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Monjoronson - Are There Genes which Open upon Spiritual Growth - What Is Havona Like - How Long in Stillness Every Day - Aug 12, 2009 - Audio Session_62
T/R: Jonathan
Moderator: Mary Rogers
August 12, 2009

Questions Answered This Session:
1 - Are there dormant genes that switch on for the next phase of growth?
2 - Please expand upon the three kinds of mind.
3 - Are we in contact in the dream state with spiritual beings in addition to our Adjusters?
4 - Can you describe Havona for us?
5 - What are the mechanisms spirit communicates with each other?
6 - What could we do to better communicate with the higher realm?
7 - How much time should be spent in stillness every day?

*     Monjoronson (Jonathan TR):  I acknowledge each of you, my associates in this mission to uplift planet Urantia under the guidance of your Creator Son Michael.  I am here to be of assistance.  It is my desire to elevate consciousness of every human being on Urantia, to illuminate the mind, to ennoble the soul, and to bring forth love from the heart of every individual.  I am willing to address your questions and will attempt to provide answers which will engage you in the further pursuit of truth and the comprehension of reality.  Let us begin.

1 >>>>>      Mary:  Thank you.  We know that our genes have timing mechanisms built in to initiate the next phase of growth.  For example a pre-teen begins to develop into a teen with the onset of puberty.  Are there also genes that switch on when we are at a certain stage of spiritual growth?  When the whole world has reached the stage when more spiritual awareness is abundant, are there dormant genes that switch on to initiate the next phase of spiritual growth for the individual and the world as a whole?

*     Monjoronson:  I understand that you are perhaps aware of the bestowal mission of the biologic uplifters, the Adams and Eves, and how they will infuse the gene pool of a planet of biologic origin with uplifting qualities to encourage greater spiritual development. These biologic uplifters are intent upon fine tuning the physical structure of the human races on the planet to which they are assigned.
These adjustments to the physical organism are meant to be responsive to spirit development, but they are not required in order for any particular individual at any evolutionary development for that being to become spiritually aware.  Your image of a primitive man in the early phases of biological growth is quite capable of God consciousness as would be a human being in Light and Life, who is immune to many diseases and ailments that have plagued his ancestors, who equally is capable of God consciousness.
These switches you inquire about are biological steps within the spectrum of biological development.  Spiritual advancement may be assisted by biological unfoldment.  For instance, an individual prior to the hormonal changes that create adulthood has a different orientation to life than subsequently.  These conditions are purely physical, but they allow a dimension of spiritual function wherein the consciousness, the soul, of that individual may expand and ponder, consider, and choose significant life directions.
Spirit is independent of physicality.  So, individuals regardless of their biological status, are capable of comprehending the Universal Father, the Creator of all.
There are beneficial physical conditions to assist this awareness.  But the Life Carriers have not formulated a sequential development, a programmed, formulated development whereby human beings would awaken to a spiritual state by way of their genetics. Because the realm of evolutionary life is fraught with uncertainty and even developmental disasters, as well as exaltation of personal expression, it has been designed within your organism the ability to comprehend, respond to, and live out spiritual reality regardless of your physical unfoldment, evolutionary status, and development. These triggers you speak of are strictly for the progress of the physical organism.
Spirit is present regardless of your evolutionary development and will assist you, the person, in spite of your status as primitive, civilized, or advanced.  Thank you for the question.

2 >>>>      Mary:  There has been a discussion about the different phases of mind.  There is spirit mind, cosmic mind, and adjutant mind. Could you please elaborate on these various stages of mind?  How does this modify us in the spirit of counsel through spirit, cosmic, and adjutant mind?

