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Monjoronson - Coma Paralysis  and Adjusters - What is it like to be standing before the Father - Why the Supreme - May 26, 2009 - Audio Session #51
Subject: Q/A Session #51
Teacher: Monjoronson
T/R: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Philip
May 26, 2009

Questions Answered This Session:

  • 1 - Please clarify what happens when in a coma or assisted suicide is requested.
  • 2 - What constitutes freewill in paralysis when choices can not be made known?
  • 3 - What happened to the unrepentant ones in the Lucifer rebellion?
  • 4 - What transpires when a person arrives on the mansion worlds and has not accepted "The Kingdom"?
  • 5 - Can you describe the Father in person for us?
  • 6 - Why was the finite Supreme created?
  • 7 - Can we harm ourselves by having accidents on the mansion worlds?


Prayer: Let's begin by invoking the Creator, Christ Michael's energy and Nebadonia to surround and fill us with light. We ask them to come through us clearly that their answers might be very clear to those who are listening. I ask to stay out of the way and let the spirit speak through me authentically, genuinely and clearly. So we give thanks for this time and appreciate all those who appreciate this work, and so it is.

Philip: Greetings Monjoronson,

1 - [Coma and Assisted Suicide]

Question 1:  If my body vehicle is completely paralyzed or in a coma, do I, the personality, have the right to vacate the body when my Thought Adjuster does?

Is it necessary for humans to suffer many months and years in these nursing homes waiting on death if we can just give ourselves permission to leave the body that no longer functions with my freewill? . . . .

Is assisted suicide okay or do I, the personality in the body vehicle have the power to shut the body down at will?

You stated the following in a recent transcript: "A Thought Adjuster will only leave an individual if the freewill function has ceased, but that does not mean that the individual will not survive. It only means that the Thought Adjuster can do nothing more until a new vehicle is indwelt by that personality...."

Thank you for your reply.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question, this is Monjoronson.  You do have the freewill decision to vacate your body whenever you wish and that decision is best activated after your Thought Adjuster leaves. There is a complex crux or irony involved in your question because were you to be competent enough to judge whether your Thought Adjuster has left or not your mind would be active enough or capable enough to continue on with its relationship with your Thought Adjuster and your Thought Adjuster with you.

Individuals who have reached a point of vacating their body after their Thought Adjuster has left are capable of making that decision. It is much different to be a quadriplegic and thoroughly paralyzed with an active mind than to be in a coma. The coma situation is one in which there is no conscious activity of the brain. There is not consciousness, there is not consciousness motivation so in this case the Thought Adjuster makes a decision to vacate or not. The Thought Adjuster is fully aware of the physical maintenance capabilities of the body and the mind and can adjudge this correctly for 1 week or for 20 or 30 years until the person passes.

Your question is one of relief for many as this question has been asked by many people.

Many wonder about this and it is as I said, an irony to be capable to make that decision and at the same time not know that your Thought Adjuster is there, that were you capable as I said earlier, you would maintain contact with your Thought Adjuster. When your race of humanity becomes more mature and approaches the days of Light and Life, those individuals will be fully aware of the presence of their Thought Adjuster with them. In this state of civilization and development of humanity and the mind of men and women, few are aware of their Thought Adjuster and though some are, many doubt it. Those of you who have conscious awareness of your Thought Adjuster would know when your Thought Adjuster left if you're conscious,  but in that case,  you would not be conscious.

I am sorry I am not able to answer you question in the affirmative or the negative but give you further explanation as I have. Thank you.

 2 - [Expression of Freewill under Difficult Circumstances]

Question #2: This individual followed up with a question to the aforementioned post and asks: What constitutes "freewill" when the whole body vehicle no longer functions? If I can think, but cannot move, is this life? Is this experience? Is this meanings and values? Is this soul growth?

Monjoronson: Yes, the body is not the mind mechanism.  The mind mechanism is completely separate from the body. Moral, immoral, ethical and unethical, asocial, antisocial and social decisions can be made even while the individual may be paralyzed. You can hate, you can love, you can make decisions about who you are, how you are, how you want to think. This is a time of intense interior work for the individual. For many who have not developed their minds beforehand this is agony, this is terror, this is torture but for those who live in the moment as the observer of their own thinking,  this is a grand opportunity for great moments of truth with their Thought Adjuster and with those unseen visitors who are around them. I hope this answer suffices for your question.   . . . .

