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Michael; Nebadonia - Change Causes Confusion - Learn the Ways of Spirit and Minister My Presence - Sep 28, Oct 12, 2008 - CCC

September 28, 2008

My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks.  Times of change are of particular consternation to my human children of this world.  There is a lure toward something new, something better even though you know not what that means.  Conversely, there is a pull toward the past; a disinclination to let go and allow the future to unfold.  People are caught up in the tension of these two dynamics, and it is causing confusion and fear for many.

I ask you to center yourself in the energy of change; in the forward momentum that is now engulfing your world.  It is safe to immerse in change: to crave it, to seek it, and to ask for its ways to transform you.  The letting go of the human psyche into this energy is challenging because your mind seeks to control its environment, when in fact there is nothing really to control.

You cannot control the changes that are coming to your world, but you can participate in the amplification of them by allowing yourself to flow in the creative force of change.  This is a powerful flow of energy that can be unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable at first.  However, when you accept the flow of change, your being will start to respond favorably to it for it is your spirit that is compelling you toward the flow.  You are merely giving your spirit permission to move in that direction.

Change is here, my beloveds.  Get used to its energy, its power, its direction, its driving force.  Know that it is us, your Spirit Mother and Father, behind these changes.  We bring ourselves to you in these energies, and we delight in seeing how you use them for your advancement.  Use them freely and watch yourself grow as you become more beautiful in our image. 

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Message for the Heart

October 12, 2008
Beloved children, this is your Father Michael.  Many hearts are opening to me and this is the time when more people will awaken with a new interest to learn the ways of Spirit.  You, as ones who have heard the sound of my voice within your heart, are now ready to demonstrate my love and compassion for them.  Guide them into joy, center them in peace, encourage them with hope as they wipe their eyes of the haze that had prevented them from truly seeing.  It is time to be the ministers of my presence to your brothers and sisters who come to you with many questions about what is occurring on the planet at this time.

New tools are being forged within you throughout your day and night.  You are being given far more support than you have used.  Yet, I encourage you to continue to learn my ways and to continue to seek the inner strength and resources you have access to.  Train your minds to be more heart-centered and focused.  Shift your awareness from the intellect and the mind that seeks to KNOW to the heart that dares to TRUST.  You have it within you now, my beloved ones, all you need to do is to make this shift of awareness and the way will show itself.

Your brethren are hungry for direction and guidance.  You are the way-showers by your actions in the way you live and the way you perceive reality.  Share this with those who are curious and ready to learn.  Teach what you have learned.  Share what you have been given.  Help others make the shift to their hearts, and demonstrate to them that is where their true treasures lie.

As my presence continues to shine upon the earth, know that more will come to you as you grow and desire to serve.  I support you and uphold you during this time of transformation.  Laugh as the chaos spins around you knowing full well that I have this planet firmly in the palm of my hand.  All is well.  Be in my peace.