*     Monjoronson:  Spirit mind you have virtually no inkling of its qualities, nature, or its functioning, for it is nearly divine in its focus and function, applying wholly to the Creator personalities, those who are beyond time and space.
Cosmic mind is a dimension of consciousness you have some inkling of, for you are within that category of conscious beings. However, it is broad in its covering of mentality throughout the universe of time and space.  It incorporates intelligences far beyond the mental capabilities of a human creature.  You might liken the cosmic mind to a sequential sense of intelligence and comprehension or awareness, where spirit mind is independent of sequentially.  It is holistic, all grasping.
The adjutant level is the level at which you are quite aware to this day.  You have been informed of the seven levels of adjutant function, and they manifest themselves quite regularly on your world.  These are the forms of consciousness which help to civilize human beings as they grow out of their animal origin and develop into their spirit destiny.  These seven levels function in a manner which brings metamorphosis to the human mind and in this transformation allow the spirit influences upon the human being to engage with the physical creature and elevate it to what you might call an angelic status.
The cosmic mind is far larger than you can comprehend, but your inkling of its presence is the adjutant dimension.  Spirit mind you will know when you are in the eternal oneness of the deities on Paradise, and that is a long period of time before you will be there -- not one of frustration but one of a joyful adventure in ascension.
      Let us continue.

2a >>>>>      Mary:  A second aspect to this question:  How does the Mother Spirit¹s adjutant mind work with our material brain to effect spiritual uplifting?

*     Monjoronson:  The adjutant influence upon the human mind and thereby the physical organ of the human brain has various impacts. Your religio-mystical traditions have described chakra centers, divisional consciousnesses within the human body, that roughly depict their influence.  Your scientific paradigms describe some of the behaviors that are influenced by the adjutant spirits in terms of glandular and hormonal influences.  While each of these descriptions is not precise, they indicate the presence of the adjutant mind spirits, for these spirits color the influence of mind function within the human organism, the physical body.  That is why you have recorded in the Urantia Papers various descriptions as: the adjutants of counsel, of knowledge, of intuition, of wisdom and worship as well as others.  How would one locate worship within the physical body or even within the brain?  Yes, certain centers within the brain may function under a given experience such as worship, but so do certain glands and so, perhaps, certain chakras.  These are all elemental contributions to the holistic experience, which is the adjutant influence.
The adjutant spirits cannot be singularly located within the physical organism or even within the mind; they impinge upon the circuitry of mind and the chemistry of the body.  You will recognize their influences, but you will be unable to pinpoint their location.
These adjutants are extremely important in your spiritual development.  Until the arrival of the divine Spirit of the Father of Paradise these adjutants are crucial in your unfoldment.  Once the divine spark indwells you these adjutants will become less important, and by the time you leave the local universe they are unnecessary.  They are a dimension of the unfoldment of the awareness of human consciousness that is directly linked to spirit consciousness, the spirit consciousness you spoke of earlier that far transcends cosmic consciousness.  Every habit that you develop, every discipline you undertake, every value you hold loyally to, these contribute to the better functioning of the adjutant mind spirits as you truly seek the will of God, as you intently discern truth, and better conform to your understanding of reality and increasingly adjust that understanding to a greater comprehension of what is true and beautiful and good.

3  >>>>>     Mary: The next questioner read your explanations of dreaming and the role of the Thought Adjuster to spiritualize the mind when at rest.  However, the question has to do with other spirit beings. Asking not for purely speculative reasons but to understand some extraordinary experiences retained upon awaking which were not considered dreaming.  Is there an active soul life or sleep life where the soul experiences contact and communication with other entities, souls, midwayers, angelic orders, or morontia personalities in a neutral plane or circuit of sorts that is serviceable to all these personalities?

