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MARCH 17, 1997


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings my students and friends. I am always gladdened by our meetings together.

TR: He is saying, "the baby bothers me not."

CALVIN: I am not worried about bothering you, Abraham, but if its bothering her interception or someone else listening.

ABRAHAM: Worry not. This is what our Mission is about. All are invited and it does well for the children who are in my immediate presence. I am always happy to be within the realness of our Mission.

Our lesson last week concerning prayer is a lesson you will understand on various levels. When you begin to comprehend how prayer creates change within you then can you begin to perceive Father's unlimited power. "With God all things are possible" is a famous saying and many mortals have found this to be a true source of peace and freedom from anxiety.

Mortals experience numerous happenings from birth on. Life continues to be measured by great events pertaining to trauma or glory. Most of you in this Correcting Time view your adversities as necessary lessons for attaining higher spiritual learning. In your learning you are faced with the everyday possibilities of the spirit poisons, knowing what you know, and yet, still feeling overwhelmed by the spirit poisons. This is where our prayer time becomes a crucial factor in learning your spiritual responsibilities and maintaining a balanced physical and mental well-being. To know what you know doesn't keep you from that old mortal habit of hanging on with everything that you are.

In your spiritual lessons you are still somewhat subject to those anxieties of the flesh and the ego. Prayer is an effective antidote to everyday worries that would cause your mind and body overmuch anxiety. This anxiety can create somewhat of a block in communication from those on the spiritual side from the spiritual realm. I could say 85% of all physical afflictions is due to stress and absence of prayer time. To pray is to connect with Father and request His assistance for your growth. To pray is to also comprehend His divine will and gather courage to the carrying out of it.

When you, my students, are confronted with confusion--troublesome worries--it should be common practice to engage in communion with Father. Pray, yes, pray. But I say, it is not a common practice to be persistent in your praying. If you find you are burdened by something, it should be prayed about. If you find you have allowed time to pass and are still burdened by this same thing, pray again. Later if you are still burdened by this unending problem yet, pray again. Do you see your prayers are for your own change of mind? It is an exchange of your mind for the divine. In your persistence to understand Father, I can guarantee positive result, for he who seeks finds.

Father is always attentive to His children and is all knowing. You are praying for this knowledge of Father's, this spiritual insight. Be ever diligent in your reach for spiritual understanding. I can say that this reaching is your responsibility. In the act of praying you are reaching. In taking this responsibility you are helping to alleviate mental and physical pressure that might act as a barrier to divine insight. In your responsible actions you are helping to create a body and mind of well-being. This week be persistent in your praying and note the positive aspects that come forth. A few questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, in praying to Father I have learned from your lessons that its okay to pray for anything, be it in the physical life, daily routine of things or spiritual things. I feel sometimes a little bit selfish to say I need help in the physical life here. In my dilemma here this week-end I get the feeling that I don't get a clear answer. It is like, well, just let time ride things through and things will work out. I expect a yes or no--something from meditation from Father. I don't get any clear direction, just let time work things out. So it comes down to decision time of what to do and I really don't know which way to go. So I do my best feeling at the moment and wonder if I made the wrong choice almost. I am sure there is more clear communication than that, somehow, somewhere. Maybe there is too many spirit poisons still there to get clearer communication.

ABRAHAM: Understood. It is my information that you reacted wisely and with thought concern for all those involved. You were making your decision based on universal understanding. Mortals, each are containing within their beings a personal fragment of Father, not one fragment of Father for every ten mortals, no; not one Father fragment for every one hundred mortals, no; one Father Fragment for each and every individual. You are unable to be selfish in your request of God because your particular God is for you to teach and guide you to the best capacity of your receptivity. God expects to be included in your mortal undertakings no matter the seeming smallness of it. The Master lived His life in this manner, and Father was consulted on all matters. It is not that Jesus prayed to change the mind of Father to permit Him to plan things as He saw fit, no. Jesus prayed to have His own mind changed or in alignment with Father's, and as He progressed He became more skilled at discerning the divine will, just as you will. In your willingness to make decisions based upon your spiritual understanding you're making a request for divine intervention. I understand it is difficult with your mortal shelter. And your feelings of let time pass, wait and see, could very well be your personal Father's divine guidance for you. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you very much.)

TECTRA: Abraham, I am getting an insight here on your words speaking about prayer. Tell me if this is correct in how I am looking at this. You are saying to exchange our minds for the mind of Father, the mind of the divine. Now this is a little different in how I really thought about prayer before. In what you say here it is like being interactive, be active with the prayer, exchanging your mind for Father's mind and that way you get insights from a higher source so that the answers will come. Whereas I was thinking about prayer before, like saying this prayer, kind of sending it out there and waiting for something to happen or hoping for something to happen. In what you are saying it is more like the insights will then come to my own mind because I am exchanging for a higher source. Is that kind of what you are talking about?

ABRAHAM: Yes. In learning to follow the divine will it is exceedingly difficult to discern what the divine will is. I have regarded prayer as an antidote to this mental confusion and physical atrophy. Mortals can be so burdened down by everyday happenings and pray and wait for change. I say the change comes from within your own mind, not from the changing of the source of all knowledge, no. Many believe their prayers are not answered and they continue to search outside for some transformation of their burden. I say in this, there is anxiety of mind and imbalance in body. To be persistent in your prayers for spiritual insight requires that, yes, you take active role in drawing closer to solutions. This active role lessens your mental confusion whereupon you can put trust in Father and with lessened mental confusion there is more balanced wellness of body. Prayer is many things and hopefully it is always growing in our understanding. Yes, prayer is asking to exchange your mind with that of the divine, broadening your view to see effective solutions. Does this help? (Very much so. Thank you.) You're welcome. One more question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have been gone for awhile and I have really been enjoying working on my assignment that you gave me awhile back. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the assignment. At first I didn't think it pertained to me. As I have been going along I have really found that it does. I wouldn't miss this stuff for the world. I was wondering if you had any guidance about how I am doing, where I should be going with it? I also express my love and appreciation for it.

ABRAHAM: I have answered your question in that, I will meet with you to practice this method of communication. I am aware of your question and have attempted to answer you personally. Your kind thoughts are noted, and I return to you also kind thoughts and will answer the remainder of your question with you personally. Practice the stillness. You are able to use this method of communication, as are all who are here. It is my desire to know you each on a personal level to further your studies in our Mission. You may see the small shoots of growth in our cause and we mean to strengthen those roots by close counseling with each student. I am thanking God for our friendship and look forward to each week when we all can meet. I'll continue to assist you in your understanding of prayer. Until next week, shalom.