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Juliette - Guidance Through Dreams & Other Subtle Ways - Feb 10, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, February 10, 2009.
Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Destiny Guardians.
Subject: “Through Dreams And Other Subtle Ways.”
Received by George Barnard.
Andrea: “Good evening my dear friends.  This is Primary Midwayer Andrea.  It is good for us to be with you.  I say us, because this tiny group of mortals will be surrounded by a large number of Celestials during this time.  It has been quite some time since I last visited with you, at least in my serving as an interpreter.  Rest assured, however, we have meanwhile been profitably employed far and wide.
“The results of the 11:11 Progress Group’s efforts are now resonating around the globe, and hundreds upon hundreds are achieving worthwhile contact with their Teachers, their Midwayer Friends, their Angels, and even in some advanced cases, their Thought Adjustors.  You have my informed opinion that our combined efforts are reaching many and are having an affect.  Indeed, you lit a flame.  I am here this evening with you to facilitate contact with this receiver’s Destiny Guardians.  That is my frequent function.”
Juliette: “This is Juliette.  Although we are in touch with you through dreams and projections, for us it has also been some time since our words came to you in this fashion.  Destiny Guardians have a most difficult task.  We are in training for hundreds and hundreds of years as Guardian Angels, until promoted to this status.  The rules and regulations that apply to us as guardians of your, and our personal destiny, are myriad.  However, we learn very quickly, and we are almost . . . almost entirely without error in the way we conduct our business with our mortal charges.
“There are thousands of rules and regulations that we must abide by, and the final analysis, it is your Thought Adjustor -- your Fragment of the Creator of All -- who determines to what degree we may assist you.  Firstly, always your intent to do that which is good, that which is right, is at the determining factor in regards to what degree we may prompt you, and secondly, your thoughtful appreciation of the task that we have undertaken in providing at least a part of your education, is also very important.
“Do request that we will prompt you, that we will assist you, and that we will help you to make the best of your spiritual life.  And as you remember doing so, it is through your dreams, and in other subtle ways, that we can help you reach a higher level of spirituality at this very early starting point of your long journey back towards your Creator Father.  Do give some thoughts to the ways and means through which we can assist you all, and apply for our help.  Whilst we are very distant in time/space to our mortal charges, we will be much closer to you when you reside on Mansonia, as we will ascend with you.
“This is your friend, Juliette, looking forward to being in your life more often.  We thank you, the subject of our continued devotion.”
George: “Thank you.  Thank you all.”
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