*     Monjoronson:  Yes, indeed.  This is referred to as the superconsciousness, a level of awareness above consciousness.  You are scantily aware of that level of consciousness just as you are minimally aware of your subconscious level of mind.  Much activity takes place there and many beings do interface with you at that level.  Their intention and their sense of connection is not for immediate exchange, for they know that their connection with you will filter into your consciousness as your life experiences create a matrix wherein their connection may take root and become an awareness to you.  Therefore you receive many lessons from your brothers and sisters on high which are unavailable to you until the situations of your Earth life permit the revelation.
The dream life you speak of is a situation wherein you might be more receptive to that interface than you would be in the distracting events of your waking life.  However, they¹re ever engaged with you on this level of superconsciousness.  It is because of the passivity of your sleep state that you might take note.  If you were just as sensitive in your waking life you would also be aware of their presence and influence.  But I might caution you also that in this dream cycle you will translate the experiences into terms, episodes, languages, that you understand that may alter the purity of their interface, condition it into paradigms you are comfortable with.  So, you may interpret the encounter with less clarity than your superconsciousness received, and in your consciousness may develop a -- if I may express it this way -- story line of what occurred that may not be as pure as the contact.  This caution is only to encourage you to be somewhat detached from the meaning of the encounter in an immediate sense and to allow for the duration of time for the unfoldment of that encounter in a series of human episodes to illuminate for you what was taught at that point in your dream state.
I hope this is comprehensible to you, for spirit is independent of time, and when a lesson is bestowed it may take not only one lifetime but a series of lifetimes for you to understand the import of the message given.

3a >>>>>      Mary:  Along this line, are these experiences soul memories? Do these experiences become a part of the morontia personality some time during the mansion world journey?

*     Monjoronson:  Yes.

4 >>>>>      Mary:  How would you describe the Central Universe and its glories from your perspective?

*     Monjoronson:  Permit me to express it in this manner:  If you stood before a rose and walked about it in 360 degrees of that rose you would see a different angle, you would describe similar but not exact elements of that rose.  You would see that same rose again and again from every degree.  You could provide descriptions from succinct poetry to long eloquent descriptions in prose, but nothing in those descriptions could compare to your experience of that rose.
Havona is not time sequential.  To describe Havona is to diminish its state.  To describe Havona is to attempt to make it a Supreme experience, and it is not.  It is the manifestation of Paradise; Paradise is pattern; Havona is the manifestation of pattern.  The Supreme dimension is the unfoldment in sequence of this manifestation of pattern.  Pattern has no form; it overlays many manifestations.  Therefore for me to describe to you Havona would merely be to give a Supreme experience of a manifestation of the pure pattern of Paradise, just as if I were to walk around a rose and describe to you every angle of it; it would still not be the vision of that rose.
It is a superlative experience we will all experience in the ascension.  I have been there; I know of its qualities, but I come to you to draw you through that experience.  While you wonder what Havona is, I encourage you to be more cognizant of the immediate and attainable levels of morontia consciousness.  While you will be a morontia being subsequent to your transition from your physical life, you are developing your morontia sensibilities now in your soul.  That is a crucial foundation for your ability to experience Havona realities.  Work diligently toward that development of your soul, for it is the carrier which will take you into the realm of the eternal which is Havona.

5  >>>>>     Mary:  How do different levels of spirit communicate with each other?  Spirit does not possess ears or mouths as do humans, therefore their mode of communicating must be different.

*     Monjoronson:  In the time that we have I will simply answer this question thusly:  Your ear is a receptor and your mouth is a transmitter.  While there are no mouths and ears in a spirit being, there are still transmissions and receptions.  The organs of reception of a spirit being are unlike your biological organs, but nonetheless a spirit being is as much if not more complicated than a biological being with eyes and ears and nerve endings.  They do have receptors and expressors whereby they may communicate.  You can call it the ears of spirit or the mouths of God and that is fine, for that is how you communicate today.
These beings do communicate; there is an internal into external expression and a reception from external into internal by the other being receiving the communication.  That is all I can say about it, for their structure of being is unlike the human biological organism, but you have within your organism the same pattern of expression and reception by way of your ears and your mouths.

6  >>>>>     Mary:  All of us desire contact with our celestial friends. Some have achieved this contact; others have not been able.  Can a better diet, stress reduction, and going into stillness aid in making that first celestial contact?
 What other factors facilitate this?