 3 - [The Lucifer Rebellion]

Question #3: Concerning the Lucifer Rebellion, how many beings chose extinction and where did they go? What was their fate? Were they "melted down" for recasting or taken back to Source for healing therapy?

It is alluded to in the Urantia Book that there have been rebellions before but not to this extent. How typical is this across the 7 Super Universes and are there routine contingency plans to deal with this occurrence?

Exactly how did the adjudication take place? What procedures occurred and who was presiding? What deliberations were studied? Will these records be open to review? Who fell and who was saved?

Monjoronson: Adjudications have occurred throughout all 7 Super Universes. There have been rebellions throughout the 7 Super Universes. The numbers of those who were in rebellion were a very, very small percentage of the population of those local universes. These would constitute less than 1% of the population at any given time. Many of these individuals chose to cease to exist which means that they opted out of the continuance of their lives, their minds. They gave up existence to the universe. This means they in some fashion committed an eternal suicide, opting to not exist rather than to have their egos, their opinions, the values that they held for the rebellion to be thwarted and challenged by the supreme guardians of light of the Superuniverse.

What happened to their bodies? Their bodies were dispersed as energy. What you were concerned about was their minds, their personality. These were eliminated, removed from the existence of the universe leaving only the repository held by God the Supreme for the usefulness of their existence. Only the positive aspects of their lives were retained. Their bodies, which are much different from your bodies, were returned to the universe as vibration which is energy.

I appreciate your central concern and I note the great number of questions that you have. It is helpful for the human beings who transmit this material and record it, were you to simplify your questions into one, two or three main questions. You are however most welcome to present these questions in another session if you wish. We are not removing ourselves from the form of answering your questions, simply ask for clarity and simplicity so that those readers who appreciate your questions can have a succinct answer, one that they can appreciate as well. Thank you.

4 - [The Kingdom of Heaven]

This individual has fully embraced the teachings of the Urantia Book and the Life Teachings of the Master as recorded by His ministers. The Kingdom of Heaven as defined by Jesus as those having sonship with the Father and being part of His eternal family--those "in the Kingdom" and "those who are outside the Kingdom,"--those who have rejected the truth having led a life of prideful selfishness and material covetousness or other soul regressive behavior contrary to the will of the Father.

It is my own understanding or assumption that those "in the Kingdom" will initially move onto the mansions world system and find equilibrium at some level of light according to their present spiritual development, and those "outside the Kingdom" will likewise find equilibrium in some sub-level of mansonia in varying degrees of darkness--for every man will go unto his own place.

Question #4: If this assumption is vaguely correct, what then is the fate of these outsiders and are there ministries of the higher spheres of light that offer enlightenment and salvation to these rebellious souls "outside the Kingdom" that they may progress out of the varying states of darkness and into the "Kingdom of Heaven" or the higher spheres of light? Please explain. Thank you.

Monjoronson: All those who are "outside of the Kingdom of Heaven" will be taken to the mansonia worlds, yet they will be placed in worlds and educational settings according to how much they know, how much they appreciate and how much they wish to aspire and ascend. Yes, this is an opportunity for those light workers of the universe of higher realms to educate these individuals. Most decisions by mortals on this planet are made in ignorance of the full spectrum of awareness of their infinite career as it progresses towards Paradise.

Every effort is made to engage them to instill this information, this education in them so that they can make a reasoned, balanced and sensible answer given all the information. No one is given the opportunity to reject an eternal life without full awareness, full knowledge and full consciousness of the consequences of that decision. It is helpful to winnow or segregate individuals according to the capacity to learn. There are many who do not have the capacity though have been indwelt by a Thought Adjuster and who are now on the mansion worlds. These will be given time, as much time as is necessary for them to make a reasonable decision. Those who decide to pursue the intimate career towards Paradise are further educated along the way. They ascend through the worlds of light into higher realms of awareness, consciousness and the transformation of the energetic bodies [and] as they progress they are given more and more capability of progressing.

Always you would be given the resources first and then you use that resource and fill your body, fill your mind, fill your soul with decisions that help you move towards Paradise and opportunities of service to demonstrate your capacity and capability of understanding this knowledge. Those who choose not to, either cease to exist or to move ahead are held in suspension; that is they are held on the worlds with the continuing educational process until they make a decision. Eventually in the eventuality of the infinity of time, every individual does make a decision to move ahead or cease to exist, to withdraw from the universes grand progression of ascension.

