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Two Transcripts attached dated March 01 and 08, 2009 North Idaho Teaching Mission

Elyon; Monjoronson; Serena, and more - Assurance - Growth of Civilization - March 01 & 08, 2009 - North Idaho
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
  1. Assurance,
  2. Search For Sustainability,
  3. Acceptance,
  4. Light And Assurance
Teachers: Elyon, Serena,  Malvantra, Light.

March 1, 2009

* Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, my dear friends and associates, this is Elyon  here to add a few more thoughts to your thought stream and discussion.   Today I would have a few comments to say on the subject of assurance.

As you well know in your own lives, having a sense of assurance or  conviction is a necessary aspect of your forward growth momentum. It brings  you at times great comfort to have a certain sense of assurance about such  things as who you really are, what you are really doing in the big game of  life, and how you are associated in this game to all that is. You who have  developed the foundation of awareness and understanding have, as a result of  your efforts in this process, gained a certain degree of assurance which  provides you a stable footing to use to venture out and be about this  process of growth and exploring dimensions unknown.  

This assurance that you have built up over time that you do in fact have  some sense of your position, of your worth, and of the value of this journey  that you are on, this sense of certainty enables you to feel secure in the  actions that you take in life and that they are in fact in accordance with your  desires and goals and the overall plan as you see it.  So it can be said that one  who has assurance has a certain conviction which brings them a certain peace of  mind as to their direction and their purpose and, if one has peace of mind  about their direction and purpose, they are secure when it comes time to  manifest this purpose and reach out into areas of uncertainty.  

The security that you build up goes with you into these areas of the unknown  because you have them as your possession, as part of your being. Once you  well know that you are, for instance, eternally loved by your Creator and eternally  cherished as who you are you are willing to extend yourself and manifest  conditions and experiences that if you were uncertain of these basic  principles you might not venture out to investigate.

Lack of assurance or lack of certainty is stifling and debilitating. because  it means that you are uncertain as to how to proceed. It is the dog chasing  his tail round and round uncertain that you are moving in an appropriate  direction, that you are cared for throughout your process, and that in the  end you are not only all right you are quite well.
This sense of security and certainty is developed over time by your trial  and readjustments as you investigate these defining issues of your  foundation and you assemble beneath you this platform on which you will  stand of what you consider your fundamental basic principles. These provide  you the sturdiness from which you may reach out even further and the  security that your footing is sound.

To ones who have not developed this platform of awareness they may find  themselves unable to proceed or fear that they may err or that they are  somehow in jeopardy or danger by venturing into the unknown not having the  security of a solid platform to venture from. You see this in your civilization  in your family lives. Those children who are reared in families which are loving  and nurturing environments and which reinforce the idea of self worth and value to their little ones provide this foundation from which these little ones may be  bold enough to venture out with the assurance that they are loved, they are  cared for, there is a support network behind them on which they may depend.   These children will reach far and will go far and will truly take advantage of  the classroom at hand.

Other children who are less fortunate and do not have this solid base of  understanding and foundation will for the rest of their lives function from  a place of uncertainty, of doubt, lack of assurance and therefor lack of  conviction that they are indeed proceeding in any sort of proper direction  or that they have any basis behind them for support. So many times they  will simply cease to act, cease to take any forward steps for fear of its  unknown effects, ramifications. They lack the assurance, the confidence,  that comes from this foundation of basic assumptions that they are children  of divine creators who are cherished beyond their capacity to understand and  that they are safe in all their endeavors given these basic truths and  understandings.

So it is that we as teachers on our side of the veil constantly strive to  provide you with some sense of assurance, not only of your connection to us  and the reality that this is so, but of your greater connection to your  divine parents, to your Creator. This ultimate assurance that you seek is  most profoundly demonstrated in your connection of your inner guide. When  you are brought assurance through this channel or avenue of connection it is  with a profound sense, and once having encountered such profound assurance  there is removed all doubt as to its validity or your connection to its  validity.  

This is the value of regular stillness exercise, for assurance is sought and  required and received from many different sources. You receive assurance  from each other in your discussion.  You receive assurance from your association  with the brotherhood of man, and you also may receive assurance from within  that is not conditioned by your receiving it from another mortal of the realm.  