*     Monjoronson:  This is a difficult question to address because it is highly variable depending on the conditions of the individual. Not one child of God is ever diminished in their value if they are not capable or not successful or, might I add, unable to recognize spirit contact.  You are all loved, cherished, and your spiritual growth is fostered continually. . ... spirit contact by way of the Thought Adjuster always.  The Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit are also functioning unceasingly, communicating with you at the level of your soul and at the high realm of superconsciousness. Various brothers and sisters of the celestial realms also engage with you.
There are factors within your biology which assist or detract from your sense of that contact.  You are aware on your world of the spectrum of autism, and while you discern that to be a spectrum of disorder, it is not.  It is rather an emergence of human consciousness into higher realms of awareness.  So the human mind might be more circumscribed in its reach-ability to spirit.  This is not a defect; it is merely a step along your ascension.
You speak of possible beneficial conditions wherein you might foster this contact, and I agree, these are helpful.  But while you may practice stillness, while you may improve your diet, every element of your waking life and your sleeping life -- to continue our theme of the evening -- will contribute.  Your moral choices, your engagement with others, your sense of love to another individual, your recognition of truth and falsehood; everything contributes to your ability to connect with spirit.
While you might long for a direct interface with a celestial brother or sister, I want each one of you to be assured in your comprehension that they are always engaged with you, they are always communicating with you, just as the divine Father within you is continually speaking to you.  You may not have your senses adjusted to the reception in a conscious level, but you are receiving that contact nonetheless.
The beauty of the Supreme experience is the meeting of matter with spirit as you grow.  As your life unfolds you take matter up towards spirit, and here and there, once in a while, on one day or another, a connection is made.  You might be distracted at the time, but the connection occurs, and it lodges within your soul, and you ascend higher up the psychic circles.  Sooner or later it becomes easier to experience direct contact.
But I must emphasize to all of you, direct contact with spirit is no more important than an indirect influence of spirit upon you that you might not recognize now, but receive the lesson and it develops in your life as time unfolds.  Be not concerned over the status of spirit contact in an audible, visual, or other sensory way.  Know it is ever-present, always functioning, and will benefit, if not now, maybe a little later and maybe further on in your development.

7 >>>>>      Mary: This is the last question:  In general, what is the optimum amount of time each day to devote to stillness?

*     Monjoronson:  In jest I would say twenty-four hours!  However, the duration to be applied in the discipline of stillness is the amount of time that is required for you to settle into the quietude and the space of worship, and then to give a duration of time within that worshipful, meditative state to feel the connection.  That is not the goal, strictly speaking; it is the assist for you to reemerge from that stillness and take that sense-ability of your connection with the divine into your daily life and to exude the presence of God that you experienced in stillness in all your, if I may be so bold to say, hectic activities.  Thereby you will be in stillness twenty-four hours a day.  It is an art and it is a challenge.
Go into stillness in a disciplinary sense to the extent you feel comfortable and joyful.  Do not push yourself into a struggle or conflict.  Do not create stillness in the sense of a football coach driving the team to become stronger and more aggressive.  That is not stillness.  Take it to the level you enjoy, and when that ends, stop.  If you approach in this manner your duration may increase, but it serves the planet little if you were to spend all your time in the solitude of meditative contemplation, for the realizations you receive in such a state are beneficial to all your brothers and sisters.  You will subsequently need to develop the skills to relate those realizations to others that they may go forth and seek them within themselves.  
Our goal is Light and Life upon this planet.  That is the reason for my presence here.  The Father indwells each of you, and that goal of the divine Spirit is your own self realization.  But my goal is for your social realization of spirit.  Seek the stillness. Seek it comfortably.  Go there when you can for as long as you can, but do not stay there, for we have work to do on this planet.  Let us get up, go forth, and enlighten our brothers and sisters.  Spread the joy, increase the love, and illuminate each other with as much light as each one of us can comprehend.  Share it and help each other find more.
Thank you for these wonderful questions.  I have enjoyed the interface, and I hope all of you are successful day by day in encountering the Father within you and helping your brothers and sisters to unfold within themselves the joyful experience of the spiritual connection with the Father God, the Mother God, and each one of ourselves one to another.

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