No one is ever coerced to make a decision. No one is ever urged to aspire to a decision of extinction. No one is given the opportunity or resources from those of light to extinguish themselves prematurely. Always, every individual is seen as worthwhile as a resource to make a contribution to the Grand Universe, God the Supreme who is now becoming and will be ultimately God the Ultimate. Thank you.

5 - [Can You Describe What the Father is like in Person for Us?]

This individual and his friends are grateful for all the help you offer Monjoronson. He feels that what brings us all together in our desire to know the Father in an intimate manner. He understands that to describe the Father to material finite beings is difficult but says all of us desire to know. He proposes a series of questions as follows:

Question #5: What does the Father look like? Is it possible to approximate or not? What is it like being in His presence? Is His form so far removed from anything in our experience that He is impossible to describe to us? What is He like as a person?

We all desire to be closer to the Father. I hope your answer will further enlighten. I thank you as always for your answers.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your questions and it is wonderful to see how you wish to engage the Father intimately and personally and even socially. It is a grand aspiration for any mortal who is invested with a Thought Adjuster. I will succinctly answer your question in simple form and then digress to address your questions more clearly if I may.

You can best know the Father by knowing Jesus. Remember Jesus said "He who has seen Me has seen the Father." In the approach of mortals to God, their greatest and closest approximation is Christ Michael in the mortal form of Jesus. This can be only remotely understood through the text of the Urantia Book, the life of Jesus. Some of you however have come to know Christ Michael personally through His ministrations to you when you have asked Him to be with you to speak with Him. You know Him as your brother.

Your Thought Adjuster with whom some of you have also as well spoken, understand the tremendous personal heartfelt connection that your Thought Adjuster has with you. You must realize that your Thought Adjuster is down stepping Itself tremendously to convey this to you. You are not capable of withstanding the presence of even your Thought Adjuster in Its full majesty let alone that of the First Source and Center, God the Creator, the Father of all. You would not be able to approximate [survive] even within a million miles of the First Source and Center for your being could not withstand this light. You would be more than vaporized, you would become non-existent. That is why the progression through the infinite ascendant career is so long.  It takes that long for individuals to begin to approximate the grandeur of the Creator and to approach the Creator in Paradise to eventually come within the embrace of the Creator.

What is it like to be in the presence of the Creator? For myself it is a tremendous experience. For you it could be likened to the greatest ecstatic experience that you have ever had of joy and ecstasy and happiness combined and then multiply that by not just 10,000 but by 10,000,000. There are no equivalent measurements for this kind of contact between the mortal and the Creator in Paradise. There is no approximation, no measurement, no capacity to understand this engagement in the proximity of the Creator. You would feel great joy, exhilaration, exaltation and satisfaction to be in that Presence. It is the final acknowledgment at the end of a long journey of the tremendous number, millions upon millions of accomplishments that you have surmounted and attained through your infinite career.

This is at once a joyful experience of acceptance, acknowledgment and appreciation by the Divine. Please accept this fragment of comment that can be made upon this contact for even these words are insufficient to explain how you will feel, how you will be capable of being in the presence of your Creator, the Deity of all. Thank you.

6 - [The Supreme Being]

This individual has read extensively in the Urantia Book about the Supreme Being and that He is a finite God, and a spirit person that dwells in Havona? It is the experiences of evolutionary mortals and celestial beings that add to His growth. At some point in the distant future when the 7 Super Universes are settled in Light and Life the Supreme Bering will reveal Himself to all evolutionary creatures. Thank you for giving attention to my questions. The following questions are all related:

Question #6: Why did Father choose to create a finite God?

Monjoronson: The Creator chose to create a finite God to collect all the experiential decisions of mortals throughout the Grand Universe. Imagine God the Supreme as a grand archival library who retains only the very best decisions, outcomes and wisdom of the universe. Why does God not keep this to Himself? God is complete and whole as it is. God is full and with no need of further fulfillment other than the experiences which mortals can provide to It. Your experiences, your decisions are cherished, are held dear to the Creator. They are like a treasure chest that children keep of events of where they have been, those mementoes of life. For God the Supreme, these decisions will be immensely important for governing the existent universe as it will be settled. There is a place for God the Supreme in the future and It will have full access to this wisdom, these experiences, this wisdom. When that occurs, God the Supreme will be in all intents and purposes the God of all knowledge and wisdom and experience of all [the] Grand Universe. It will be a magnificent event. God the Supreme will be a full reflection of the Creator's capacity and capability to create and fulfill that which was only potential in its beginning.