You will all grant the validity of this statement that, when you have received  your internal confirmations, they are indeed profound and strike to the very core  of your being because your inner guide knows you the best and is aware of your  needs, your desires, and your given state of receptivity at any time. Therefore  when you seek in stillness the assurance and it is forthcoming, it registers at a  very deep level in your being, far more profound and significant than any surface  reassurance that you may receive from your peers or associates. Once having  received this assurance it is yours; it is part of your foundation.

So I recognize within you all that you have spent much time working on this  foundation of assurance of your basic ideas about basic principles, even  about your individual ideals. These are the factors that once cemented into  place provide you with firm footing, a place to stand and reach from. We  sometimes refer to you building scaffolds on which you grow higher and  higher in your awareness level by simply focusing on the next level in your  project of building this platform. After some effort and time you may look  down and notice that you have achieved new heights as a result of putting  more and more foundation beneath you on which to stand.

It is always a pleasure to join you in your conversation. I am deeply  respectful for the opportunity that you present for this purpose, and I  would now step aside to allow this platform for others as well. Thank you  for hearing my words.

* Serena (Kathy):  In the search for sustainability of systems on this  planet there are aspects to consider.  The aspect of growth has to be  assessed in a manner that allows for a perception of progress without  overwhelming the resources available. As you become more cognizant of the  principles of sustainability, you will see a pattern that develops in  sustainable systems. The perception of progress has been an underlining  part of economic activities in the recent past.  In a sustainable system the  measurement of progress may need to shift to a level that can be maintained.  

Your part in forming a new framework for progress will involve your own  planning and concept of comfort and necessity. What is viewed in our  current society as necessary may need modification to a level that can be  shared by all. This does not mean that hope for better conditions is  extinguished; it may mean that a rethinking of “necessity” will bring a  volunteer reduction to a simpler level such as cleaning of your home of  unnecessary objects can create an environment of freedom and space to grow  in new directions.

In a larger picture, the reduction of excess in our consumption may lead to  a feeling of security and peace that has been missing recently, as the  search for more and more material objects has led to a feeling of unrest and  dissatisfaction with life in general. As focus has shifted from the  material things of life, the space will be open for deeper relationships  with people around us as well as a deeper relationship with our Creator and  the universe around us. This will lead to a great inner peace and serenity  in the individual as well as the group as a whole. A true brotherhood of  man will expand on this world as adjustments are made in the individual. It  all begins with a rethinking of what is needed for a good life on this world.

* Malvantra (Jonathan):  My greetings to you, this is Malvantra. I will  speak about acceptance, for it is a value that is currently a lesson for  Urantia, as your world shrinks through its connectivity and enlarges in its  scope.

Picture if you will a container and fill it with very fine sand. If that  container is rigid as is an urn of clay or a steel bucket, that fine sand  will adjust and conform to the shape. If we consider the sand to be truth  and the container to be one’s understanding of the truth, then you will  recognize that all peoples are encountering truth and contain it in their  own manners. This is true with spirit or spirituality and religion.

Now one may ask, what if in that fine sand there existed several rocks,  quite large. Within the rigid container viewing it from outside you would  see no difference. In a flexible container such as a sack you might notice  a bulge as that rock does not conform to the shape of the container but  rather the container to the shape of the contents. In the search for truth  you may see a boulder and consider it not the truth. If your philosophy is  rigid as a pail you may not ever recognize the error. If your philosophy is  adjustable you will note that error and may be alerted to extract it or  perhaps in this metaphorical analogy to grind it to sand.

When you look upon another you see the container. In some you immediately  recognize the contents; in others it is opaque, yet within it’s still the same.   If you break the integrity of the shell that contains the truth of another you  create a leak. It is best to accept the framework within which another holds  the truth, to disregard that form by which they possess and rather to express  what you contain within, for one container may pour into another quite easily.   Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  He also  said, “Do not put new wine in old wineskins.”  And he did not say, “You shall  know the doctrines and the doctrines will set you free”, for the doctrines are  the containers.

Groups of humankind do find camaraderie and acceptance of one another most  often in the form of nesting baskets where the shapes are similar enough to  be acceptable. But there are also those who can reach beyond the familiar,  if I may continue with the analogy, as would a plastic bag within a steel  container.  It can adjust and come to understand the other’s position. Now  the acceptance may not be mutual, for a rigid container within a soft  plastic bag may cause damage even though it is embraced.

