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 Abraham; Emulan - The Need To Have A Healthy Outlook To Bounce Back - Oct 09, 2006 - Woods Cross
OCTOBER 9, 2006

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. You are a colorful group this evening. I am enjoying your enthusiasm. Your calmness in discussing other belief systems really shows your confidence in your own. That is quite a step in spiritual maturity. It is inspiring to see you meet life as life is. We need not make it something more. We need not play into the drama. We accept nothing more than truth, beauty and goodness. That is certainly a reason to rejoice.

I am EMULAN. What a joy to spend two weeks in a row with you. I have learned a great deal from each of your unique personalities. I find every family member plays a role. Of course, you always work toward the common good and place Father as your sovereign. This is good.

I have always found identity or labels to be rather fascinating. It is interesting, as a mortal I did seem to do well in life if I had a healthy outlook on who I was as a person. Of course, I toiled for the opinions of others. I relied upon their acceptance, unfortunately. It would seem that I had a certain amount of self-satisfaction, a fairly high opinion of who I was at that time. I was first of all pleased with my blue-collar employment. I was a good citizen, husband and father. The fairly high self-esteem however was to come crashing down and I was made to find the true substance of what I was made of.

I am loath to rehash my story, as most of you are familiar with it and then again, I am grateful to be in the company of those that understand me so well. I had lost my wife and daughter in a tragic accident. This had indeed crumbled my world. My supreme self-esteem was no foundation on which I could stand and remain strong. My heartbreak caused me to be completely humbled and brought to my knees. Those things I thought were important were but mere shadows and I lacked the spiritual strength from which I could springboard to new hope. This indeed drove me to such depths of anger and the unfairness of it all caused me to hate God, if there was one. I was terribly broken and made to start from the bottom and either disappear or overcome.

In times of humility the angels whisper in your ear. They long to encourage you to be open, receive ministry, stay hopeful and do not give up. I realize to be so very humbled is indeed difficult for one to listen, especially with an open mind or loving heart. I do know that with every step I took, the Father took several towards me. The time that was passing seemed to be the most difficult to accept and yet, it was necessary to grasp hold of lasting growth.

It was helpful to talk with others. I indeed isolated myself in pity many times. It was my small attempt at fellowship that opened the door to hope. I had a great deal of emotion to harness and find the meanings and values there from. I really had to learn the process of making God my friend. In my own mind He was my enemy. There was a great deal of inner work I had to achieve to understand that Father longs to help His children. He is accessible. Never is there a time in the mortal life where He is going to punish you into submission. He is indeed a loving co-worker. Many times we receive help from fellowship. Many times the words of God come from the mouths of our friends and vice versa.

This week it is suggested that you ponder Father being your friend, your co-worker. Make attempts to fellowship out among those in your small environment. Know that the Spirit of Truth delights in moving through the Brotherhood. What inner work might you need to look at in order to remove those stumbling blocks that keep Father at a distance? That is all. Again, we are with such excitement to be a part of you that are helping to bring about change. All our love goes with you. From Abraham and myself, we bid you shalom.