these gifts that you provide for us, each the one to the other. Truly they serve to remind us continually of your loving presence and service to us. May we each bring your love and your light so that they may be spread about to all the others as you would have it be so. Thank you for the gift of each other and as well for the gift of you, our Divine Parents who so lovingly and tenderly have watch care over us. Thank you.

Elyon: I will greet you this morning, my name is Elyon. After observing the prior discussion I think this would be a good time to add a few more thoughts to the thought stream of what it is like to be involved in a group and the aspect of that involved in seeking approval from the crowd. You all are quite aware of your human tendencies to come together in various groups or organizations which invariably form as a means to support the individuals within the group. Most of the times groups come together in rally of ideas, sometimes even ideals, that is they rally and come together around a cause or a purpose and this purpose binds them and in this process they feel nurtured and supported and as though their one voice becomes added to the voices of many and becomes a more potent and powerful force in the environment around them.

As part of the circumstances around becoming involved in any group or organization there is the inherent desire to be accepted and even to gain the approval of the group and so in this way does the group have a certain amount of conformity. When the members of any group meet there are certain understandings as to certain actions or conduct or approaches that are accepted within the organization and are the ones settled on to be used in the paradigm of the functioning of the organization.

This belonging to a group brings this strong component of wanting to belong and so there is a deep seated need to be accepted and allowed as part of the organization and many times this acceptance imposes on the individual certain restrictions and directions that are agreed upon conduct within the group. This represents a rather serious catch 22 in terms of the growth and advancement of any such group because if all the members are striving to conform there are no new ideas being introduced and brought into the pool and so the water may become quite stagnant and stale while the members are intent on preserving the pond as a noble and righteous motivation. By insuring there is no new flow of life they are also insuring the ultimate demise of their most guarded pond.

Because life is continually flowing and growing there must be some provision to allow for new direction, new ideas and new thoughts to enter the thought stream and the pool of wisdom. If no provision is made for some circulation and some addition of new nutrients then gradually the old loses its vitality and freshness and becomes stale and recirculated and this may cause the erosion of what bound the individuals in the organization together in the first place, the passion for upholding the cause.

You who are becoming spiritually aware are bumping up against some of these boundaries and you see it in yourselves. When you come together in groups of different kind you may realize that your priorities may have shifted and your ideals may be a guiding factor in how you would see the organization run and you realize that your perspective differs from those who are only intent on guarding this sacred pool and keeping it free from outside influence. There will always be those who are on the fringe who must of necessity bring new patterns, new ways, new ideas by their sheer effort of trying and acting and doing. Those on the fringe will always be subject to discrimination by those in the more well settled arenas who are ever willing to criticize when something deviates from the normal accepted mode.

You need to all learn that their interpretation and perhaps criticism is simply a matter of their concern and not a matter of yours. It is something they are working out in their life journey, perhaps intolerance or a certain shortcoming that allows them to enter into judgement or criticism from a place of personal need. If you will begin to see yourselves as bumping up against the other paradigms that are in existence and as a result of your close encounter with various groups and organizations you may be a conduit for spiritual input and in that way a breath of fresh air into the equation. Many an organization is quite useful and serviceable to all its members and to that extent it is good and true and beautiful. But to the extent that its members are suppressed or curtailed from their own journey or somehow misled, then the organization is in need of some revision and some fresh life blood into the equation.

There will always be those who are seen as pioneers merely because they were bold enough to act first on their leading and these people will always draw the fire of those who will watch as they blaze a new trail and criticize the direction chosen. This should be as water off a ducks back to those who are spiritually secure for you know that your mission is not to win over every approving voice but rather to be about the task of blazing the trail and let those come whosoever will.

Thank you for the opportunity to join you once again today. It is always my pleasure to arrive here indeed at this safe port as was mentioned and co-mingle our energies together. We always have a good visit and I very much appreciate the opportunity to observe your discussion and see how you have woven in the teachings into your very lives and into the your construct for observation. Thank you for providing this opportunity here today. I now withdraw.

Unknown Source: [Cathy] I have a few words from an unknown source. In the world at this time many are seeking for goodness, beauty and truth. It is a real possibility to enhance this activity by bringing to the seeker a focused intentional serving of goodness. In the activity of accepting recognized goodness the seeker becomes energized by the receiving. The affirmation that goodness exists among the other aspects of this world is a powerful enticement to seek further for goodness and truth. Many times a seeker will be in fear that goodness and truth are not receivable in this world today. Providing a positive example of love and goodness encourages the continuation of the search, it is most beneficial for both the provider and the recipient. As the acceptance of goodness and love increases, the increased knowledge of truth will follow. It provides a total package; truth, goodness, beauty and love. It is a birthright and is provided for all by the First Source and Center. As the spiritual pressure is applied to this planet in an attempt to bring about a correction to its intended path, many opportunities will exist to introduce seekers to the concept that will enhance their spiritual progress. Always bring love forward and the truth, beauty and goodness will follow.

Monjoronson: Hello again, I am Monjoronson here to have a few more words with you as you so graciously provide the opportunity. Following up on your dear teachers words about groups and associations, I would have us take rather a step back and see your association as in a much larger group. You have joined the club of Michael's making. You have willingly taken the oath to be good to one another and to serve as Michael would serve. You have willingly given your time and your intention to this process. You are a card carrying member so to speak, of Michael's Correcting Time and Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission as well.

You have taken up with some rather big authorities in these groups and since it is the desire of every member in a group to receive acknowledgement, I bring you that assurance today, that Michael certainly has acknowledged your willingness, your participation and your status as a member of His Correcting Time. Elyon and the others do well affirm that you have joined. You have pledged and you have dedicated yourselves to the Teaching Mission and its functions as you are so aware of them and now I am here to affirm for you once again that you are cherished members of yet another team. Our squad is the Magisterial Mission and once again, when the call has gone out for volunteers you have arrived in uniform and ready to perform your duties.

Well versed in the other fields of training, you come well prepared for this mission as you have some vague limited sense our mission is grand, that our actions are hour by hour, day by day, moment by moment. That's how we get down this long journey that we perceive before us, one step at a time, one act in awareness, one motion that can be guided and directed, one offering of service at a time. Surely these are the steps that we take in covering the distance that is before us and all of this is done by your own volunteer efforts. You have not been drafted or coerced in any way to offer yourselves up to these organizations and yet you have so willingly demonstrated your intention to do so. Such intentions may not be misconstrued, they are a matter of record and so is your faithful dedication to the organizations you hold dear in this case. Such is a matter of record.

I pray you all have the confidence and the strength to go forward with the strength of the entire organization and movement and authority that the organization brings to the process. You are cherished and valued members in whom we depend on for the very outworking of our mission. Know that you are well supported and loved and cared for as you make your way through the many opportunities before you. We will most certainly be there for you. The organization supports the individual as the individual makes the organization. Draw peace and strength from this association.

It is my pleasure today to bring you such affirmation. Once again, every organization needs to acknowledge its members and create association and intimacy between the members in so doing. It has been my pleasure to do that once again here today. Go in peace knowing that you are a powerful piece of an enormous whole and that we function together in this process. So be it, farewell.