Elyon spoke of assurance. This assurance is regarding the content within any given  container. Some of you have gone from rigid containers to a more flexible  one and have enjoyed the adaptability that offers and see that it is good  and well. Others have gone from leaky sacks, the holes too large to contain  and transport the truth received; it gets lost continually, and you have  moved on to a firm, solid container and see that as good and well.

Truth is like your perception of time. You may perceive time as a vast  expanse of eternity. You may see it as a momentary instant. You may see  truth as infinitesimal grains of sand or as one universally large boulder.   You know of your past and your future, but you also understand the inability  to live in either state, and this is so with truth. You may attempt to retain  all truth within yourself, but alas, it is the truth of the instant that is bearing  on your life and your consciousness.

This does not disregard the validity of prior states of truth awareness any  more than you would say that the gasoline spent in your vehicle yesterday  was worthless but the gas of this moment is the best. Each individual will  fill himself with the truth as it is best absorbed, and that truth will modify  that the soul will be uplifted. In the growth of the soul the truth will adjust and the soul  will adjust that both come into a harmonic resonance.  
You know of the truth that is within yourself. Accept the truth that is in another.   The two are shaped differently, but that is merely your contain-ability of that truth.   Remember that while you may wish to pour your grains into the container of  another, and sometimes this is beneficial, far greater is the pouring of the grains  of truth from the God of all, the unbounded, uncontained, absolute truth.

May I return to my comment of the truth setting you free?  This freedom is  the experience of the adaptability of truth. It is the understanding that  if you wish to mold truth into a shape you may do so. It is the freedom to  allow the truth to not have any shape whatsoever also. The freedom that  truth sets you into is the freedom to make your own stand for truth, to be  bold enough to acclaim the validity of your experience of that truth. And  it is also a freedom that is your own right; no longer must you possess  another’s truth; it is your personal experience, and it may be acquired in  any manner, not necessarily A through Z.

While all of you, while you ascend to Paradise, will eventually have A through Z,  you may accumulate in many different ways. While your fellows may only  have L, M, N, and O and you D, E, and F, you both are working towards the  fullness of truth, and this is the manner in which you may accept one another,  and this is the freedom you have to experience the reality of God in the manifestation  of truth.

I thank you.

* Light (Mark): I am humbled to greet you as well, I am Light here once  again to shine some more light into the discussion. In working with these  thought frames and this idea of assurance we may see light as fitting into  this discussion in perhaps the following context.

If you are secure and comfortable and embracing much content of truth then  you are said to be lifted up in brilliance.  It is noted that you are  lighter and brighter the more you gather to yourselves this sense of  purpose, awareness, and ultimate conviction. As you become lighter and  brighter in this process this luminescence which is part of your constitution  helps you to dispel areas of uncertainty with the bright luminescence and  so what may be oppressive because it is uncertain and unknown and lingers  in darkness, to another may be exposed and illuminated by one who brings  with them this light of assurance. Or having this internal assurance means  that you are a carrier of this light, and as it goes with you throughout your  experience, those things in proximity to you simply become illuminated.  

Where there is no darkness there is no fear of the unknown and uncertainty  does not dominate you to the point of inaction. Rather it is as though you  wear a headlamp, and everywhere you choose to direct your gaze there is  light there with you. No matter how many times you turn your head to  refocus your gaze, there is the light. This light you have brought with you  is your assurance that all that is out there is in fact a friendly place to  simply be illuminated, not a fearful and dark and unknown place because you  are groping from a position of insecurity and uncertainty yourself. Wherever  you are there is the light. Wherever you are your truth is there.
So you may be confident of never being caught in the dark, never being  subjected to the oppressive conditions of uncertainty and fear that being  left in the dark presents. Rather carry with you this assurance as your  headlamp knowing it will illuminate the way of your choosing. So it is it  naturally and effortlessly dispels the dark and uncertain places and  illuminates them for what they truly are, and then they may be gathered to  you as these grains of sand more easily and readily in this process.

Thank you for allowing me to shine a little more light in context. Farewell.