Can we not attain the Father without the aid of the Supreme?

Monjoronson: Yes, you most certainly can.

Phillip: In the present universe age are we only able to understand the Father on finite levels of understanding and reality?

Monjoronson: Yes, for you have difficulty even understanding that. You are limited in your capacities to grow from nothingness, no awareness, no consciousness to full consciousness and awareness. You are here in a finite plane to learn finite lessons. It is impossible for the finite to understand the infinite let alone the eternal.

Phillip: If Father wants us to find Him on Paradise one day, why is there the need of a middle man, so to speak?

Monjoronson: Absolutely there is no middle man in existence in the universe. That is why your Creator God the Father, the First Source and Center has given you a Fragment of Itself. You are in direct contact with the First Source and Center with and through your Thought Adjuster, the Father Fragment at all times. God the Supreme is not a middle man but simply a collector of wisdom, of right decisions, right actions, right service.

Philip: Just a personal question off the record. In a sense, in the universe ascension plan we learn from those above us and we help those below us. In a sense aren't we all middle men?

Monjoronson: No, there is no need for you to have a middle man. You can be of service. Those above you teach you, this is a service, this is the proof of their accomplishment and attainment of new levels of spirit reality. When you learn you will also serve others. You are not middle men, you are simply instructors and teachers. Spiritually, in the reality of the relationship between yourself and the Creator there are no middle men, there is only yourself and God. You however must make decisions to progress towards that oneness in time. Those who are there to educate you and provide a service of education and awareness and also of mentoring and helpful decision making through advice are there to assist you in making those decisions. Remember, the only thing that separates you from fusion right now is the decision to be Godlike in every way.

Philip: Hmm..thank you, maybe I will include that.

Will all finaliters someday work with God the Supreme in the outer universes?

Monjoronson: Not all finaliters.  There will be finaliters who will continue to work with the universe as it exists in the days of Light and Life. Many will be in assistance with God the Supreme in the adventures that God the Supreme will be given by the First Source and Center. These will be most exciting times but you must remember that our universe is very young yet, is very much unsettled and will progress and develop for billions upon billions upon billions of years into the future until that time.

Phillip:  Can you elaborate on God the Supreme, the purpose for His existence and how we fit into all of this?

Monjoronson: I believe I have answered the first part of your question. The last part of your question is the delightful part and the delightful part is this: The First Source and Center before the event of creation realized and knew that It didn't have the means to experience the process of living. It existed as a completion, a wholeness, yet was not able to experience Itself as being. It therefore created the universe and vested the universe with mortal sentient beings who live short difficult lives to aspire to Its presence in Paradise. Through and by the intimate connection and investment of a Father Fragment in each individual, God is able to experience each individuals ascension. To experience a process of living, a process of existence, there is a wonderful symbiosis so to speak between the God the Creator [and] mortals of the investment of the Thought Adjuster Father Fragment in each individual and the growth and development of God the Supreme. It is all connected, nothing is wasted. You,  my dear mortal friends, are an essential factor for God to experience Itself at Its very best. You assist in that process greatly and consistently when you make a moral and ethical and socially responsible decision and are also of service to others. You have a wonderful opportunity to be Godlike every day and in this way you contribute to God's appreciation of what It has done and gets to experience the process of living.  . . . God is perfect and whole; God is . . . seeking to know more about Itself which we would hope you do for yourselves. Thank you.

7 - [Accidents of Time]

I remember reading in the Urantia Book that some of the lower mansion worlds are still subject to the accidents of time.

Question #7: How far up do these [accidents] extend?

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson. The lowest levels of the morontia worlds are what we call semi-physical. You as a mortal would not be able to see them yet you are on those levels almost physical. You are quasi-energetic material forms as you would assess them, analyze them from your mortal material perspective. These individuals are subject to the vicissitudes of accident, meaning that they can bump into walls so to speak and hurt themselves. There are opportunities to hurt one another though this would be a clear demonstration of a spiritually retarded soul. How far up this goes is a matter of evaluation of ascension. As individuals pass through the lowest realms to those that are higher they become less and less susceptible to the vicissitudes of time.

This is completely inadequate to answer your question though I have attempted to do so to the best of my knowledge. It is difficult to convey to material beings as yourself who can fall down the stairs and kill yourself how this can relate to beings who are not fully material on other worlds. Trust me that there are ways in which individuals can hurt themselves physically and cause damage to others. These are places of caution for their caretakers and for all.