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Ophelius - Oneness of Being; Trinity of Being; The Discipline of Sympathy - Aug 01, 08, 15, 2009 - Progress Group, AU   
Michigan, US of A, August 1, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Oneness Of Being.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today’s message is about oneness of being and how to cope with the emotions of isolation that sometimes occurs when a newly awakened soul realizes that he or she is no longer part of a purely physical world, but belongs to a vast and infinite spiritual kingdom.
“Many of you struggle in your daily life with this feeling of being different from those around you, because you experience life through a new and greatly enhanced awareness.  You are sensitive to these higher vibrations and spiritual inclinations, and you are drawn toward spiritual interests -- the mysteries and revelations of truth in a limitless universe of sublime and unending fascination, which draws you inward to find the source of all spiritual gravity -- the Universal Father, the Creator of all things.
“My beloveds, if you feel this way, rejoice!  You have entered the kingdom!  You have started your search to find God and to be like him.  You hear the divine calling and you are responding to that call in your searching for purpose and the questioning of your temporal reality.  You have entered into the oneness of being, and you are becoming a part of the whole, yet you find yourself in a transitory quandary in your relationships with your fellows who are still asleep and fully immersed in the illusion of the material world.
“When you are feeling this isolation, this sense of living with familiar strangers who do not understand you, it is ever important to find time to sit in the silence and become one with the whole.  This is where your soul finds solace and satisfies the need to belong.  This is where the soul finds nourishment and the self finds courage to persevere in the material world.
“Reach out to your fellows who are also on the search and exchange thoughts and ideas.  This community with ‘kindred spirits’ is therapeutic to the soul and helps the mind to sort out the mysteries of life.  On the mansion worlds, you will naturally gravitate toward beings of like vibration and sympathy, for progress leads to the ascension of higher and higher worlds and realms.  It is this spiritual gravity that draws us in and challenges our soul to seek perfection through the awareness of contrasts from former states of imperfection to higher states of awareness that lead to the beginning and the end of all things, the alpha and the omega -- the Universal Father.
“Live, learn, love -- through life!
“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.”
The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript #2

Michigan, US of A, August 8, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Trinity of Being.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today’s message is about the Trinity of Being: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  As you progress and become more and more like your heavenly Father, your personality and your very nature will reflect this Trinity of Being.
“Truth will become ever more apparent and the understanding of it will become clearer and more defined.  You will communicate truth to others with greater confidence, and others will receive it with greater ease of understanding.  Christ’s Spirit of Truth will work in you, through you, and your discernment of revelation will enable you to extract the very essence and purity of a given truth in part or whole, where it can be absorbed into the soul for eternal reflection.  Your spiritual ears will develop; you will hear the voice of your indwelling with greater clarity; and you will learn to trust your intuition when unseen guidance points the way.
“Beauty will become you.  With respect for body, mind, and soul, you will become more beautiful in every way.  As you purify your body to honor the indwelling God, your appearance will change and your very aura will shine with greater luminosity.  Your personality will become magnetic, and your fellows will be drawn to this inner beauty which you will exude with kindness, love, and consideration.  You will acquire a new appreciation for all things beautiful: nature, art, music, poetry, philosophy, and other virtuous expressions of higher human consciousness.  Insight into cosmic realities and hidden meanings will speak to you through the appreciation of all things beautiful.
“Goodness will be the banner of your presence.  Love for God and man will show forth in the fruits of the spirit as you become more aware of the will of God through your devotion to serve others.  You will communicate the goodness of the Father to others by becoming a living example of His unconditional love.  Goodness and love freely given will be reflected back unto you as reward for righteous living and will count as the evidence of your sonship in the Father’s family.  Gentleness, humility, and self control will transform the nature of self from what you were, to what you will become as God purifies the soul through the building of strong character.
“Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is the Trinity of Being and becomes the very embodiment and reflectivity of God likeness.  Seek after those things my beloved, and discover the secret to eternal life and friendship with God.
“The Circle of Seven.”
The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript #3

Michigan, US of A, August 15, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Discipline Of Sympathy.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today’s message is about the discipline of sympathy.  To achieve the perfection and likeness of your heavenly Father, you must attain a high level of sympathy for your brothers and sisters, and in doing so, you gain the understanding of tolerance and reap the survival values of wisdom through the self mastery of your emotions and your reactions towards others.  To have sympathy is to have the ability and capacity to understand and share feelings with someone -- to put yourself in their shoes, so to speak, without judgment or regard for their intents or motives.
“When you act with sympathy for others, you find it easier to tolerate the differing beliefs and opinions of others, regardless of how contrary they are to your personal values.  By looking back to an earlier time in your own path, you can understand the sometimes ignorant and crude reactions of others who are at different positions in the spiral of soul development.  To have sympathy you must consider the background and the history of the individual; their education; their likes and dislikes; their level of values -- in other words, what makes this person the way they are?  By understanding this, you have the ability to disarm their fears and build a level of trust where you may then communicate your feelings without offense.
“Having sympathy means you must take the time to listen to others, putting their needs before your own, and finding common ground with all the diverse personalities that surround you in your daily walk through life.  Understanding that each individual is indwelt with the living Spirit of the Father, you can have sympathy in the brotherhood of this fraternal pursuit to find God, and to be like Him, yet realizing that all are on differing paths and varying levels of soul progression.  It is this diversity of being that makes such a colorful and beautiful quilt of human experience so valuable a gift to the Supreme Being.  Through sympathy and understanding, you take out the fear and the disharmony of living by accepting your brothers and sisters for who they are, while learning to build bridges of trust and a progressive direction toward higher ideals and values.
“By showing sympathy to others, you are also teaching them to have sympathy by your example to accept them on their terms.  The results of having sympathy for others will manifest in greater joy of living; less anger and frustration; and harmony of trust.  Consider this my beloved, and reach out to those who are misunderstood.
“Happy are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.
“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”
The 11:11 Progress Group.