North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
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Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Serena, Michael, Nebadonia.
March 8, 2009
* Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Elyon.  May we pause for one moment and acknowledge the presence of our master Michael and our Mother Spirit.

At one time I made my address to you as the “guide to understanding”, and it is my desire ever to bring to you insights that will allow you to expand your field of understanding, to grasp more broadly the interconnectiveness of all things and also to penetrate more deeply into the significance of everything.  Today I am to speak on well- being.  I will use the analogy of a well.

It is of great importance that a well deliver a quantity of water that is of use to the one so establishing such a well.  It is of great importance that the quality of that water be likewise useful.  While it is true that a shallow well can provide both quantity and quality, it is often desired that the well be deep to survive the times of drought, to be protected from surface contamination.  In my teaching I have often stressed stillness.  This is the manner in which you may drive deep your well of being that you may weather those times of spiritual drought and remain pure during those times of the contaminations of evil.  In so doing you may draw to the surface the pure waters of spirit that you may be refreshed and that you may refresh those about you.

It is understood that well-being is not merely a sense of quality of spirit only but also a quality of mind and body.  But many of you know that you can have a sense of well- being even with frailties or faults of mind and body.  A well may be hand cranked, hand pumped, or pumped by another mechanical means.  It may be cased in various ways, but it still delivers the same water.  So even with an ailment or frailty you can have that peace of well-being.

You know the phrase, “the peace that passes all understanding”.  It is a peace that penetrates the bedrock and goes deep into your soul.  It is a peace that is greater than the superficial peace of mere rest or non agitation of mind.  It is a fundamental vibration of your being which then resonates into the more superficial levels of yourself bringing a calm.
The growth of society, of civilization, parallels the patterns of growth of a single human being.  When one is young one acquires, gathering knowledge and experience, establishing the abilities to work, acquiring skill and talent, becoming capable to support oneself.  All these efforts are acquisitions.  Upon the ages of maturity there is the transition over to giving back to the world that taught you in terms of productivity, artistic expression, social service.

Civilization finds itself currently engaged in acquisition, the compiling of things and therefore the consumption of resources to provide those things.  It is in adolescence and will begin to shift its emphasis to the cultivation of the higher avenues of living, and you will find a flourishing of many arts and sciences that are not dependent upon capital production.  Civilization will then give back to the planet what the planet has provided for civilization -- and by “planet” I mean not only the globe you are dwelling upon but the spiritual supervisors who administer this world.

So, as your guide to understanding, it is my desire to bring to you peace and well- being.  I know you have enjoyed my teachings over the years.  Perhaps a scholar would look upon my teachings and find no curriculum of continuity, but I come not to teach point A to point B; I come to instill a sense of belonging in our Father’s family, the spiritual brotherhood.  So we circulate within the realm of truth and stand at different vantage points to perceive in alternate ways the way things are.

You have a compliment given to another person used as, “he (or she) is well rounded”, and that is my intention with all my teachings.  They are not linear; they are rounded, and anywhere upon that sphere you may look upon the surface and derive a new perspective.  In a linear teaching you must start at the beginning and progress, for to just jump in at a later time can bring confusion as the prior lessons were not grasped to support the lessons further down the line.  But in a rounded teaching you may go in any direction and derive understanding.

I will finish my comments by returning to the point of stillness.  Stillness is the center of the sphere whereupon you may look omni-directionally to all points upon the surface.  This is where you can be still and know.  This is the center of your being. Thank you once again for your attention.  There are others here who will address you.

* Monjoronson:  I too am among you, this is Monjoronson.  I declare to you that we are entering into the age of responsibility.

As Elyon pointed out, the timeline of civilization as compared to the growth of an individual, there is the chapter of life wherein there is the freedom of play.  Things may occur that do not have much impact upon others.  There is the laughter -- and I do not use this term derogatorily -- there is a frivolity, that is, importance is not a factor in what is done; it is simply done because it is joyful and engaging and energizing.  But there comes a time when one must take stock of one’s direction and begin to be responsible for where one is going in life.  Sometimes it takes crisis to change orientation, and that is where you find your world today.  Not only are the governing structures around your world reevaluating their responsibility, but the impact of your current global climate is that even the individuals in each household are making the decisions of personal responsibility and reevaluating their behavioral patterns.
I spoke when I first addressed you years back that we will approach some of the changes on this planet from the top down.  Here you see today some of the repercussions of our efforts.  I do not mean that we have brought upon you an economic crisis but that in the habitual approach of your economy of the years past the conditions were created wherein this crisis could come about, and we have leaped to the challenge of bringing into the minds of all rulers a change in perspective, a turning of the mind to a new way of approaching running a world.  But we do not stop with merely addressing the top, for it is of great importance that everyone in all places make their adjustments as well.  It is a support across the board by all peoples that will bring another step toward Light and Life.  You are not to be controlled by powers; you are to be participants in power. Everyone is deputized;  everyone is on the payroll.  No company runs merely from the corporate board but requires all stations of labor.  So, some of the youngest among you today will learn the values derived from the piggy bank just as many of the older ones among you are relearning their investment strategy.

The near future will be a challenge in the balance of the stimulus of competitive drive with cooperative cooperation.  You have been learning teamwork within a team, the camaraderie of supporting one another in the drive for a goal.  And you know of good sportsmanship, of treating the other team with honor and dignity.  This must apply to all fields of human activity, a teamwork of teams, not merely teamwork within a team, a competitiveness that advances all peoples rather than one that elevates some at the expense of others.  It will not be easy, just as in each single personality you must wrestle with your altruistic ideals and the more ego centered sense of self preservation, but it will happen, for as you have noted in your own selves the blossoming of the divine ideal of service to one another, the world will likewise mature in that manner.  Have great hope for we are here to help.

Thank you for receiving me.  I enjoy the interweaving of our presences.

* Serena (Kathy):  In this period of change in the societies of this world there exists opportunity for the creative intention of individuals to bring new systems into existence.  In the beginning groups may gather for purely social activities, but as a group dynamic is established the opportunity exists for a sharing of ideas on a more focused level with the goal of problem solving.  As individuals form their intentions to solve the problems in their lives new perceptions may arrive that have the ability to transform both the structure of the group and their actions.  Totally new concepts of the situations will lead to expanded change in the material situations surrounding the group. It is your challenge to draw others together in group situations so that this group interaction is a possibility.

In the coming times it will become more important for small groups of individuals to gather together to pool both their resources and their ideas.  Any action that will form groups will be productive in this endeavor.  At first you may feel intimidated by the prospect of bringing together groups, but any attempt you make toward group action will be rewarded.  Look for the opportunity to create discussion in your daily lives.  This may lead to an expanded opportunity to draw together groups to explore solutions and formulate some plans to move in new directions of action.  All efforts will produce positive results in the end.
* Michael (Jonathan):  This is Michael.  You know of my great patience when I often said while on your world, “my hour has not yet come”.  I tell you today the hour has come.  You also know of my tendency to ask questions of those who seek truth to draw them out and then minister to their real needs of the moment, to not merely cast upon them a broad sermon but to address specifically the hunger of their hearts.  Today, your world, all around people are asking, wanting to know.  My brothers and sisters, the hour has come.  Speak to the needs, speak specifically, but those specifics are to contain not only physical solutions or mental constructs but also the sweeping panorama of spiritual vision.  As you encounter those in your life who wonder what is going on, attempt to make this three-fold approach to finding solution.  Again I say, the hour has come.

Father, you have bestowed upon each of my children here Your divine spirit; I perceive that radiant presence in the depths of their beings.  I also perceive the light from Your presence radiating throughout them and beyond them.

I know they are fully capable of revealing who You are as I did so when I was in their form.  All power resides within each of my children because of You.  It is with great joy with each of these, my dearest, for we work as three, a trinity.  May they gather strength; may they be confident even while they search for answers themselves.

You are the rock upon which they stand.  You and I express to each of them that we do trust that each one is capable of doing Your will of ministering to the many in need around them and even of being ambassadors for the spiritual government being more greatly and overtly established upon this planet.  Even while yet they cannot see its emergence they have begun the process and are truly valuable participants.

Praise to You, Father, for Your power and Your ability to work within each of my children.

* Mother Spirit (Kathy):  My little ones, it is your Mother here to wrap you in our loving care.  Be confident as you venture into the new world that your Parents are with you in all your struggles and triumphs.  We hold you always in our loving embrace.